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BBWCupid Review 2021 (The Pros and Cons)

BBWCupid Review

So, you’re the type of guy who always seeks out the big beautiful girls. You know the kind of girls we’re talking about. You consider yourself a BBW lover.

You love big beautiful women, and they’re the only type that gets your juices flowing. You may have noticed already that it’s not always easy to find love online.

BBW dating sites are a relatively new thing, and it’s hard to know where to begin. The hope is that after your done reading this you’ll have a full understanding of what BBW dating is all about.

We will be doing a BBW Cupid review which is where you can find the women you’ve spent a lifetime dreaming about. We review the website and how to sign up so you can get the most out of the dating website.

Make sure you sign up to give it a try after reading through the review.

What is BBWCupid?

BBWCupid is an online dating community for big beautiful women and the men who admire them. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably the type of guy who prefers women with some meat on their bones.

You won’t find any skinny women at BBW Cupid.

Every woman there is big, and they are certainly beautiful. You know better than anyone else that a woman can’t be beautiful if she isn’t big.

It’s wall to wall big girls here, and there’s no need for anyone to deny their love of them.

Society doesn’t understand your love of pleasantly plump women, but BBW Cupid sure does. No one works harder to bring together large ladies and the men who find them attractive.

Members and popularity

The site has a huge membership with around 65% of the members being women and the rest are men. This makes sense since it is a website for men seeking BBW.

This is a great site to find a mate, someone to casual date or for long term marriage.

You can try the site out to see if it right for you.

Who can benefit the most from BBWCupid?

The obvious answer to that question is that lovers of big women will get the most out of the site. If you’re the type who loves skinny women who get knocked off their feet with a slight gust of wind, then you’re not going to be happy here.

Does your heart skip a beat when you see a woman who is so big she jiggles while walking down the street? If so, then BBW Cupid is going to be your new favorite website.

Let’s turn our attention to a few pros and cons of BBW Cupid that the average person might overlook.

BBWCupid Review goes into what you need to do to be successful when finding a date on the site. Check out the pros and cons.

Pros of BBWCupid

Lots of BBWs of all ages

women shopping

Are you the kind of guy who likes to chase women in their 20s? If so, BBW Cupid has a ton of them ready for you to put the moves on. The average age range is 25 to 34.

Maybe you’ve got a few years under your belt, and you’re ready to settle down with a big honey who many would call mature. If you are looking for an older BBW, then you’ll find her.

The BBWCupid review shows you where to find the women but you have to get their interest and secure a date.

All of the women are delightfully big

How sick and tired are you of wasting your time at typical dating sites? You have to filter the profiles, and half of them are still not what you’re after.

Don’t spend your precious time talking to someone who thinks that gaining five pounds makes them fat.

You want a big beautiful lady, and she is hanging out at BBW Cupid for sure.

BBWCupid works hard to find local BBWs

What good is a dating site if it’s all men and no women? BBWCupid goes out of its way to advertise to all the big ladies out there who are single and searching for love.

BBW woman in pretty white dress drinking

BBW Cupid knows if they have plenty of single BBWs, then the men will naturally gravitate towards their site.

Now let’s talk about a few of the cons of BBW Cupid. As with anything, there are always a few negative things to go along with the positive.

BBWCupid is only for BBW lovers

Duh. Right? You probably saw that coming. If you don’t love BBWs, then is not the site for you.

Some of you guys like all types of women, and those are the ones who are going to get annoyed by this site. If you like to play the field and take out all kinds of women, then isn’t for you. review is giving you the truth about finding a BBW on the site. You just need to sign up and start your journey. No body shaming on this website.


BBWCupid doesn’t have a local meet up option

Some dating sites have local get-togethers where singles can gather and mingle. Who goes to those things? Usually, it’s a big sausage party with lonely guys and a handful of women who can’t find a date.

Some people, for whatever reason, like those local functions that dating sites have. If you’re one of them, then you’ll miss out because doesn’t have them.

BBWCupid does not have the millions of members some other sites have

If you don’t think about it, then you might be surprised that BBWCupid doesn’t have millions of members. The reason why those other sites have huge amounts of members is that they take all people.

You’ll find skinny people at those dating sites and also gay, lesbian, and transgender people. At BBWCupid, all you’ll find are women who are big and beautiful and the guys who want to date them.

BBWCupid App

BBWCupid does have an app that supports both IPhone and Android. The app is pretty easy to use and functional so download the app if it is easier for you to browse BBW.

BBWCupid App


You always need to look for safety when joining dating website to find someone to love. You need to be careful especially as a woman.

Safety is a key component of online dating.

  • Only communicate through the BBWCupid website
  • Do not give out your personal email until you are sure they will be a good match
  • First dates meet someone neutral with a bunch of people around
  • Do not have them pick you up just meet them at the location
  • Do not drink too much this will make you vulnerable
  • Have a friend you can phone to help if things get weird
  • Talk on the phone before agreeing to meet so you can get a sense if you connect

This is how you stay safe and still date.

What makes BBWCupid different than other dating sites? is a dating site that is focused on connecting BBWs and single men. Some dating sites try to cast as big of a net as possible so they can get everyone to join them. You see, those sites put profits in front of people.

