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SilverSingles Review 2021(The Key to Using the Site)

SilverSingles Review

One of the best things about being 50 or over is being able to do away with pretense. Dating on sites like SilverSingles allows you to cut through the hype to find the one.

Kids feel the need to put on a bit of a show when it comes to the world of romance, but you – well, you’ve been around the block a time or two before. You’re tired of trying to pretend you’re something you’re not and are ready to be who you really are.

And you’d like to be that person someone who accepts and loves you for who you are.

But, how can you find that special someone?

No matter how old you get, finding the love of your life can be a challenge. That being said, age can reshape that challenge. When you’re younger, everything can feel like “the biggest thing ever.”

It’s the kind of outbursts of emotion which characterize the “Oh’s!” and “Ah’s!” of romantic poetry – and which Jane Austen satirizes in the fainting-on-the-sofa antics of Love and Friendship, an early work of epistolary juvenilia.

You’re more experienced. You know better. But, you still want the fulfillment those emotions can provide.

Singles over 50 dating sites such as SilverSingles promise to offer just that.

They have been leading the way in Senior Dating since 2002 when they launched. How well does SilverSingles website deliver on that promise?

Let’s take a look.

Site overview

One of the most important things to keep in mind when launching any website is your target audience.

The audience for a site such as SilverSingles, for example, is quite different from that of Tinder or Bumble, both of which feature rapid-fire swipe-based match systems.

Even more, mainstream and inclusive dating sites such as Plenty of Fish tend to get their users ready to connect faster.

With SilverSingles, however, you’re able to take your time a bit more. While it is still fast and easy to use, the overall feel is more laid back and easy to use.

That being said, as with online dating website Plenty of Fish, there is a strong international component to the site, with users from several countries.

One of the best things about the Internet is its ability to break down barriers and connect people with similar passions or personalities who might otherwise be separated forever due to geography.

Looking to take a Roman Holiday?

Or go to Paris When it Sizzles?

Maybe you’re mad about Manhattan or are eager to visit Brighton Rock (or Brighton, anyway).

You can just look in your neighborhood, town or county to find someone to connect with locally.

SilverSingles vibrant international community allows you to meet people from all over the world with the same tastes as you.

Better still, the signup process is easy. The front page of the website has an easy “Sign Me Up!” button which will take you to a screen where you can put in your basic information, and presto!

Data breakdown

Let’s take a quick look at the data breakdown of the site. The site services those 50 and over from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and other nations. The site skewers about 60/40 in terms of the ratio of women and men.

It welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and orientations. The site retains a strong and active community, with an average of more than 85K users per month. The website is also part of the Spark Networks which manages many online dating websites.

Site features SilverSingles Reviews

As with most any dating website, SilverSingles allows you to put in your personal interests and personality and search for those who match.

Maybe you’re a fan of any of those aforementioned films and are eager to connect with those who share your passion for classic cinematic movies.

Maybe you’re a huge fan of travel and are looking for someone who shares your desire to go globetrotting to one or more of those destinations. And, then there’s the personality factor.

You love films, but are a bit of an introvert, and are looking for someone who shares your passion and is ready to talk classic films without pressuring you to attend big parties.

Good chance that you are just the opposite, a total social butterfly who never feels more alive than when you’re out on the town, and you’re looking for someone to keep up.

You can also narrow down the field according to the distance people are from you as well as their age, height, and other factors.

With SilverSingles intelligent matchmaking suggestion system, you’ll be given three to seven compatible matches a day. Each match comes with a score as to how well you two might mesh – a common feature which other sites also employ.

Communication with dates

All SilverSingles members can easily communicate with those matches found on the site. Never give out your personal email address, just use the websites communication tools.

  • You can send messages through the profile or the match list
  • “Send a smile” to someone to show that you’re interested
  • There is commenting on profiles or pictures
  • A photo request can be sent to uses that do not have a photo

The SilverSingles Reviews of their app

You can also connect using your phone.

