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Christian Dating Sites

We review the sites below good and bad to let you know which ones to try. Hopefully this helps you with your selection process.

This site is very straight forward about wanting Christian members who want to connect with people for dating or marriage. This site is not set up for people looking for hook ups or any other sinful connections. They put if you are currently married then they do not want you to join the site until you are divorced.

What is offered?
  • They have a prayer section in the profile
  • There is a questionnaire to fill out that is faith-based
  • You need to pick the type of relationship you are looking for on the site
  • Try it out with a free 10-day full membership

The site does try to match you up with people that have similar interests. The use the profile you filled out and use it to find matches within other user profiles. This is why filling out the profile with some good detailed information will help with matching.

You can do it yourself by just using their search tool. Using the search function you can set certain parameters to get the matches you are looking for on the site.

Once you have found several people that fit what you are looking for then it is time to connect. You can connect by sending a wink or you can email them in the system.

This site is clean plus easy to use so if you are looking for a really nice Christian dating site this may be it. You should take the free trial to see if it is right for you.

The site brings in over 190,000 visitors a month so there are plenty of people to meet. Most of the people come from the US. If you are a Christian looking for other Christians then going to a faith-based dating website is the best option.

The basics to sign-up:

Like most dating websites you have to fill out the profile that will ask you some questions below.

  • Where do you live
  • What is your age
  • You will need an email to sign up
  • Are you male or female
  • They may ask a few more general sign-up questions
Filling out your profile:

You cannot skip your profile section and you cannot do a poor job filling it out. This is the key to having people contact you for talking and then hopefully a date. If your profile says nothing why would someone bother to contact you?

  • Fill out the faith section
  • What faith are you
  • Name some of the things that interest you but do not put one-word answers
  • Church involvement what do you do
  • You will need a good profile picture
  • Get really detailed in answering information for the profile. If you can tell a story that would be even better
  • There will be some questions you need to answer to help finish up your profile

When on the site the easiest way to start meeting others is by using QuickMatch. This looks for other people of similar age, your location and the type of relationship you put in a profile. Once that comes up you see a percentage of how good they think you both match. Check out all the different people, read some of the profiles then you need to message some of the ones that you are interested in connecting with online. They also have an area that shows you who is online right now in case you find someone you want to reach out to while they are online.

Check out the FREE 10 Day FULL Membership! 

Profile section of ChristianCafe

Quick Match section of ChristianCafe

This is the biggest Christian dating site today with over 2.5 million active users. People that use the site find it easy to navigate and use. You will find a large group of Christians looking for that someone special to date or possibly marry.

What is offered?
  • They have questions like everyone else that you need to fill out which helps describe who you are
  • The user bar shows you how far along you have come in the sign-up process
  • You can sign-up for some great mailing lists like
  • The site is user-friendly so anyone can use it or figure it out
  • User base here is really active and most people post pictures which are helpful
  • Try out the site for free and at some point to get all features you would need to upgrade

The site has a large user base but that is good so do not be intimidated. This just means you have more users to choose from so you can find the right person for you.

There are several ways to meet people through the site. You can use their email, online chat, or you can instant message (IM). To find people you have to put forth the effort so get on every day and touch base with a few different people until someone shows interest back.

The basics to sign-up and filling out the profile:
  • You just need your email and create a password
  • Then you need to add a profile picture and make sure it is 375 x 375 or bigger. If it is not the site tells you it needs to be 375 x 375
  • Add short summary of who you are but don’t do a bad job really fill this out with something funny or cool
  • This part they want more details on you so fill it in
  • The next step is picking your interests and they make it easy for you by just clicking interests they have listed
  • What are you looking for in a mate
  • You can browse profiles but to get full functionality you will have to join

You now have yourself set up in the system to start looking for people to connect with. Hopefully you filled out the profile in an honest and complete way so users can start finding you. If you did not fill out the profile or skipped half of it then go back. If the profile is not filled out people will pass you by on these sites. They do not want to waste time with someone that could not even fill out a profile.

Other features that Christian Mingle offers

Relationship Readiness Test – This is your basic test on how well you do on relationships. Supposedly lets you know what you are good at in a relationship and what you might need help on.

The Online Indicator – Just like IM at work or Facebook who’s online now, this shows you who is online now for ChristianMingle. This is kind of cool because you can reach out to them in real time.

Personality Indicator – The site has colors that tell you quickly the type of personality of that user.

You can sign up for ChristianMingle to start meeting people today or at least give it a free try.

User profile section of ChristianMingle

The site has many of the bells and whistles of the other Christian sites we have discussed. The site is easy to navigate, well designed and offers most functions you would be looking for in a dating site. It does not offer forum or chat room capability which should not be a deal breaker since IM and email is still available.