BBWCupid dating site is solely focused on delivering what their customers want. Cupid Media’s business model for their dating sites is to advertise to as many big women as possible.

No one has a more singular focus than Cupid Media, and it’s what they do very well.

Why aren’t they targeting men who want to date BBWs? The dating site knows if they have plenty of big beautiful big single women, that the men will flock to their dating site.

How should you use BBWCupid to get the best results?

The most common mistake men often make when joining a dating site is they create a profile, upload a few pictures, and do nothing. Some men think they are so special that the women will flock to them.

No dating site works that way, and anyone who thinks Cupid does is in for a rude awakening. Guys have unrealistic expectations and think the dating site is a hoax when the women aren’t sending them so many messages they can’t keep up.

Do you want to date women at BBWCupid successfully? If so, follow these simple registration process steps.

Create a profile

Simple enough. Right?

User profiles are the key to getting dates. You fill it out completely and if you are honest the dates will come. If you don’t fill it out your chances drop a bunch.

Be honest when creating your profile. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Do you like to go bowling, or do you love Chinese food, maybe you like going on cruise ships to the tropical islands? Here is where you tell the women who look at your profile all about you.

Upload a couple of recent pictures

Recent is the keyword here. Don’t use photos that are ten years old.  Don’t go overboard and rent a tuxedo for your profile pictures. Use your smartphone and take a few selfies.

Big Beautiful Woman red dress

Women and men want to see what you look like, and they prefer to date someone who looks authentic.

Increased profile space

Once you are a paid member of the dating website you get more profile space. This is a great way to provide more information so you can get interest in your profile.

If your profile has no information or very little no one will be interested in contacting you.

Make sure you fill out the profile with really fun and engaging information about you. That is the whole point of a profile to talk about yourself so someone can read it and become interested.

Profile is highlighted

If you are a paid member on the dating website you can have it so that your profile is highlighted. This makes your profile stand out so more potential candidates see it and contact you.

Beautiful Sexy Black Plus Size Model in Black Dress

Matching criteria

When you go looking on the site for someone to meet or date. They have a feature that shows you who on the site you best match up with based on what you put in your profile.

You will see a green mark or red mark to show which potential daters you may match up with on the site. Green means its a match and red means the criteria does not match up as well.

That does not mean you have to skip them it just means they are not as close as a match as the others that are green.

You know opposites attract so it is just a way to narrow the selection process.

Send messages to the women you find attractive

The instant message features on this site work well for you to get in touch with other members.

The 3 grades of membership you have different communication options

Standard Membership

  • This is free and you can send an interest to other members. You can even communicate with Gold and Platinum members.

Platinum Membership

  • Can communicate with everyone on the platform regardless of what grade they came in with when joining.

Gold Membership

  • Gold Membership – Can communicate with everyone on the platform regardless of what grade they came in with when joining.

Some guys seem to shy to make the first move, and others think that spamming every woman is going to lead to them going out on lots of dates. Try to connect with a few women every day.

How many women should you send messages daily? Three to five women is a good number.

If you have more spare time, then a few more won’t hurt. Don’t bombard all the women and send every one of them a message.

Also, make sure that when you do message them, you mention something you read in their profile. Women love to know that guys took the time out to read their profile.

Membership Cost

You need to sign up to get all the benefits of the website.

BBWCupid Gold Membership:

1 Month $24.98

3 Months $49.99

12 Months $99.98

BBWCupid Platinum Membership:

1 Month $29.98

3 Months $59.99

12 Months $119.98

If you want to cancel make sure you do so before the renewal date or you will get charged.

Big Woman in green dress posing

The best solution for BBW dating is BBWCupid

Are you frustrated by how difficult it is to find BBWs at other dating sites? You’re here because you’re sick and tired of wading through all of those useless profiles. You want big sexy women and nothing else.

If that describes you, then you need to check out BBWCupid. No one works harder to connect big women and their lovers. Check out the site here.

The Cupid BBW site focuses solely on big women that are beautiful, and you’re not going to see anything but that there. The women are bigger, and that’s why you’ll never join another dating site again.

If you need customer service help

The best way to get ahold of BBWCupid customer service is by submitting your request on this form at If you want to call them use this number for United States / Canada: 1-844-505-3027. The company is located in Australia.


Guys, don’t spend another lonely night with a bottle of hand lotion and a TV dinner. Hook up with someone who is everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman. No matter your dating experience or previous relationships, don’t settle for anything other than exactly what you want.

You know what you want, and you also know you haven’t been able to find her yet. BBWCupid is the best choice for those who are single and sick and tired of it. Lovers of big beautiful women already know that most sites are a waste of their time.

Go here to visit the site and sign up.

This BBW dating website delivers where most dating websites fail, and it’s because they exclusively cater to big women and their admirers.

The first step to happiness is to find the love of your life. The second step is to live happily ever after. A woman who’s big and beautiful is waiting for you to discover her at Cupid.

If you’re looking for a long term relationship or connecting with many BBWs, the best place to make it happen is at on Cupids BBW website.

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