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Review of ChristianCafe (The Good and Bad)

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“Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match!”

People will always gravitate to people of similar interest and beliefs. This is why searching for someone to date on a Christian dating site if you are Christian makes a lot of sense. We will review ChristianCafe to give our honest feedback on this Christian based dating website.

You looking for that special someone that shares your same beliefs? If that’s the case, then you’re in luck – sites such as have you covered.

This site was created for Christians and the site is Christian owned. This helps you because they understand what Christians are looking for in a relationship.

They boast a record of 25,000 couples meeting on the site and then taking the leap to get married. There are 3,000 testimonials that support the marriage claims made by the site.

So, what can you expect when you log onto Christian Café looking for your “match?”

Getting Started

Christian Café has existed for more than two decades, and in that time it has helped unite thousands of Christians looking for a significant other.

With a site that’s both long-running and targeted towards those taking a more faith-based approach to dating, it should come as no surprise that the design and features of the site reflect that.

Christian Café is, compared to other dating sites, relatively straightforward. When you log on, you are greeted by a button offering to help you start a free trial, set against the background of conservative male and female.

That is the basic vibe of the site – straightforward, “Proudly Christian,” and eager to help couples looking to “live a Christ-centered marriage.”

Christian Couple in love with cross


To sign up you go to and there you will see the sign up for a free trial. It’s right in the middle of the page so you can’t miss it.

You need to enter a username and email to get the free trial. You get 10-days to test drive the site out to see if you like it.

Once you give your email and username there will be some questions you have to answer.

  • What city do you live in
  • The country you live in
  • They need your zip code

The next set of questions

  • What is your gender
  • When is your birthday

The next group of questions will ask:

  • Marital status
  • Race
  • Height
  • Bodytype
    • Thin
    • Toned
    • Medium
    • A few extra pounds/curvy
    • Full figured/stocky
    • Big is beautiful
  • Hair length
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Fashion sense
  • Do you have children
  • Children at home
  • Want children
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Salary
  • Do you drink
  • Do you smoke
  • Any pets you own
  • What is your personality type
  • Type of relationship
  • Willing to relocate

Once you have answered the questions it takes you to a page to complete your profile and they give you a username and password. I would definitely copy down the username and password they give you.

Here are the open ended questions they ask next:

  • Describe the type of relationship you are looking for. What qualities would you like in this relationship or person? Are you seeking a particular age range?
  • Describe a little of your personality and character traits. (Are you funny, laid back, more serious, open, shy, etc.?)
  • Describe your Christian faith. Where are you at and what are your goals? What Scripture verses are important to you?
  • What would be the perfect setting for a first meeting with a new friend or date? Describe it 🙂
  • What are your favorite activities? (Including sports, leisure, artistic/musical, etc.)
  • Describe your current occupation. Do you like what you do? What is your dream job?
  • Where did you go to school (i.e. high school or college/university, etc.)? What did you study? Did you like it? Would you like to do more?
  • What are some of your personal goals in life?
  • How did your previous relationship end and what positive lessons have you learned which will help you succeed in future relationships?
  • Where were you born? Have you ever traveled? If so, where? What is your ideal adventure?
  • Is there anything else you would like to add? This is your chance to get in that last (but not least:-) bit of important info that you would like others to know.
ChristianCafe Profile Questions

After filling everything out if the questions and information about this dating site look good.

You just need to click that Free Trial Button, let the adventure begin

Review ChristianCafe interaction capabilities

The site gets around 200,000 visitors every single month. Users will stay on the site for 6 minutes or longer. This is good news because that means people are browsing and using the site to find someone special.

Since this is a Christian dating site people will be wanting to know your religious fortitude. Do you go to church every day, once a week or once a month.

The talk will be about what each of you do and figuring out if your personalities click. There will come a point if you are clicking that diving into your religious beliefs will probably come up.

Just be honest with each other about how dedicated you are to the lord.

There is the still figuring it out option on the site. If you get someone like this or you are still figuring it out just let them know.

God is love Christian dating

Site Features

From there, you’ll be able to go about putting in all of the details that you’d expect to find on a dating site, such as:

  • Photos of yourself (as a general rule for dating sites, the higher the quality and the more unique and dynamic the picture, the better)
  • Your gender (so the algorithm can match you according to your tastes)
  • Age
  • Where you live

All of these are standard in and of themselves, but it’s worth noting that this is, as the site says repeatedly a very openly Christian site. As such, you’ll want to make sure to keep that in mind when posting materials.

You can be chastised or banned if your material is deemed to be offensive (so, again certain Frank Zappa selections probably aren’t the best choice).

The flip side of that is that this means that there is a very active, very Christian community on the forums. If you post there, you are almost certain to have it noticed by someone.

