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10 Tips on How to Date Online

You are looking at online dating to try and find someone special to meet. Many people will tell you how hard it is to date and find people online. It is not really hard to find a man or women on a dating site the trick is connecting. You really need to find common interests which you can use to connect with the other daters online.

We will go over some tips that can help you better connect with online dating users. Let’s take a look at what you can do to increase your chances of meeting someone.


Men need to be better at communication

Men you will have to actually communicate in a way that involves more than a few word sentences. I know communication is not our main specialty in life. You need to do more than send an email saying, “your hot you want to date?”  This type of communication will not work. You need to communicate in a thoughtful and deep way which will make a lasting impression with a woman instead of the short sentences with no depth.

To know what to write you actually have to do some homework. You need to read her bio to see what is her interests and likes. This is where you need to look for common ground. What does she have interest in that you know something about or you may be interested in to?


Maybe she likes boating, rock climbing, running or playing poker. Read what she has written in the bio to find what you have in common. If you just try to date women for looks without even seeing if you have anything in common is a mistake.  If she loves skiing and you do also then ask where her favorite place to ski is located. This way you can strike up a conversation on common ground plus you show interest in something she loves.

Women need to be selective

I know women have that motherly instinct that makes them want to take care of others. Women are also taught about being likable.

Most guys you find with online dating will not be the ones you want. You will have to weed out the bad apples when looking for a great guy to date. You can be more selective by adding a few things on your profile that make you more real. You might tell guys that athletic events are not your thing you would rather watch a concert in the park. If the guys are reading your profile then this will turn off the shallow guys but may interest the ones that are more open to different things than just sports.


Dating online there are a few things you need to do for success. The first thing you need to have set up completely with great information is your profile. You would laugh at the minimal amount of information people put on their profile. You are trying to connect with somebody online. My name is Joe I like to ride motorcycles is not a profile. I know they take some time to fill out especially when you just finished the 20 page questionnaire to help match you up with someone.

You do need to fill out everything

  • Interests you have
  • Music you love
  • Movies you like
  • Activities that you like to do
  • About you
  • Give the info they ask like age, height, weight, etc.
  • Be authentic with your answers


You need to add a profile photo because we all know looks is the first thing people are attracted to. If you do not have a photo you will not get anyone interested in you.

The phot needs to be really good. You should have someone that knows how to take a good picture do it for you. Coming up with a really awesome profile picture will be a surefire way to get people to contact you. A picture of you just getting up in the morning will not probably work so well.

Make sure it is your actual picture and not some other person’s picture that happens to be attractive looking. The picture needs to be recent like within the last year. Putting up a photo from 10 years ago will not work especially when they meet you for the first time.

Summery photos are the best for your profile. Avoid winter picture or anything dreary.


When communicating through the online dating site or app make sure you ask questions. People love to talk about themselves all the time.

You need to come up with some fun questions to make them laugh and think. They will see you have a fun personality. The questions you ask could make the difference between a date or them saying next.

Here are a few examples:


What is the dumbest thing you have ever done in the name of love?

  • Bought a billboard to ask a date to the prom
  • Bought expensive gift

What is your most embarrassing moment?

  • Falling on your face in the school play
  • Losing a tooth in football practice and walking around with tooth missing

What was the funniest injury you have ever had?

  • Injuries are usually not funny but do you have anything that you were not seriously hurt

If you were a porn star what would your stage name be?

  • I think it goes the street you live on and your last name that would be your prom name

If you are looking for some good question ideas visit this article we wrote the Top 36 Funny First Date Questions. You can ask these questions on any date not just the first date as the headline implies.

Negative people

Online dating already has too many negative people on the sites. You should not be one of those negative online daters. Your profile should be upbeat with an air of positivity. I know earlier we wrote about keeping it real with saying add a few things you do not like on women’s profiles. Other than that everything else should be positive and happy. No one wants to date an unhappy man or woman.

Arrogant people please stay home

Why be arrogant because 99.99% of the population does not like arrogant women or men. You need to be nice but not so nice that people take advantage of you. Confidence is not always the same thing as arrogance. You ever see the movie Hitch? The movie has a scene where a real arrogant rich guy wants to use Hitches’ services. Hitch says no because the guy was just looking to score with a female. That guy is the arrogant one you will want to stay away from when doing online dating.

You have to respond to email quickly

You should respond to an email on the dating site in at least 24 hours. You wait 3 or 4 days and they have probably already started talking to someone else. If you are online and get an instant message you should message back. You do not want to seem desperate by responding the second they send an email.

Personality tips

When filling out the personality part of the profile make it conversational, like telling a story to a friend. You can say, “I love cycling, on one trip we crossed 3 states in 1 week visiting many cool places.”  Everything you say tells a story to the person looking at your profile. You want to paint a picture of who you are and what you like to do. Giving a laundry list such as the one below does not really work as well as stories.


  • Adventurous
  • Fun Loving
  • Athletic
  • Funny
  • Love long walks
  • I like to eat
  • Birds are cool

I wrote some stupid ones but do you see the point. If you are athletic what sports do you play and write about something cool that happened.


You should not go on and on about how great you are at your job. No one actually cares how well you do there or how high up you are at work. People might care that you have a job and make your own money. No one wants to get into a relationship with gold diggers. If you are a gold digger and do not work you should probably try websites geared towards that type of person.

Having a career is great and you can share it later on in the dating evolution. Do not lead off with career and how great you are at it.

I hope these 10 tips help you on your path to online dating. This path can be rewarding especially if you find what you seek. The tips we provide will help you find matches best suited to who you are. Make sure to put the things we mentioned like filling out the profile and adding a really nice photo to use. We can suggest but if you do not take action the same results will keep popping up.

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