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Date Night Ideas That are not Boring

Date Night Ideas

People love going on dates, and with good reason. Individuals around the world of all ages and genders are interested in finding activities to go to when on a date.

What are some great date night ideas?

There are all sorts of various date night ideas, and some of the most common include dinner, movie, or drinks.

You can try to be different and do something fun like going to a comedy club or a play.


Of course, there are others that try to come up with more creative ideas with respect to date night.

Here are some date night ideas that might work for you.


There are many people that believe that dates should be more intellectual. One great way to have an interesting conversation during a date is to go to a museum.

There you can discuss art and the way that it makes you feel.

You not only get to experience art with someone new but also potentially have a stimulating discussion about the art.w

You may discuss how one work of art means to you or how it makes you feel.

There are many different museums that might work:

  • You can go to a modern museum for some more avant-garde work
  • A museum archaeology
  • Historical house museums like a past president
  • Cultural museums
  • Natural history
  • Anthropology

There are some museums that are completely free, so this is obviously great for those on a budget. Of course, there are some that do cost money.

If you do get hungry and/or thirsty, many museums also offer cafes and delis.,

Either way, museums can be a great date for those old and young.


One of the cool things about karaoke is that you get to be vulnerable with your date, which is good for those who are just getting to know each other.


You also get to show off your musical skills!

You might be impressed with your date’s singing ability or music taste. The key is you get to talk about music and learn more about the other person.

While this might not work for those who aren’t musically inclined – there are enough people who love music for this to be a great idea!

You can also chime in on what you listened to while growing up, and which decade of music that you love.

The performance aspect can also add a new flirty aspect to the date, as you can serenade your date with a love song.

You can also see whether there is some chemistry in a duet, as well!

Karaoke is a great way to enjoy some drinks, have some fun, and not take yourself too seriously – which makes it the perfect date night idea!


One of the best date night ideas is to go bowling. One of the reasons for this is because it doesn’t really take much physical exertion.

You don’t have to sweat or go out of breath during bowling.

Nowadays there are some really nice bowling alleys that offer some incredible food and drinks.

There are even bowling alleys that combine as a music venue, as well.

There is definitely a rise in boutique bowling alleys.

It’s also great to add a competitive aspect to your date. You get to challenge and joke with your date about who is winning.

This can help you determine more about their overall personality. It’s also extremely non-traditional when you compare a bowling alley to a bar or restaurant, where so many dates often occur.

The idea of going bowling might be a much better option for those who are tired of the old dating options.

You can also enjoy the service of food and drinks being brought to you, rather than constantly having to deal with service staff.


If you are a more active individual, you might love to get your blood pumping, and your date might, too.

If you two are both active, a great idea is to go hiking! Of course, this isn’t an option for those who aren’t close to hiking trails.

However, for those that are there are definitely some great reasons to go on a hike.

First, you actually get to go outside and breathe fresh air, which is refreshing for a date.

You also can opt to not always be checking your phone, and focus on nature for a change! This can also be extremely romantic if you choose to go during certain hours.

For example, a perfect sunset might be the great backdrop for a kiss, if you are feeling bold.

Of course, there is also the fact that both of you are moving your body and actually getting exercise.

Hiking isn’t as intense as a jog, and it can also allow for conversation to get to know one another, as well.

Some consider hikes to be meditative and even spiritual, so it might be able to bring you some more inner peace, as well.

While it might not be for everyone, and finding the right distance for a hike might be a challenge.

The truth is that a nice hike and a water bottle can be a great date night idea!

Comedy show

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your sexual orientation is – many people will tell you that one of the sexiest things about someone is their sense of humor.

There are all sorts of people who are now married because they love the way that their partners make them laugh.

The witty banter between two partners can be the catalyst for some new love. One of the ways that you can find out whether you two have similar senses of humor is for a comedy show.

A pro-tip is that you might not want to be in the first row unless you don’t mind being heckled, which can be awkward for a first date.

However, other than that, the right comedian might have you both on the ground, howling at the right joke!

This can also be a great way to be entertained, enjoy a few drinks, and notice your date’s smile/laugh.

The truth is that comedy shows can be more romantic than they get credit for, and are often a better date night idea than you might believe.


If you are really interested in a partner, you might be interested in their cooking skills! After all, we all know that eating out can be expensive, and it certainly is a big plus if your significant other knows what they are doing in the kitchen.

If your date also is from a different background or grew up in a region eating different dishes. This is a way for you two to connect through food.

Cooking is also a great way to impress a date, and there is also a romantic aspect of cooking together.

You get to do some tasting together and share a bottle of wine There is also the reward of finally eating what is cooked.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t try this if you aren’t the best at cooking. Of course, it might be fine, depending on the person, but a cooking date is best when there is some sort of collaboration.

It doesn’t matter if you are cooking pasta and salad or something very obscure it can be quite an adventure.

After all, if you two truly end up connecting it really doesn’t even matter if the food turns out bad or great!

At the end of the day, you can always go out for food but revel in the fact that you know more about the other person.

Play mini-golf or Top Golf

People love playing mini-golf especially if you have a good course in your area.

You get to be outside in the beautiful weather playing a game that does not matter.

Unless, you are super competitive, so if you are competitive tone it down when on a date.

You are not trying to win the masters you are just putting a ball into a hole for fun.

This is a great time to talk to your date to get to know them.

Golf may reveal just how competitive they are in life. You can learn a bunch about someone when playing a competitive round of putt-putt.

Top Golf is also a great place to take a date.

You may ask what is Top Golf? It is a high-tech golf game where you hit a golf ball on one of the 3 levels into designated circles. The ball is tracked and your view screen keeps score of who gets the most points.

The area is covered and heated so you can play in the rain, sun or in the cold. The place also serves great food so you can eat and play some great golf games.

Roller skating

This is kind of old school but you can take your date roller skating. You should probably make sure they know how to skate before going.


This is so much fun to go skiing but only if you know how to ski. If you do not know then it may not be as fun.

Skiing could be a blast for a date that loves to ski.


You do not have to go to a big rock concert on a date. There are always smaller concerts usually in town that you can go to.

Just find out what type of music they like so you can find a great local concert. There are always some great local bands that you can check out.

I worked with a guy that was in a blues band and I took my girlfriend with me to see them play.

They were really good and we had a fun time.

You can always do a big concert like Rolling Stones or someone like that. Large concerts with big-name bands or singers can be very expensive. You need to make sure you really like the date.

Frisbee golf

This can be a ton of fun and not really that physical of a sport. You just throw a disc into a disc ring.

All you need to know how to do is throw a frisbee. You have a ton of time to talk when walking to your frisbees.

Amusement park or fair

Anytime but winter you can take a date to the fair or an amusement park. If you have a date that loves thrill rides this would be a great way to connect.

Just make sure they like thrill rides and if they do not maybe just stick to a local fair. You can walk through the animal barns or craft booths.

You get to also eat some great fair food.

I know it’s not like the thrill of the big amusement parks but you need to go and do what your date has an interest in.


At the end of the day, there are many people that can tell you that almost anything can be a date. It is all about how much you want to impress the date and their personality.

For example, a deep conversation and a walk in the park can be a date. If you two decide to take a drive through the city, that could be a date, and watching a new TV show for the first time can be a date.

It’s important to note that new ideas can be a great way to diverge from traditional date ideas, and these date night ideas can certainly help you connect to others in a unique and interesting way.

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