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Dating Older Men What are the Pros and Cons

Each and every day, we are surrounded by older men. Whether it’s at a mall, the library, a coffee shop, or even the grocery store. Sometimes we even approach them, or they approach us, and then just like that, you feel attached or in other words, “in love.”

Many of us might find them more attractive, and others might perceive them as normal people, just like their selves. Either way, it is completely normal to think of them the way you are thinking right now. Just like many topics that exist in this place called Earth, dating older men does have its pros and cons that we could talk about forever.

Remember by old, we are talking about decades between your age and his age, not just five or six years apart. Many might think, “oh, am I a gold digger for going after a seventy-year-old man?” or “Should I not be doing this?”.

However, you should avoid those little thoughts from going after something your heart comforted you with. Also, society and social media play a huge role in messing with our minds that dating older men is not right and that the man is a bottom puncher.


Jokes on society and their beliefs, because Amal and George Clooney, which were known as the cutest couple at the Royal Wedding, are seventeen years apart. Another superstar, Katie Holmes who married Tom Cruise have a sixteen-year difference between them these couples are not considered gross, or weird, in fact, they are praised by many of us. There are a few pros and cons of dating men that are much older than you.


Older men are done playing games, they want some love!

The younger the man is, the more foolish he is. Younger men tend to be more careless, however, by the time men reach their late thirties, early forties, he should be more faithful. He has been through enough relationships to know how to deal with emotions and how to work with love the proper way.

Older men are calm.

They love to listen to stories or about a bad day that you had. You meet an old fella at the mall and give him your number, I can guarantee you that within twenty-four hours, you will receive a call from him.

Unlike younger men, old men act fast for the things they want. They don’t just take your number and run off to a new planet.

Older men got bank

Going through college, whether it’s for your associate’s degree, your bachelor’s degree, or your masters, it all costs more than some of us can afford. Sure thing, financial aid is a huge supporter and is the backbone for many students, although even with financial aid, most students end up taking out school loans.

By the time we reach our fifties or seventies, our student loans are most likely paid off.

That is the huge plus for dating older men is that they are loan free, some are retired and are just free to do what they desire without having to worry about work or school. He will have enough money to buy each of you a meal at a fancy restaurant, or at Chipotle instead of buying one meal for the two of you.

Also, he will have his own place, and not an apartment that is shared with his high school best friends.

Smarter, better sex!



The older he is, the more experience he has had! Some of the younger men might have never had sex but once or twice, they are known as the goody two shoes. Or, they might have had too much sex, and they still haven’t got the scheme of how things work in bed.

Once men enter their older stages, they know how to turn someone on better than younger individuals. When they want something, they will ask for it without any hesitation. Older men are more sexually excited than younger men.

He got brains

Through each and every day that we pass through, we learn something new. The older we are, the more knowledge, experience, and relationships we’ve had. If your old man went to school and college, then he has been educated and employed somewhere decent to have enough knowledge about something that keeps our everyday lives functioning.

He has made enough mistakes throughout his life to learn from them and to make better, and wiser choices.

What is Jealousy?

Usually, dating men who fall in the same age range as you, they are more protective and jealous over you. Unlike youngsters, older men do not care if you want to go out with your friends, or if you want to do something with your family.

Older men are more understanding of you and your life outside the relationship along with your work schedules and even school. Thankfully, older guys are more comfortable to be with because not only are they understanding, but they also support you in everything you do. In a relationship, it is much easier to have someone that is not always up in your business that has to give you permission to do almost anything and everything.

In conclusion, older men know what they want, and what they are doing. Therefore, go for him and try something you have never tried before! However, always keep in mind that every pro has a con.


You owe him, he does not owe you

Being the older man who pays the bills, he will always want something in return. Whether its love or a meal, your old man will always expect something from you. You will be expected to do things the way he asks you to do them, whether you like it or not.

He is the one that pays for your meals, your clothes, your home, therefore, you will have to deal with his complicated way of wanting things. It could be things like as simple as his clothes or towels, he will want them folded or organized in a certain way.

No partying = BORING

As men age, they start to scale their partying and wanting to be surrounded by people. They prefer being home on a Friday evening, drinking a glass of wine with his lady as they watch the Wheel of Fortune show. Older men tend to avoid things like going to clubs, therefore be ready to miss out on a whole lot of clubbing!

It will be tough to adjust to each other especially if one of the two couples enjoys being outdoors and the other hates being everywhere but home.

Seen this, done that

Once men have reached their thirties, they have most likely done everything that you have probably never done or even seen before. He has had enough experience with things like traveling, being married, or even having kids.

If you are the type of person that wants to experience everything that exists on this planet, dating someone older might not be something you would enjoy doing.

Your friends or your loved ones might not approve, uh-oh

Many youngsters are seen by their loved ones and their friends as beautiful, wonderful, a human being that deserves to have the world. Being with someone possibly wrinkly, much older than you, and not as good looking as you are could affect the way your friends and family think of your relationship.

However, as mentioned earlier, don’t let the little side comments and the thoughts that play in your head ruin a huge chance for you. Of course, that’s if he is treating you well, and he’s not mentally or physically abusive.

No Jealousy

As I mentioned earlier, having your man not be jealous over you could be quite annoying or upsetting for some of us. It sure is a pleasure to have him not worry about you being with your friends or family members, but if your old man sees you talking to another man at the park or anywhere, he will most likely not get upset with you.

If you are the type of individual that likes when your man is jealous, or even making him jealous, then an older man is not something you should go after.


Dating older men has many pros and cons. Some might argue that the number of pros might outweigh the cons, others might argue that the cons outweigh the pros.

Always remember that when you are getting into any relationship, always know your self-worth. Do not ever let anyone step over you and control you. Older men tend to be more of the “boss” in the relationship. However, remember that you also have a say in the relationship and that you are just as important as he is.

We have mentioned a few pros and cons to dating older men. Although, there are plenty more ups and downs that we can mention about being with men that out range our age.

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