What is offered?
  • They offer video interactions which are unique
  • Profiles you do not need to fill in but we recommend you do
  • The site offers an instant matching feature to help you connect
  • Offers IM and email to help communicate
  • Free members can send flirts but not messages
  • You need a photo on the profile to be seen by others, the site hides you without a profile picture
  • Try out the free basic site to see if it is something you want to pay for if you upgrade

This site is unique because of video interactions. You can see how someone acts, looks and their mannerisms when doing video. The video gives you a way better perspective on if the person is date-worthy. Do you think you have an attraction or enough interests to meet, date and go to the next level?

The site does not force you to put in a profile. You can leave the profile empty but I feel this will severely limit the responses from people on the site.

The basics to sign-up and filling out the profile:
  • You just need your email and create a password
  • Then you need to add a profile picture and make sure it is a real picture of you
  • Add short summary of who you are but don’t do a bad job really fill this out with something funny or cool
  • The summary you don’t have to fill out on this site if you do not want to but I think that is a mistake
  • You can create and download a video interaction movie to your profile
  • What are you looking for in someone of the opposite sex
  • You can browse profiles but to get full functionality you will have to join

Now you can start meeting other Christians on a limited basis with the free. To get full functionality of the site you will have to pay. The good thing is this site is pretty cost effective so if you are on a budget this site may be perfect for you.

3 big things to know
  • They offer Instant Match to meet people in an easy and quick manner
  • Video introductions which are awesome but only if you are ok being in front of a video camera
  • You must have a photo or the will hide your profile

You have a pretty good rundown of works and functions. If interested just click the link to get to the dating website. The process to sign-up is fast and easy.

This site is not owned by Christian founders like most of the other Christian dating sites. That should not be a big deal but I did want people to know before signing up. The site has a ton of features that will make finding a soul mate much easier.

What is offered?
  • Easy filter system allows you to narrow down your search
  • Tons of features you can use to find the right person
  • The good part is no in-depth questionnaire so if you hate to fill those out you’re in luck. Yet that can be bad because matching may not be as good as other sites
  • Short sign-up process

The site is missing a few things that other sites may have like Amazon App, in-depth questionnaire and no idea when someone last visited the site. It has everything you need to find interesting people of the same faith.

When you sign up for free to see if you like it they do not let you see other profiles. I am not sure why you would sign-up for a free trial and not get access to the one thing you wanted to see which would be other people’s profiles. You can check out the free trial but it may be a waste of time and may be better just to sign up for a month to give it a test spin.

The basics to sign-up and filling out a profile
  • Sign-up is easy
  • Go in and fill out the standard info on your height, weight, body type, ethnicity, and so on
  • You also have an area where you can put more information about your self
  • You can also do a video introduction which not many sites offer this

You can now move forward to sign-up with BigChurch to start meeting Christian users. The site is very user-friendly if you sign-up but using the free account will severely limit what you can do on the site. You may also run into sign-up issues with the Apple computers. We have just heard this online so you may want to contact customer service before you sign up on an Apple device.

You can check out this is a site for free just click BigChurch.

The site is well designed and easy to use for most people. It is one of the few sites that have the option to do record video interactions. The cost is economical which will entice many people to join. This site says it has 500,000 members.

What is offered?
  • They do offer video introductions where you can record yourself
  • Cost is cheap compared to many other sites
  • Sites pretty easy to use

The video introduction not many services offer this so that is one thing that separates this company from others. The low cost may entice you to try them out but you need to know the try it for free sign-up you are very limited on what you can do. The site really pushes you to buy the membership.

We added this site on our review but we would not recommend because of too many negative reviews online. There seem to be issues with matching in the site. We recommend trying some of the other Christian dating sites.

This site is a part of Christian Mingle so if you type in Christian Singles it will re-direct you to Christian Mingle. You can check out the Christian Mingle above review for more information on that site.

Just like the name says this site is free to join and use. You will have to see ads from their sponsors which might be a little annoying. Some of the ads are not really Christian appropriate so be aware of that when joining. The ads I have seen on the site that are not appropriate are for Ukrainian women who are odd for a Christian dating site. The site is free so they have to make money somehow but they can drop the foreign women ads. You can get rid of the ads by buying a very cheap monthly membership.

What is offered?
  • The site is free
  • You will have ads on the site
  • This site takes security and safety seriously so if something you do not like happens you can report it and they will respond
  • They do not allow any profanity or indecency
  • Free membership gives you all access to send winks and emails
  • The search function is similar to the paid sites
  • The profile section is sparse on the site but there are profiles for users

If you are looking something for free this is the site for you. Many people test out the free dating sites then move up to a site like ChristainCafe to have more options.

ChristiansDatingforFree is a pretty basic site that is free so trying it does not hurt your bank account.

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