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Dating Profile Headlines How to Write a Great One

You are racking your brain trying to figure out some witty and fun headline for your dating profile. We are going to try and walk you down the path of creating the perfect headline. We looked at headlines on many different websites to see which ones actually work. There are some bad headlines out there such as “Lost looking for love, Desperate for love”. These headlines make the person look desperate and needy as the headline suggests.

You may be asking yourself do you even need a headline in today’s online dating world. Not all sites use them anymore but there are some that still do. These sites you will still want something catchy or fun to attract someone.

There are no hard facts on how much headlines created interest in your profile. You can test on your own profile to see which ones work better.

Depending on what type of male or female you are will help you with the headline.


Let’s take a look at some headlines that may work well.

Fun headlines

  • I am not perfect but my cat loves me
  • I’m a dancer so let’s boogie
  • Desert is always first for me!
  • My profile is better than your profile
  • Beer goggles are always on
  • Voted the best profile by my 3 Kids

Catchy headlines

  • I can get rid of all bugs in your house for you
  • I do play well with others
  • Will say we met at work
  • A new beginning so let’s do this
  • They told me awesome people date here
  • Hope is the only thing stronger than fear
  • There are roads left in both of our shoes

Interesting headlines

  • The one thing you should do on a dating site
  • I need your brain power to answer this question
  • My favorite animal is
  • I like smart women. But I love
  • Fun and sun what do you like
  • Life is short where do you want to go
  • My running club parties harder than your drinking club
  • Has the pond been replenished yet
  • Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery
  • Whack a mole champion!!
  • What do you call a nun in a wheelchair?

Why you want to use good headlines.

  • “Life is short where do you want to go” this tells me someone is adventurous and may like traveling.
  • “Whack a mole champion” it may not be a great headline but gives me some information on the person. Shows me they have a sense of humor and that they probably like arcade games.
  • “My running club parties harder than your drinking club” great interest grabber. I liked this one since it is so unique and draws you into what this person does. It shows they are athletic if they are in a running club. They may also like to drink but not totally clear. The headline does admit that they like to party.
  • “Fun and sun what do you like” then you want them to finish the question by hopefully messaging you. Asking a question to someone in the headline is a great way to start a conversation. It gives the one messaging you a way in to start the conversation.
  • “Voted the best profile by my 3 kids” which lets everyone know you have 3 kids. The headline is fun and creative. Most people who are older will have kids so dating when kids are involved will definitely come up. This headline gets it out in the open if you do not want to date someone with kids.
  • “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery” the saying is a pretty good one. Makes you think about everything that happened yesterday is done. You need to look forward to the future of writing a good headline and getting a date. Phrases like this one make people stop and think. That is exactly what you want in a headline for your

Why have a bad headline

It does you know good to fill out all the profile information and take the personality test to then put up a crappy headline. It does not take that much effort to figure out a great headline. If you can’t think of one then leave it for later. You can change it once you get some better ideas from other profiles.

When you put things like “Desperate for love” this means you are desperate and no one wants to date a person like that. You also can’t put things like “Hi” as your headline what does that mean. I know most people look at the picture first to see if there is some physical attraction. Then people will read the headline after looking at the picture. If your headline says stuff like “Hello it’s me…is there anybody out there?”  or “Guess who is back” or “I don’t have a headline” then they will not read on.

If you are drop dead gorgeous or handsome the profile heading will not make much of a difference. Everyone else it will be a big deal and you should put some effort into it.

Really bad headlines

  • I don’t have a headline
  • Don’t waste my time with games and lies
  • Looking for the final one
  • Hello it’s me….is there anybody out there?
  • Does this really work??
  • Country city woman looking for her better half
  • Guess who’s back
  • Ummmmm….ok
  • Class, sass, and a little smart ass
  • No liars, please
  • My dog thinks I am great
  • Does anyone want anything serious anymore
  • These pretzels are making me thirsty
  • Hello
  • Well, Why not?
  • PSSSSTTTT…….lets chat…..
  • Hey buddy
  • Smile
  • Soulmate, please hurry tf up! They doin me dirty
  • HelloKitty
  • Let’s not talk about your “crazy ex”
  • Ready to give up
  • Single
  • Do you have a pet rock
  • Bored
  • I see you
  • TBD…
  • Can’t figure out how to delete this app. I’m gone
  • Live, laugh, love

Why you do not want bad dating headlines.

  • “Well, why not?” this makes it seem like you don’t even want to be on the site to find someone to date. Why would anyone respond to this?
  • “These pretzels are making me thirsty” kind of creative but I have no idea what that means. Do you not have water to drink? You looking for a partner that has water. Not sure what the intent was on this one.
  • “No liars please” nobody wants liars so why would you state the obvious. It’s like saying all the bad traits you do not want like any liars, cheats, bad people, ugly people, mean people, selfish, arrogant and bald. This is very negative and will turn off probably 100% of the people out there when they look at your profile.
  • “Looking for the final one” this makes me think if you go on a date with them it’s time to get married. This will scare away most people. The end game is dating is to hopefully get married but you may have to date a few people before you find the right one. You should not state that on your headline that you are looking for the final one.
  • “Do you have a pet rock” not really sure what that means. I was around for the pet rock craze but what does that have to do with dating headlines. This headline makes no sense.
  • “Single” ok so everyone on a dating website is single. Maybe they thought they were on the website where people who are married go to hook up.
  • “Ready to give up” most people when looking for someone do not want to hear negative talk. They want someone positive to reach out to. It is tough for some people doing online dating. We get it might be frustrating but you do not want to tell everyone.
  • “Bored” this can mean a lot of things but not sure this is a great word for a headline. You bored dating people or bored with dating sites. The only person that can solve your boredom problem is you.
  • “Let’s not talk about your crazy ex” this happens to be the number one thing to not talk about when on a date. If you want the date to end quickly then, by all means, talk about your ex-whatever. Why would someone put this in a headline? The headline will not attract anyone to message them.
  • “HelloKitty” another head-scratcher on what this person was trying to convey in the headline. Do they like Hello Kitty the cartoon and looking for someone that likes it too? This one is a head-scratcher.
  • “I see you” this seems kind of stalkerish. I see you and I am coming after you is the thought I get on this one. The headline would not make me read your profile in a 100 years. I wonder where people get these headlines from because they are just not good.

You need to remember the most important part of your online profile is the picture and the profile information. The headline is not always used in many dating websites today. The ones where it is used it is more prominent and you should make sure it is a great headline. Having a bad headline like the ones above really do you no good. If people never make it to your profile then having an awesome profile does not help much.


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