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Christian Date Ideas (Make a Difference)

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Christian dating poses challenges and also has many rewards that most secular people don’t get to enjoy. As a Christian, you know there are many dating situations that you should avoid. With that said, there is also plenty of fun and exciting things you can do while on a date.

No Christian should ever feel that their faith inhibits their dating life.

It could be said that Christian dating is far more satisfying because your focus is on the Lord and how you can better serve Him.

The pressure is taken off of you since your goal isn’t to satisfy the fleshly desires of mankind, but to find someone who you can live a long, fulfilling righteous life with.


Here are some date ideas for Christians that are sure to be a total blast.

Beyond all things, never forget your commitment to the service of the Lord. Your goal always has to be focused on Christ-like activities. If Christ is at the center of your dating experience, you’re sure to come out of it with a positive experience, no matter if you move on to marry the person or someone else.

Visit older people from your church who may be shut-ins or in a nursing home

Every church has older people who are in serious need of some company. Disabled people and other types of shut-ins also exist, and they too could use a little company.

Nursing homes often have church activities, but they may not be of the church where the person attended. Imagine how you would feel if you were in such a place, and no one seemed to care.

The sad reality for many elderly and disabled is that no one ever comes to see them.

Why not make an effort to visit those who desperately need companionship and turn it into a date?

If the two of you go to the same church, then you both probably know these people. It would be a nice thing not only for the person who is confined but for yourself as well.

Making connections with people is so important, and being able to do it with someone who has contributed so much to society and your church is a wonderful thing.

If the person’s diet allows for it, you can bring some candy or a little treat for all of you to share. Don’t forget to pray with the person and make sure that they have a bible that they can read or listen to.

Check out some more good Christian date ideas below.

Invite another couple from your bible study for a double date

How many people are in your weekly bible study? There’s at least another couple in it.


Why not see if they’re up for a double date? Dating can be difficult one on one because you’re fearful of allowing the flesh to overrule what you know is best.

Let’s face it you’re attracted to each other, and things can quickly escalate if allowed to. You’re less likely to sin if in the presence of another couple. So, if you were feeling a little uneasy about hanging out at the park, then having another couple, there might take the pressure off of you.

Also, being that there are now four people going out on a date, it might be cheaper. If it’s only you and your date, then buying a pizza might be costly. If there are four people, then each one can chip in a few bucks and buy a pizza.

There are other activities that you can do that would be cheaper, like take a road trip. Traveling even short distances can be costly in terms of gas if only one or two people pay for it. If everyone chips in a little, then a tank of gas becomes far less expensive.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen together

Soup kitchens play a vital part in making sure even those who have the least means possible can eat. Some may think that only poor people eat at soup kitchens, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes those who are disabled or the elderly may eat at a soup kitchen because they’re unable to cook for themselves.

If your church has a soup kitchen, then turn date night into working at the soup kitchen. You’ll make the world a better place by providing meals to those who have nothing to eat, and it’ll allow the two of you to get to know each other.

Some people will balk at considering working at a soup kitchen as a date. Why can’t it be a date? You are doing the Lord’s work and spending time together.

If the two of you plan on getting married, then you’ll probably continue on with your public service. It’s a good idea to give back to the community and to spend some time getting to know the person you’re dating.

You want to date someone who puts others first, and there’s no better example of that than volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Another good Christian date idea is to take turns reading scripture aloud

So, here’s another one of those things that on the surface sounds a little weird. Can a date really be nothing more than reading scripture? Well, yes, it can be.

Every day you should be reading scripture anyway. Any day that you’re not reading God’s word is a day where you’re missing out.

Why not sit down at a park or some other place and read the bible together?

Maybe the two of you could share your favorite verses. If you’ve been together for a long time, then you’ve probably already done that. Take a step back and ask each other what parts of the bible are you lacking knowledge of. Those are the areas that the two of you should read aloud.

You can find a variety of scripture suggestions to read about a wide variety of topics online. Try to find out what things that interest both of you and read about them.

It’s even more fun to set aside a little time after reading to discuss what you just read. Your knowledge will deepen in the word of God, and the two of you will bond over reading and discussing the bible. You couldn’t ask for a better way to grow together as a couple.

