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Christian Dating Advice (The Good and Bad)

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As a Christian, you know that the world of dating is a complicated place. Sometimes you wish that the dating process could be over and that you could be married right now.

The reason why so many young Christians feel that way is because it’s difficult to navigate through the minefield of dating.

It’s far more difficult to keep God’s commandments in mind when you’re dating. Worldly people have it much easier, but you’re not here for the easier route.

What you want more than anything is to do things the righteous way so that the kingdom of God will one day be your inheritance.


The goal of this article is to guide you along the process of finding someone to fall in love with and hopefully marry.

Yes, marriage is the desired outcome as it will help guide you away from the lustful sin-filled ways of being single.

Men and women were designed from day one to share their lives and to bring glory to God.

Your happiness as a married couple is one of the many fulfillments of God’s promises to those who are willing to follow in His ways.

What are the rules for Christian dating?

Some may say that the rules for Christian dating have changed over the years. Have the rules changed at all?

Well, to be clear, the norms of society are different today than they were a hundred or even five hundred years ago.

So, in that sense, the rules have changed. However, the principals haven’t changed throughout time, and that’s what you should be focused on.

A date today doesn’t consist of going to the pharmacy for a malt like back in the day when your grandparents were dating.

Though, the same principles that guided your grandparents are still true to this very day.

The rules of dating are simple, and that is no sex before marriage. Can you hug or kiss your date? Well, you need to be careful about these things.

A hug might be appropriate if you’ve been dating for a while. Kissing can lead to more, and that’s why it’s best to avoid kissing when you’re first dating.


There’s no reason why you can’t kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend. Still, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get carried away.

The main rule you want to keep in mind is that you don’t want to do anything that would hinder your relationship with the Lord.

So, with that in mind, keep your activities wholesome and righteous.

A walk in the park, a meal at a restaurant, and meeting up at worship service are all excellent date night ideas.

The activities that you choose don’t have to be dull and boring; you can still have a lively experience without doing things that may put your salvation in jeopardy.

To find Christians to date:

How do you have a godly relationship?

You have a godly relationship by making sure Christ is at the center of all things. Any time that you lose focus on Christ, bad things are going to happen to you.

Up until now, you’ve been taught the importance of living a Christ-centered life, but for the most part, you haven’t had to practice it.

If you’re a young person, then your life experiences have been minimal at best. Now things are changing and you’re about to see what happens if Christ isn’t the center of your life.

Whatever you do, never lose sight that your salvation is the direct result of the blood Jesus shed for humanity.

The basis for all you do is the forgiveness of Christ, and in that, you base your relationship.

The world around you wants you to respond to the desires of the flesh. It’s easy to allow yourself to get in far too deep in what the flesh wants.

You need to make sure that your faith is rock solid before venturing off into the world of dating.

You might feel pressured by your friends or family to hurry the dating process to fit their idea of what you should be.

Don’t allow outside pressure to put you on the path towards a quick marriage. There is no magic age where you must get married or be in a relationship.

Just like you shouldn’t settle for the first person who comes your way. The heart has a way of wanting someone to be close to, while the soul wants to live in eternity with God.

It’s not easy, but by making sure that both of you are focused on putting Christ first will go a long way in making it easier.

What does Christian dating mean?

The term Christian dating gets thrown around a lot these days. Christian dating means that you’re dating other Christ believing people.

You are also dating people who share the same morals as you do. It should be noted that not all Christian churches are the same, and there is a difference in beliefs across the board.

A Catholic will have a slightly different world view than a Protestant. The question becomes, should you date someone who is the same denomination as you?

This is where Christian dating gets tricky, and there’s no one answer for it. Some denominations are so similar that there isn’t much difference between the two.

If you’re a charismatic Pentecostal, for example, the idea of dating a laid back Brethren may not be something you’re interested in.

The main focus at all times should be Christ and following his words. If Christ is the center of your world, then dating will fall into place.

You shouldn’t get too caught up in the term Christian dating because it’s almost meaningless if those who you date are already a Christian.

It should be understood without saying that Christian dating means you will probably be dating Christians.

How do you stay pure while dating?