  • There are apps for IOS and Android phones
  • Both apps look the same as the desktop version so it will be easy to navigate
  • You can do everything on the app that you can do on the desktop version, if your eyes are not as good we recommend using the desktop with a larger screen

Pricing information for

SilverSingles offers itself as a bit more of an upscale site than others out there. As such, while you can sign up and access some features for free, such as messages and people’s profiles, you cannot access pictures without paying.

SilverSingles does cost a little more than some other sites:

  • $44.95 a month membership for 3 months Premium Light
  • $34.95 a month membership for 6 months Premium Classic
  • $24.95 a month membership for 12 months Premium Comfort

You can check out the site to see if you are interested in joining, just click the pricing chart or click SilverSingles. Many new members just sign up for the 3 month plan. Once signed up the registration process is pretty straight forward.

Ease of use

As stated, SilverSingles goes out of its way to make itself easy to use for new members. From the moment you click on the site, you’ll be taken to a page that aforementioned “Sign Me Up!” button, and can get set up in short order.

From there, accessing everything from photos and messages to the “Have You Met?” feature for introducing compatible users is easy. Silver Singles is also available in app form for phones.

SilverSingles review of the sign-up process and questionnaire

What you see below is the process to get signed up and have the site start matching you.

You can create a free basic profile to start but everyone free or paid has to fill out the extensive questionnaire below. We put together the full questionnaire to show you what is asked of you.

They ask you the questions then give you different options to choose from for the answer. You do not have to type out answers to each question, you just have to click one of the options they give. It’s like a multiple choice test and you pick the best answer for the question.

Dating questions you will be asked

Here is what you need to do and the questions you need to answer:

  • You need an email account to sign up
  • Put male or female and who you are looking for a man or woman
  • Next question asks how important is your partner’s age
  • Asks your marital status
  • A questionnaire will be next, so you need to go through it and answer the questions. This helps determine your personality so they can match you better.
    • What is your level of education
    • How important is intelligence and education level in a partner
    • What is your profession
    • How tall are you
    • How important is it that your partner’s height is close to your own
    • Which image do you like better? Then they give you two to pick from
    • Which ethnic group do you belong to
    • Which ethnic groups should your partner suggestions belong to
    • Questions include ethnicity
    • Which ethnic groups should your partner suggestions belong to – Christian – Catholic – Muslim – Jewish – Buddhist – Hindu – Other – Agnostic – Atheist
    • Which religious belief(s) should your partner practice
    • How satisfied are you with your appearance
    • How important is it to you that your partner has an attractive appearance
    • Which season inspires you the most
    • I always proceed according to plan
    • I make time for others
    • I often feel overwhelmed by things
    • I always seek adventure
    • I often leave clutter in my living space
    • My input often improves the conversation
    • I get stressed easily
    • I often try to make sure that other people feel good
    • I’m easily discouraged
    • I can handle a great deal of information
    • I like order and consistency
    • I like to do nice things for others
    • I have little patience
    • Which of these foods do you like best? They give you four pictures of food to choose from
    • I make time for others
    • Which of these would be your ideal place to live? They give you two pictures one is a city the other is the country

A bunch of I consider myself questions

  • Here we go!
    • I consider myself to be athletic
    • I consider myself to be overweight
    • I consider myself to be friendly
    • I consider myself to be clever
    • I consider myself to be ambitious
    • I consider myself to be adventurous
    • I consider myself to be loyal
    • I consider myself to be witty
    • I consider myself to be spontaneous
    • I consider myself to be liberal
    • I consider myself to be protective
    • I consider myself to be open
    • I consider myself to be self-aware
    • I consider myself to be well-informed
    • I consider myself to be cultured
    • I easily put my trust in others
    • I consider myself to be artistic
    • I consider myself to be creative
    • I consider myself to be outgoing
    • I consider myself to be industrious
    • I consider myself to be responsible
    • I consider myself to be understanding
    • I consider myself to be curious
    • I consider myself to be strong
    • Socially, do you feel more comfortable in small circles or in larger groups
    • In a conversation, would you rather speak or listen
    • Do you sleep with the window open
    • Who pays on the first date
    • If the date went well, do you contact them afterward
    • Choose the terms that apply to you? There are about 60 terms that you can click it goes fast
    • Imagine that your friends had to choose four of the qualities listed below to describe you. Which four would they choose? There are 32 qualities to pick from
    • I enjoy talking to people in social situations
    • Chatting with new people is easy for me
    • I can easily make other people laugh
    • I get upset easily
    • I’m always prepared
    • I pay attention to detail
    • I always accomplish a lot
    • I like a great deal of variety
    • I have good social skills

