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When you start dating, a very important factor is that you have similar beliefs as your date. When looking at dating sites, some sites do not even have religion listed on the main profile. You could spend hours and hours trying to look for a good match for you who also as similar religious values and beliefs as you. Thankfully with the growing internet today, there are several dating sites made especially for singles with the same religion. There are now multiple sites where only Catholic singles are members. Here are some of the recommended dating sites to use if you are looking for a Catholic single.

Catholic Match

Rate: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

This online dating site has over a half million monthly users and is known as the largest Catholic dating site. There is an option to have a free account, however, a paid subscription is $29.95 per month.

How to Get Started

Catholic Match is a very accessible and easy to use website. The website is edgy, modern, stylish, and up to date. The signup process takes about twenty minutes. This is a good example of how this website is a little more in-depth than other Christian sites because of how long and in depth the actual sign up process is. The more information you give the site, the better they can match you. It starts off by asking many faith-based questions including how important certain things are to you and how often you attend services for your specific diocese. To improve how well the site will match you, even more, you can also take an optional temperance test, which is highly encouraged.

The Process

Catholic Match is known for having the most active monthly members out of any Catholic dating site. Because there are so many members, you are likely to find someone no matter what your age, race or culture is. There is also a very diverse set of people who rank Catholicism differently in their lives. If you’re looking for someone who puts religion before everything else and makes it of utmost importance, you’ll find someone. If you’re just looking for someone who is faith-based but maybe not as serious about it, you’ll find someone too.

There is a blog on the website that has great articles helping you through any questions you may have. You are able to message and send a “smile” to anyone who you are interested in, and you are also able to set up a “personal interview”. A personal interview is when you send a set group of multiple choice questions to someone you’re interested in. This allows you to know further information about someone before getting completely involved in messaging them.


Catholic Singles

Rate: 4 out of 5

This website has been around since 1997 helping Catholics meet up to date. These Catholics are looking for the same thing a faith based relationship. You can look for free to see if the site is something you would be interested in joining. The great thing is you can try it for a month with little cost and if you do not like it you can end your membership. This site is probably the most faith based site out of all the Catholic dating websites.

How to Get Started

This site is easy to sign-up. You can even skip most of the sign-up to get the account set up but profiles are important. I would not skip filling it out or at least come back to it later. You will have to go through the multiple choice questions but almost every site has that so nothing new with this site. You then have to fill out answers to some open ended questions. There are only 4 so should not take too long.

The Process

They have many ways you can connect with others. The free profile will not allow you to message anyone so to do that you need to do the paid membership. You can find local mass times and work it in to meet a date at church service. They have prayer intentions if you have someone sick in the family and you need prayers for them. You can do prayer request (Intentions) for anything you need people to help you pray for.

The 10-minute compatibility test would be something cool to try to see if you match well with someone you found on the site

This site is not nearly as big as Catholic Match but this site is more faith based and may be a better match for you.

Catholic Mates

Rate: 2.8 out of 5

This website has low user numbers and low quality when it comes to other membership sites. The site seems old and functionality is lagging compared to other dating websites.

How to Get Started

This site you can sign-up in a few minutes and get the user profile done in maybe 15 minutes. Very easy to set up the profile and to add a picture. The site does not really base the questions or sign up on faith based factors. Not as strong as some of the other faith sites on sharing faith level and what you are looking for in a faith based partner.

The Process

You can keep track of people you find interesting. It has some decent search functions if looking for new members. The site does have flirts that helps with breaking the ice to meet some new people. There is a Tinder like function that you can use to meet a match quickly.

CatholicMatch .com and would be better choices for just larger numbers of users to choose from and more faith based.

Catholic Mingle will re-direct you to Christian Mingle which we have reviewed below.

Christian Mingle

Rate: 4 out of 5

This site has over 2.4 million users every month and is definitely known for being a large faith-based dating website. There is a free membership, but the paid membership is $29.99 per month.

