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What are The Best Dating Apps

Nowadays, between the dating websites and dating apps, there are so many opportunities to find a match. Some online dating providers started as websites, and some started off as apps. There are some that are more popular as a website whereas there are also some that are more popular as an app. Having a dating app makes dating so easy. This opens so many doors to meeting so many new people you would have never met before. However, you want to make sure that you use the app that is best for you. If you are specifically looking for a great dating app that is easy to use, you have a huge array of options. Here are some of the top dating apps on the market right now.


Rate: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Bumble is a dating app with over 22 million users and its free. This app is only available on app stores and is not a website.

How to Get Started

Luckily, setting up a profile on this app is very easy. First, it asks you a few questions including what kind of relationship you’re looking for. You then upload photos and write a short biography. To use this app, you must also enter a Facebook account and phone number. The quick and convenient questionnaire takes approximately 3 minutes. Although the process is very easy, it isn’t very in depth. This could cause small problems with your matches because there is not a lot of information obtained from each member. You are able to see others age, photos, career, location, and education. You also can see all other members’ bios. The different aspect about Bumble compared to other dating apps and sites is that it is promoting women to make the first move. The app was created to get rid of the social norm of men always having to make the first move. This app is also LGBTQ friendly.

The Process

When you see a member who you are interested in on the app, you swipe right. Once you start swiping right on members, the app will tell you if you re a match it any of them. After that, the woman has 24 hours to message the person she liked. If the woman decides not to message, the man has the option to extend the period. If it is involving two members of the same sex, each person has the opportunity to message. Because this is a free app, it is a great opportunity to start trying out dating apps and websites to see how they work and find which one you like. It is also extremely gender and sexuality friendly. Because it is an online app, it is very easy to delete your profile. Bumble really focuses on respectfulness and appropriateness, so it is easy to report other members and delete your account.

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Rate: 4 out of 5 stars.

This app has over 50 million users and is a free app on the app store.

How to Get Started

The signup process for this app is really easy and simple. The app is available on IOS and Android.  It takes approximately one minute to finish the process. Although, you must have a Facebook account to signup which really decreases the chance of getting catfished. Happn finds people that you have physically crossed paths with during the day. This can be great that way you don’t get matched it a great person who is very far from you. It decreases location issues but can also limit your options. Therefore, this app will work a lot better for people who live in big cities with lots of people. You are also matched with people who share mutual interests and have similar music on their Spotify.

The Process

This app lets you like a match secretly so that they won’t see that you liked them unless they also like you. This saves some embarrassment if you are nervous about online dating. It also makes you include your job and job title that way it makes it harder for people to catfish. If you are having any bad thoughts about any matches, it would be very easy to look up and see if they are lying about their job and job description. One downside is that if you get matched with someone and the relationship does not go well, you may see them passing during your day to day life which can be kind of awkward.

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Coffee Meets Bagel

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars

This app has Coffee Meets Bagel had over 11 million users and is a free app on the app store.

How to Get Started

This app is not available as a website, so you must download it from the app stores. It links with your Facebook account, so you must already have an account. Your matches are found through Facebooks mutual friends. This helps stray from getting catfished. The signup process is very easy. To create your profile you must answer questions about height, ethnicity, occupation, etc. You also have the opportunity to download a maximum of nine photos.

The Process

Women are matched with 6 men daily and are only presented with men who already liked them. Men, on the other hand, only twenty -four hours to pass or like on women’s profiles. Sending messages is free and there is a chatroom. The potential matches for each person are refreshed every day at noon and then disappears forever. This site is not as popular as others, but always has success stories and does base matches off of location. Each user is asked to have three topics about themselves that are private. There is also a limit to the number of profiles that you can swipe on per day, however, this limit is very large, and it is doubtful that you will ever hit it. When they are connected, other members, they can see this information and it can be a sort of an icebreaker. This is great because it gives the matches some more personal information other than what is on your profile.

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Rate: 4 out of 5 stars.

This app Tinder has over 50 million users, is available in 24 languages, and is free on the app store.

How to Get Started

This app also requires a Facebook account to sign up. This app was based on “hot or not”. It basically allows you to choose matches based on profile pictures. It Is easy and simple to navigate. You easily swipe through profiles to find members you are attracted to and would like to contact further. You do not have to answer too many questions because Tinder pulls most of your information, including your profile, from your Facebook account. However, you do have the opportunity to change this information you would like. There is also an opportunity to type a 500-word maximum introduction. Some people have an introduction and others do not, it is completely up to each user. Just make sure you have everything on your profile that you would want potential matches to know.

The Process

Basically, how this app works is that you swipe left on members you don’t like, and right on ones, you do. Nothing happens if you swipe left, that member just won’t appear on your app again. If you swipe right on someone and they swipe right on you, you both get a match notification. As soon as you get a notification about having a match, you have the opportunity to chat with this person. You can link Tinder with Instagram, and Spotify. Tinder Social is a new feature where you can use Facebook friends to invite other Tinder users to social events. Tinder is known for casual dating, however, so if you are looking for a serious lifelong relationship, this may not be the app for you. On that note, there are also a lot of success stories from younger couples; it really just depends on the individual person and the individual relationships.

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Overall there are so many great dating apps out there and we recommend Tender to try for your first dating app. Dating should be fun so make sure you don’t stress out about it and have fun online dating. There is no shame to finding a date on an app. Dating apps help you connect with so many more people than you would be able to without the internet. Also, make sure that you are cautious before meeting someone in person. Always take the necessary steps and precautions to make sure you are not getting catfished.