To be fair, if you feel that you’ve been getting lost in the shuffle a bit on larger, less niche dating sites. Then joining a niche specific site like ChristainCafe maybe for you.

You need to be onboard with adhering to the Christian guidelines.

Joining this dating website can be a positive place to get actual attention from people who sincerely share your beliefs.

There are features on the site that are still more Christian-specific. For example, while the site offers a basic Dating 101 feature, it also offers Prayers.

Again, depending on your views and level of engagement, these can be either something to ignore or else to engage with and try and parley into a way to meet someone through your faith.

Couple praying

Christian Cafe Icons you need to know

There are two icons to which you’ll want to pay careful attention.

  • The first is a coffee cup, which will appear to help indicate how well you are matched with someone, so if you find someone who has it 100% “full,” you’ll probably want to say “Hi.”
  • The second is a star, which indicates a new user on the site. If you have been on the site for a while and are ready to talk to someone new, this can be a helpful way to know whom to approach. In addition, you can also click a “wink” icon to let someone know you’re interested. If you don’t feel like wading through the minutia and want a faster approach to profile browsing, the QuickMatch feature can be of immense help, automatically matching you to individuals who meet your criteria in terms of age, denomination, location, and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

It is worth underscoring that “relationship” is the key word here. Christian Café is far more focused on the “Tradition” side of things – bikini and shirtless shots are prohibited, and the site isn’t meant for Tinder-ific flings, but rather serious Christian relationships.

Site Demographics

In terms of the site’s demographics, there is about a 60/40 split between women and men users. That isn’t an overwhelming majority, but it is a definitive one. As such, you’ll want to keep that in mind when it comes to setting up your profile and approaching members on the site.

Review ChristianCafe Pricing

Christian Café offers that aforementioned 10 Day Free Trial to help you get started. After that, you’ll need to pay. There are several price plans available:

ChristianCafe Pricing
  • A 6 months plan at $18.32 per month
  • A 3 months plan at $23.32 per month
  • A 1 month plan at $44.97 per month

On the one hand, those price plans are a bit on the pricier side as opposed to other sites online. On the other hand, if you really care about dating on a site made for and by Christians, then you might find it worth the price.

The Pros and Cons

If you aren’t a very strong Christian, obviously the site’s direction might give you pause.

Nevertheless, if your faith is at the forefront of your life, this a great dating website for you to connect with the opposite sex of the same faith.

If you are not truly into your faith, then you really will want to do a bit of “soul-searching” before signing up.


  • After all, the site boasts being responsible for more than 25,000 marriages – you certainly can’t fault their efficiency as “matchmakers.”
  • The community is a bit smaller than other dating sites, which is itself likely to be yet one more consequence of the Christian direction, and another element that really depends on your personal taste.
  • Looking for something a bit smaller, more intimate, and Christian-oriented? Then this might well be the site for you.
  • Seven ways to connect with members such as QuickMatch, Search, and Who’s Online
ChristianCafe QuickMatch
  • Every person you are matched with has a compatibility score to help you with selecting
  • The profile section allows you to really spell out who you are and who you are looking for in another person
  • The site does have an app
  • Prayer area of the site where members can write a prayer
  • A forum is available for members to talk about different topics


  • Love big dating sites? There are certainly far bigger ones out there
  • Free option not very usable
  • Some profiles remained even after users disabled their profile
  • Dating apps can be tricky and this site could enhance their app

Safety on the site works hard to keep its members safe. All photos must be approved by staff to avoid any rated x photos.

There are strict rules in place on the information employees can access. Employees only access client information when helping to resolve a client issue.

If someone is inappropriate you can block them from contacting you. You can also report them so the staff can look into the situation.

Safety is the utmost importance to the staff but you also need to watch out for yourself.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Do not give out personal information when first meeting people
  • Use the websites communication tools to talk and communicate
  • If you go to the next step of wanting to meet in person than you need to meet in a public area with lots of people
  • You will want to drive yourself there to meet them (Do not have them pick you up)
  • Inform a friend of the date and keep them informed
  • Never have them take you home until you really get to know them
  • Do not drink too much because that would impair your judgement
  • If you get creeped out or bad vibes just leave the date, you can make up an excuse


There you have the review Christian Cafe, matchmaking and match-seeking can be a hard game to play. That said, for all the ups and downs, it can bring “Sunrise” after “Sunset,” and the fact remains that the dream of finding one’s “match” is universal.

Since Christian Cafe is Christian owned you know the purpose is to serve Christians. You can become one of the more than 25,000 Christians who have already found love on Christian Café.

Join ChristianCafe today! Start your journey.