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Gay Dating Sites and Apps

Best Gay Dating Apps

Since the idea of downloadable applications on smartphones emerged, dating has become a lot easier, fast, and convenient. Dating apps are surpassing the ways of traditional dating because technology has taken over, and will only progress in the future. Not only is technology progressing the world is too.

Today, there are more dating apps for gays. There are more and more people becoming comfortable with who they are and opening up about their sexual identity. Particularly for gay men, there have been more dating apps that cater to their needs. Yet, the downfall to some of these dating apps is they are centered around the physical appearance, like if the man is muscular, tall, short, scruffy, fat, etc. unless that is what you are looking for.

The apps do not seem to encourage emotional connections, but that does not mean you won’t find an emotional connection with someone. Even though dating apps for gays seem as if they don’t encourage a deeper connection, it is solely up to you to make a connection with that special someone. Just simply ask yourself what you are looking for? Here are the best gay dating apps.


Chappy has been rated one of the best dating apps for gays since it emerged in 2017. This dating app is one of the best because it is one of the few that has designed their system for gays to actually find love, and not just to see if a guy has a nice body or face.

Chappy was first designed for the computer now it is available for download on your smartphone. The dating app is so popular it often has advertisements online and YouTube. The dating app has been featured on the HuffPost, Independent, Daily Mail, Gaytimes, and Vice.

The highly popular app was made to create a safe space for gays to find love.

Their mission is to provide “authenticity, inclusivity, and a discrimination-free space.” They require you to verify your identity through Facebook to weed out any catfishers or robots. They really want to connect people with real people.

Before you sign up they make you vow to be authentic, inclusive, and non-discriminatory. If you violate your vow you will be kicked out. If you vow to be your true self and would like to connect with other honest men join chappy today.


Grindr is the largest dating app for the LGBT community.

Yet, the app is highly known for random hookups and casual dating.

If casual dating is what you are looking for, I suggest downloading this dating app. The app is not complicated at all. All you have to do is sign up and post a sexy picture of yourself. There will be people in your inbox in no time.

You can also browse around the dating app yourself to look for other members to date. Grindr also started a cool magazine called “INTO” that keeps you updated on all things dating related, all things gay, and pop culture. If you want to get more out of the dating app, like having easier access to other members upgrade for a monthly cost of $19.99.


If you are looking for gay hotties between the ages 18-35 please sign up for VGL.

You can browse around the app and inbox whomever you want it for at no cost! It is free to join but you do have the option to upgrade for $9.99 a month.

The app is almost like a private social media app for gays.

You can post unlimited photos and get likes. You can customize your profile to your liking and create a cool username. You can view others public and private photos as well. You can even promote your photos on the app and everyone will see your gorgeous face as soon as he or she joins the app.

You can follow other member’s profiles, and stay up to date on their current day to day lifestyle. You never have to worry about actually searching for dates because every hour there is always hand-picked guys shown on your feed. You have the option to search for users using hashtags as well. If you do search a hashtag you can find guys Snapchat, Kik, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.


Jack’D is a membership only app offering 4 different types of subscription plans. You can join at $3.99 a month for seven days, one month starting at $9.99 a month, for 3 months at $21.99 a month, and $57.99 for a year.

The dating app is marketed to gay black men but any gay male can join.

You have the option to get started through Facebook for a faster sign up. You can chat with people in your local area and from all over the world. You can send photos to anyone and view their profiles anonymously. You can customize your profile the way you want, with cool features that help you describe yourself.

The app includes multiple filter types to search for the hot guy you are looking for. Once you find him you can add him to your favorites list. You can search through the app as much as you would like without interruptions of annoying ads.

The app is secured with a password lock or Touch ID, so you don’t have to worry about anyone hacking your profile. Download the dating app Today!


If you are looking for a daddy or a sugar daddy Daddyhunt is the app for you.

All the gay men who join this app are different in age, race, nationality, and physical traits but everyone has one thing in common, to find someone. Whatever you are looking for, you are bound to find a real connection with someone once you download and sign up for this up.

They have a great communication system that allows you to get to know others online. You can read message notification without opening your inbox. You can organize your own private photo bucket and invite anyone in to view at any time. You can upload twenty-five photos to your private booth. You can view 200 public profiles at a time or use the filters to narrow your search. Profiles are always displayed like a checkerboard so it is easy to view multiple profiles at once.

One of the best features to this app that most dating apps do not have, is you can virtually travel around the world to get first dibs on dream vacation sites. If you want to start traveling today with a potential lover send them a shout out or poke their profile to get their attention.

If someone is bothering you, there is a block feature you can use at no limit. Block as many people as you need to. Just like many of the other apps, there are no banner advertisements to interrupt you as you search for the daddy of your dreams.


Have you ever heard about the beard gang? If you are looking for a hottie with a scruffed up beard then join scruff.

There are over 12 million members so every member doesn’t have a beard but you get the point.

The app was designed to attract hot guys with beards and those who love them. Since there are 12 million members you get to talk to all different kinds of men from around the world with the help of Scruff’s amazing search filters. Every time you search and save profiles, each day Scruff will show you profile options like the ones you saved.

The downfall is most times profile pictures are really tiny and you can’t see all the great details of a photo. The standard is to upload for photos in a row.

You can seek out the travel section of the app to research trip ideas when you decide to go on a date. The app also has a brand ambassador position where you can tell everyone how great the dating app is.


GROWLr also was known as The Gay Bear Social Network. There are over 10 million member bears looking for gay lovers.

You can view profiles from all over the world. If you find an attractive bear you can send a private message, photos, or even voice memos. Start working on you sexy Growlr now and send a voice memo to the perfect suitor. When you set up your profile you have the option to display your health status. No pressure to do so, if you are not comfortable.

You have the option to turn on your location. If you are trying to meet up with a bear right away turn on your GROWLr hot spot. Hot spot is also used to find local events, bars, and restaurants in your local area. You as a member can host a GROWLr event and invite other bears to attend. Just turn on your location and create an event flyer. You can check to see if any GROWLr users are viewing your event post as well. The app is available for iPhone and Android.


There you have some of the top dating app sites for the gay community so sign-up with one today to find a connection.