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Lesbian Dating Sites and Apps

Best Lesbian Dating Sites and Apps

In today’s world just about everyone is using dating apps and I can finally say there are now some dating apps exclusively available for Lesbians.  Well, just a small number of dating apps.

The world is changing and it’s time online dating apps start carting to a diverse community, not just heterosexuals.  Although there are some dating apps for the LGBT community, I wish there were more options to choose from, but hey we’re getting there.

As the world evolves we will start to see people embrace the beauty of a diverse world, at least we hope. For now, we will continue to encourage inclusion.

There are eight great lesbian dating apps available for lesbian women.

These apps can be downloaded on some smartphones, Apple, Android, IPad, and most computers that welcome downloadable apps. Each app is unique in its style and approach to seeking dates online. It’s easy to sign up. Just download one or all of the apps and sign up to create your profile.

For more information on dating apps for Lesbians, please review below for eight best lesbian dating apps.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is not exclusively for lesbians but it is a dating app that caters to a diverse range of relationships.

Once signed up, the app requires you to use emoji for your gender identity and for the gender you are seeking to date. You have to use red lips for women and a mustache for men or use them consecutively if you are bisexual. Much like the dating app Tinder you can swipe right or left for a potential suitor.

Coffee Meets Bagel will send you one match (based on your preference) or what they refer to as “bagel” each day at noon.

You are able to deny or accept these matches.

If you accept a bagel then you are giving the green light to start chatting.

All of the profiles are “meaningful,” because they are very detailed and supposed to represent who the person is. They offer premade icebreakers once you enter into a chat to get things started. The rating for this app is a 4.5 star, so I highly recommended joining if you are looking to find a connection right away.


Fem is a dating app strictly for lesbian and gender-neutral women.

No men allowed!

Fem encourages users to upload videos of themselves on their profiles so everyone can hear and see each other before they actually connect. Moreover, you want to be sure you are meeting and speaking with real human beings.

The video feature is what makes this app unique from all the other apps. It’s not mandatory to upload a video of yourself but it is highly encouraged. You can still post photos of yourself instead. If you like someone you see then you can heart them. If they heart you back it’s an instant match and you both can start chatting.

You can use text, photos, and videos to communicate with your matches. When you aren’t “hearting” around you can chat in the public group chats.

There are a variety of chat rooms you can choose from to chat in. You can join chat rooms like “Meet Locals” or “Naughty or nice,” you can send videos, selfies, and text in chat rooms as well.


Her is another dating app that is exclusively for lesbians, cisgender, non-binary people, and women who identify as bisexual.

Her is all about encouraging being yourself and embracing your identity.

They just don’t promote romantic relationships but friendships, travel buddies, and companions as well. What makes this dating app unique is that users can create their profile like a social media app, with a fun description, photos, videos and more. It is like an Instagram exclusively for the LGBT community.

Also, much like other apps, you can swipe left or right on daily potential matches. Similar to the Fem dating app, Her allows you to send hearts to the people you are interested in and if they send one back then you both will be matched.

The app also has cool icebreaker questions like “High heels or sneakers?” I’ll say I’m a high heel kind of girl who loves to put on sneakers every now and then.

There are also cool group chats that you can try out for fun. You may even meet a hot date in the group chat.


Lesly has been rated the best dating app for lesbians and bisexual women.

A dating community that has been created for lesbians, bisexual and queer women to hook up with people in their local community and all over the world.

There are thousands of users using this dating app. Lesly is a very trusted and safe source for the LGBT community to connect. You are guaranteed to find someone that is compatible for you, whether you a looking for a casual hook up or a serious relationship. Lesly is here to help.

Now that dating apps like Lesly exist, lesbians can find love for themselves and don’t have to get stuck in the totem pole of heterosexual dating sites. Lesly also allows you to swipe left or right to find a date that interests you. The swipe feature is a hot commodity for most dating apps.

Once you find the date that suits you, reach out and start chatting.


I may have spoken too soon when I mentioned most dating apps uses the swipe left or right feature to find dates because Hinge doesn’t use it.

In fact, one of their quotes is “Swiping through endless faces devoid of any humanity is now a thing of the past!”  The hinge feels swiping has become outdated and they feel connecting with dates via social media is way easier.

Hinge links to your Facebook account. If you are like me and a little behind time with social media you may not have a Facebook, so this dating app may not be for you. Unless you decide to make a Facebook profile of course. Social media has become a huge outlet to stay connected with friends and family and to meet new people.

Hinge figured why not hook people up this way! What a great idea. Why didn’t I think of it first?

What Hinge does is to connect you with friends of friends and you decide who’s right for you. If most of your friends are straight on Facebook, you might be out of luck but don’t get discouraged.

The cool thing about Hinge is the people behind the dating app actually test their app out themselves, and so far the app has been successful. Try it.


Bumble is not an exclusive dating app for lesbians but it is a great app for everyone. The term “everyone” does not mean that you will not find someone because you are swarming through a pool of heterosexuals, it just means everyone can join no matter their sexual orientation.

The trick to Bumble is that if you identify as a woman you are required to make the first move.

If you see a hot match you must send them a message first to get things going.

If you are unsure if the person you are pursuing is a lesbian or queer woman, just ask. Asking doesn’t hurt at all.

Bumble is not just a dating app, it encourages networking and friendships. You can post about jobs and business ventures too. So if you are thinking about starting up a new business you can us Bumble for promotion.

If you just moved to a new city you can use Bumble to find new friends. It’s a great dating app with multiple benefits!

You know if I were you I would sign up today.