Let’s be honest and say that you’re going to be tempted to have sex when dating. The temptation still exists even if you date a Christian.

You need to be prepared for the devil to lure you in every way that you can. Also, it’s human nature to be sexually attracted to someone who you find attractive.

If you’re dating the right person, then there should be at least a few sparks flying between the two of you.

It’s not unreasonable for a young couple who wants to have children someday to have a natural desire to be sexually active with each other.

It’s not immoral to desire closeness and companionship with who you’re dating. It only becomes sinful when you act on those feelings.

The real question is, how do you avoid those feelings? You can’t. The desire to have sex is a part of being a healthy human.

You will never be without the desire to have sex unless something happens that makes you unhealthy.

Healthy adults have a natural desire to have sex and those who don’t need to see a doctor.

After you accept that these desires are healthy, then the next question is, how do you manage them.

The best way to avoid putting yourself in a situation where sin might be the outcome is never to let it happen in the first place.

Don’t plan dates that allow you to be alone with the other person. You can avoid situations that lead to sex if you think about them in advance.

Don’t sit alone in your car at night in a place that isn’t well lit. Don’t invite your date to your bedroom for any reason at all.

Too often, Christians feel guilty about their desire to have sex, and they don’t realize that it’s natural.

Instead of feeling guilty, you should prepare yourself for such feelings and avoid situations that lead to sex.

What does the bible say about relationships?

God wants men and women to get married. If anything, that’s what you should realize more than anything.

The purpose of creating man and woman was so that they could live in harmony.

Dating is so complicated, and you might, at times, wonder if God wants you to be with someone else.

The struggle that you face is real, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t want you to be married.

Quite the contrary, the struggle is so that you find the right person for you.

Sometimes we must live through trials and come out on the other end of them to fully understand what God’s plan is.

Love, happiness, and togetherness are all inventions of God. He created you to feel love and to have the desire to love.

You honor God when you allow His desires to flourish within you. The moral of the story is, God wants you to fall in love.

He wants you to get married and have children. Go out there and find the person of your dreams and populate God’s creation with as many children as your loins can bear.

Anything less than that isn’t what the Lord wants. There is no greater happiness than being in love and producing children that show the world of the love that you have.

The children you have will be messengers spreading the word of Christ to all corners of the globe.

Your primary duty is to make sure the gospel is told to as many people as possible.

The only way you can share the good news is by having offspring who will pick up where you left off.

How do you know when God wants you to be with someone?

How does a blind man know when the sun is shining? He can feel it. You, too, will feel when God wants you to be with someone. How?

Well, words have a way of failing when describing how you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your soul. You’ll know right away that the person is right for you.

It’s not the butterflies that people often talk about when they describe what it feels like to be in love.

What you’ll feel is something tugging on your heart, pulling you in the right direction.

You’ll know that God wants you to live a life that is different than what you’re living now. Also, you’ll feel God guiding you towards people who might be right for you.

Sometimes we have a way of mixing up God’s signals, and we can’t tell what He wants. The way you avoid this is by always centering your life around Christ.

If Christ is your primary focus and spreading his word is your earthly goal, then everything will fall into place.

You will meet new people and create new bonds when sharing the word of Christ’s gift to mankind.

It’s when you open yourself up to doing the Lord’s work that He makes all of this possible.

Allow Jesus to come into your heart, and the direction you take will be the Lord’s.

You won’t have to choose which path to go down; you’ll already be going down the right path for you.

The guesswork is always taken out of the equation when you put God’s will before your own.

Pray, meditate, and ask for guidance

Your journey to find someone to share your life with shouldn’t only be filled with searching dating apps to see who is the most compatible.

You also need to spend many hours deep in prayer, asking God for His guiding hand. Don’t be shy about asking your pastor for scripture to help you along the way.

You see, dating is about more than finding someone you’re attracted to. You must think of your life moving forward as one and there hereafter as well.

Anyone worth dating will share your love of Christ and is willing to obey God’s commands.

Don’t rush into dating and marriage; instead, use it as a time to grow your bond with the Lord.

Go to church with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and the two of you should encourage each other to spread the word of Salvation through Christ Jesus.

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