Next step. Tell us more about your way of life. Your answers are being put to good use.

  • I feel worried
  • I feel anxious about the future
  • I feel furious
  • I feel out of control
  • I feel depressed
  • I find it difficult to cope with stressful situations
  • I feel misunderstood
  • I feel paranoid
  • Which of the following emotions have you felt recently? They give you 9 to pick and you can pick as many as you want
  • Things that are important to me in a relationship: They give you 32 and you can choose as many as you wish
  • What two to three things are you most thankful for in your life
  • Which of these interests do you have? They have 39 to pick from
  • Everyone has different passions, such as art, sports, music, family, and faith. What are you most passionate about
  • Please describe three activities that you most enjoy in your free time
  • Choose the terms that apply to you
  • I try to accommodate the wishes of others
  • I try to understand others
  • I always respect the opinions of others
  • I try to avoid disagreements and conflict
  • Choose the terms that apply to you
  • How often do you smoke
  • Please indicate which smoking habits you would accept from your partner
  • How important are the smoking habits of your partner
  • How often do you drink
  • Please indicate which drinking habits you would accept from your partner
  • How important are your partner’s drinking habits to you
  • How many children under the age of 18 currently live in your household
  • Could you imagine moving in with your future partner
  • Would you accept a partner who has children under the age of 18 in her household
  • Please enter your first name: Your first name will only be displayed to your matches. If you do not want to share your name, you can also pick a nickname.
  • Please enter your address or valid ZIP code. Only the name of your city will be visible on your profile
  • What distance are you willing to travel in your search for a partner
  • How important is the distance between you and your suggested matches? If you wish to receive matches mainly within your specified search radius, please choose ‘Extremely important’.
  • Which income bracket do you fall into? Your income is strictly confidential and will not be visible to other members.
  • How important is it that your partner has an income level that is comparable to your own
  • How did you hear about us? Click the link below to skip this question

Well done! You finished the personality test

Based on your answers, we will match you with compatible members every day. You will be able to change your preferences at any time.

Photo time

The next page you need to load your photo. Use a current photo and one that makes you look good.

Show the person behind the profile! Upload your photos and make your profile stand out!

Then you have a few more open-ended questions where you have to type the information.

  • What are your best qualities?
  • There are more questions but I skipped that part and will go back to it later

The end of all the questions they ask if you want to sign up for the 3 different membership levels. You can skip and stay on the free plan which is limited.

When we went in the 10 matches they gave me the photos were blurred so I cannot get a good look at the matches, I can just see limited information.


  • The site is very user-friendly so you should have no issues connecting with people
  • Profile section does a great job of figuring out what you like so you can be matched with someone of similar interest
  • Excellent matchmaking system
  • The questionnaire is really in depth so make sure you answer the questions in a thoughtful manner so you can get a better match
  • Personality compatibility photos
  • Great safety features to keep you safe on the site
  • Customer support is really incredible for this site


  • If you do the free membership the communication section is not great but most dating websites limit what you can do for free
  • You get a selection of daily matches each day with no search available on your own
  • Photos are not available to see when in free mode you have to pay to get to see photos

In conclusion

Hopefully you found our SilverSingles reviews helpful when looking to date older men or women casually.

If you’re committed to the online dating game, however, and really want to find love or that A-lister to be your better half in a power couple. This review of the older singles dating website should be a great place to strike gold. You can check out SilverSingles to see if it is right for you.