Plan a date around a social gathering at church

Your church has all kinds of social events designed to bring the congregation together. Revivals are great because they bring with them lots of excitement.

Gatherings around holidays and other special days are a great way to get together. Another great thing about these events is that they’re free. You won’t have to pay anything to spend a great evening outside during a revival or other fellowship activities.

Sometimes there may be events that you have to go to, and they may cost a small amount of money.

Every month your church should have a calendar of events. You might find the calendar in your monthly newsletter or on your church’s website. Keep up to date about what’s going on and ask around to see who plans on attending.

If you feel quite a few people will be there, then it probably would make an excellent event for a date. Events like these are also a great way to get to know your date’s family if they attend the same church.

Here are some more great Christian date ideas for you to try.

Seek out donations and deliver them to a food pantry

Sometimes people want to give to a food pantry, but they don’t have time. Ask people in your church if they need someone to pick up their donations. It doesn’t have to be as costly as it sounds if you plan and organize all the pickups together.

Also, ask people who you work with and your neighbors. Try to get as much food as you can to give to the food pantry.

The two of you can take turns driving around if one of you gets tired from being behind the wheel for too long. Many families can’t make ends meet these days, and they rely on the food donated at pantries.

You would be doing a great deed by gathering up the food. Also, it’s a fun way to get to know someone. Put some of your favorite Christian music on and sing while you’re driving down the road.

You can have a total blast while collecting food to help others in need.

I know these Christian date ideas are different but they serve two purposes helping people and serving the lord.

Visit churches or places that are decorated for Christian holidays

I love this Christian date idea because I like Christmas lights, they are so festive.

You know that most of the churches in your area will have decorations for both Easter and Christmas. Some of those decorations will be outside.

Why not hop in the car or go for a stroll and check out the decorations?

Keep an eye out when you’re going to work or traveling through your city to know which places have decorations. Not only will churches have them, but houses and also businesses might as well.

Christmas is by far the most popular time of year for people to decorate their homes. A ride through any residential area will produce plenty of visual attractions for you to enjoy.

Sometimes a bus ride will give you a better opportunity to gaze at Christmas lights. Driving takes the fun out of looking at all the houses, businesses, and churches decorated.

Hop on the bus and let the driver do all the work for you. The two of you can look out the window and make comments about the decorations that you see.

Going at night is better since most of the houses have lights, and they are turned on when it gets dark out.

Go to a Christain bookstore and buy each other a gift

Bookstores are hard to find these days. Christian bookstores are even harder to find. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore in your area, then the bookstores that do exist might have a section for Christian books.

It’s well worth checking out since reading material is vital in your spiritual growth. Sure, you read the bible a lot, but you need other materials as well.

The other things that you read will help guide you through what’s in the bible and educate you about God’s word.

Work together doing a task for someone to earn money and donate it to your church

Let’s say that you know someone who needs their yard raked after the leaves have fallen in autumn. The two of you can rake the leaves and get paid for doing it. You can then take that money and donate it to your church.

There might be something that the two of you believe strongly in that you can ask your church to devote the money to. For example, maybe you two are really into spreading the Gospel to every corner of the globe. If so, then ask your pastor to put the money towards missionary work.

Every church has missionaries who travel all over the world, spreading the good news about Jesus Christ.

The mistake some people make is they would see how much money they’re earning and think that it’s a waste of time. The amount that you’re earing doing the task doesn’t mean a thing. You might only make ten bucks for doing what seems like far too much work for the money, but it’s not important.

Maybe you’re helping someone out from church or whatever, the sum of money is meaningless. What you’re trying to do is spend some time together and earn a little something that you can give to your church.

Conclusion – The purpose of life is to glorify the Lord in everything you do

Dating is no different. If you’re dating someone who doesn’t glorify the Lord with their action, then it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship. Everything that you do as a couple must bring glory to the Lord.

That does sound overwhelming at first, but you’ll understand what it means as time goes on. You see, your walk with Jesus doesn’t end the day you walk down the aisle. Your life changes then in the sense that the two of you are now one.

The hope has to be that the dating process not only brings you closer to the Lord, but it produces someone with who you can spend the rest of your life.

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