How to Get Started

If you are just looking for someone who is faith-based and who don’t necessarily have to be Catholic, this is a great site for you. The women on the site do outnumber the men, so that can have an effect on matchmaking, but overall it’s a great site to find partners. Members of this site are generally faith-based people looking for long-term relationships.

To get started you have to start by answering basic appearance and lifestyle questions. You also get to make an open-ended introduction and have the option to add a few photos. You can also answer some faith-based questions. After that, there are also some essay questions that really reveal more about your true self. You do need a paid membership to send messages.

The Process

On this site, you are able to search anything you would like. You could search by personality, lifestyle, appearance, etc. You have the option to be a “secret admirer” and just indicate that you have an interest in them. The greatest part of this website is that they hold monthly in-person events which give you a perfectly safe place to meet new people and explore some of the people on this site. For the profiles that they choose for you, you are able to click “yes”, “no”, or “maybe” to sort the matches on this site according to who you like and who you want to talk to in the future.


Rate: 4.5

This site has over 10 million active users, and although it is not used specifically for Catholic singles, there are millions of Catholic singles on the site. The cost is $60 per month for a paid subscription.

How to Get Started

The sign-up process is extremely thorough, which helps narrow down the perfect match for you. Matches are based on a personality questionnaire and test. This gives all members of the site a chance to really portray their true personality, character, and beliefs. There are users from all races, backgrounds, and personalities, and religions. This is important because there are so many people to choose from on the site, that you are bound to find someone who matches all of your criteria and shares the same beliefs and values about faith.

The eHarmony guarantee is also another great part of this dating website. Basically, if you are not satisfied with any of your matches within the first three trial months, you will receive another three months of using harmony for free. The sign-up process takes about 20 minutes which is doubles the amount of time that other leading dating sites spend on the sign-up process.

This may seem like a lot, but it uses your information to try to match you with the best possible matches. This site is known for pairing people into long-term relationships. If you are looking for a serious relationship, this is the site for you. Any member on this website is more than likely looking for someone to spend the rest of their life with.

The Process

Ultimately, to get the most out of this website, you definitely want to buy a paid membership. It seems like a lot of money, but this weeds out people who are not serious about wanting a serious relationship. If you don’t have a subscription you can’t view messages or photos.

You can send a person a “smile” which is nice because it let them know that you are interested without having to send them a message. It is similar to waving someone on facebook. The person will be notified when you send them a smile and then they have the opportunity to message you if they would like to.

One downside is that there is no video aspect to this dating website. This means that if you would like to have a phone or video conversation with someone, you will have to give them your cell phone number.

This site also has limited search options, which can sometimes make the overall process a bit lengthy. There is no way to just scroll through all the users, it only lets you see the users who the site specifically matched you with. This can be a good thing so that you aren’t too overwhelmed, however, if you are looking to search for specific things, you cannot. This does make sure that you don’t feel like you have too many matched to look through and choose from.

Eharmony does continue to stick to its original idea, and not try to change to adapt to new mainstream websites and new trends. This is good because the site knows that its current system works and it does not try to change and become other websites; it sticks to its roots.

There is also an app on your phone where you can easily access all the information you need for your account. This is great because it makes the entire website more accessible. Overall, the entire website seems to be at a higher level than most other dating websites.

The method is down to a science, which makes a lot of sense because the creator of the site was a psychologist. This isn’t a website with people looking for short-term relationships and hookups. This is a site where you could easily find a long-term relationship based off of personality and faith.


Overall there are many sites where you could easily find Catholic singles with the same characteristics and faith as you. The examples above have some higher rated websites and a few lower rated, but you shouldn’t feel discouraged on any sites because there are so many good matchmaking sites and so many success stories from online dating.

Just make sure that you are confident and share your true personality and faith so that you find the perfect person for you. Dating should be fun, no matter who you are. Allow yourself to have fun and be open to meeting new people and talking to new people. Building a relationship on faith can last you forever.