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Online Dating When to Meet Someone in Person

One of our main uses of the internet is for dating. When we first start dating, one of the most important things to us are when we will be seeing this significant individual. Most of us might be really excited to meet them in person, others might be too nervous to see them, and they would wish that the day where they will see each other will never come.

However, in the end, we are all well aware that we will eventually see them whether we want to or not. Although, exactly when is the perfect time to see our special someone? According to researchers, the sooner you meet with the person you have been dating online, the better because it will cause less of a disappointment if that person is not the same they say they are.

As mentioned, according to researchers, if you wait to meet with your online date for too long your expectations of them will be too high. Once meeting with your significant other for the first time ever, the reality of your date will not meet your expectations or imaginations of that person will not match.

This will result in a disappointing experience of your date and perhaps, the relationship would end. It is said that you meet with your online date approximately twenty-five days after meeting them online.


After messaging to them for about twenty-five days, you have gotten some idea of who they are, their interests, and what their personality is like. Twenty-five days is not as soon as it may seem, and it’s not as late as you might think it is. If your significant other is on the other side of the world, this could also work for planning your first video call, whether it’s using Skype, Tango, or even Facebook.

Below are some considerations to take in hand before planning your first date with this special person.

Use your FBI Research Skills

As you are talking to your online date, ask him all types of questions. Look through their friends and if you have any mutual friends. Make sure they are not trying to meet up with you for any reason but to really get to know you better.

For instance, if they are constantly talking about sex, or about where you live, they could be a bit dangerous to meet with.

Safety before anything and everything

When planning for your first date, consider places that are surrounded by people and not just trees or even a home. For example, meet up at your local coffee shop, or mall as your first date.

Going to someone’s house that you have never met before for the first time could be dangerous for yourself. For your safety, you should probably not show up to anyone’s house until your third or fourth date.

Letting some friends know where you will be and with who is probably a good idea too.

If you are video chatting someone for the first time, look for things like if they really are who they said they are. If they show a little of their face, convince them into showing their whole face and make them get comfortable with you.

Are you ready

Before choosing the right time to even meet, are you personally comfortable and prepared to meet with this person?

Some individuals would rather wait to see some types of signs from their online date before planning on a day. These signs could include a good sense of humor, compliments, similar interests and a lot more.

Although these are very important, they should not play a role in deciding for you when to meet with your online date for the first time. Remember as we have mentioned earlier, waiting too long to meet up with your online date could ruin your first date experience. Therefore, waiting for these signs could take too long, causing your first date to be delayed.

What are we going to talk about


Before even thinking about going on a date, do you know what kind of things you will be talking to your date about, or what you will be telling your date about yourself?

If you are the type of person that gets really nervous when being around someone new, then maybe you should prepare yourself by thinking positive, practicing, and even taking deep breaths. Not only should you focus on getting yourself emotionally prepared, but mentally and physically prepared as well.

Are we ready for our first date

Have you and your online date talked about meeting up? Speaking to them about your first date is strongly recommended. Try to understand how they feel about meeting up. Are they giving you positive emotions about the meeting or are they more negative? If they seem excited about meeting up, then that is great! That is exactly what we are looking for (as long as they are fine with meeting at a local café or somewhere surrounded by people, otherwise, that’s creepy).

If they are negative about your first date, and they try denying the whole thing from being discussed and even happening, then this could mean a few things.

One, you are getting catfished.

Two, they are not read.

Or three, they are hiding something.

If they are not ready, that is completely fine and understandable. With some time, they will be more comfortable with meeting you someday.

Have we learned enough about each other

After dating someone for a while online, you probably know enough information to consider yourself as a non-stranger. However, if you are going to meet this person for the first time ever, do you think you know enough about them to be able to start a conversation? Take a break, you can never know enough information about anyone, even about yourself. This is why a face to face date as soon as possible is highly recommended.

You can learn things about a person online, but it’s nothing like meeting them in person. When you meet in person, you learn more about someone because their true personality comes into play. You also have body language in person that will help you get a read on the date across from you.

Have you explained your expectations

Talking to each other about your expectations of a person, and of a date, can prepare you for your first date. It can help ease your stressors and make you more comfortable with going on your date. Letting them know what type of things you look for in a person could help them adjust or work with you to get your relationship working.

Life is an adventure

Always remember that this is your life, and it is your responsibility to make the best out of it. Meaning, don’t be nervous or scared to meet up with this person. You have been chatting for some time, but you can’t just keep chatting from behind the screen for the rest of your life.

Go and explore what this person is really like.

Do not let your fear keep you from exploring something new. Life is all about trying new things that you never imagined yourself trying.

Are you nervous

Being nervous is completely normal. However, again, do not let it keep you from going and seeing what type of person this stranger is. Remember that they could be as nervous as you are, and maybe talking about this could ease things for you both when discussing your first date.

This should be an exciting event that you look forward to.

Do not let your feelings make this a terrible experience.

Speaking on the phone or video before your date

If you are nervous, maybe talk on the phone or video chat with each other before leaving to your date. It will get you excited and more anxious about meeting up. Or maybe even better, talk about the whole idea on the phone, discuss where you will meet and all of that type of information on the phone or over a video chat. This will make you more comfortable.


Making sure that you are mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared is the most important factor. As we have mentioned earlier, delaying your date could ruin your first date experience because they will not meet your expectations.  Also, make sure that you are planning your date with consideration and precautions.

You need to make sure that you know where you are going and who will surround you because this could affect you at the time of the date and after the date.  Make sure that you are considering all of the factors that there is when planning your date.

Do not let your excitement of meeting them distract you from the important factors that come into play during a date and after a date. Remember to always think positive of your own self before thinking positive about a date or even another person that you have met through a screen. Have fun and make good choices when planning your first date. To help with meeting for a first date check out our article casual first date ideas.

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