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Dating a Rich Man (What to Know)

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So, you’re a woman trying to date a rich man of your dreams.

You might think that it’s next to impossible to find a man who has millions. It’s not as difficult as many women would like to believe.

There isn’t a single good reason why you can’t find yourself a man who has a few extra zeros added to his bank account.

It takes effort and dedication, but there’s a rich guy out there for every woman who is willing to search high and low for him.


Before we begin, let’s talk about the pros and cons of dating a rich guy.


Money equals fun

Most people don’t like to admit it, but money always equals fun. The boys with all the toys are always the ones with all the money.

Sure, it’s great to sit at home and watch Netflix, but that gets boring after a while. If you want to live an exciting lifestyle, then it comes with a price.

The good things in life aren’t free, and they can cost a pretty penny. Those who have money know that it isn’t possible to have a good life without it.

Your status in the community grows

People respect you when you have money. You get treated differently than everyone else when people know that you’ve got money.

You will notice people treating you differently when you have money.

If you’ve ever wanted to be an important person in society, then you know the only way to achieve your goal is by having plenty of money.

A sense of security is possible by dating a wealthy person

Security is something that quite a few women overlook these days because they want to feel empowered. It’s frowned upon for a woman to feel as if she needs a man to be secure.

There’s no shame in wanting security for yourself and your children if you have some.

It’s natural for a person to want to be able to provide for themselves, and those who lack security are always on edge.

Now let’s turn our attention to the cons of dating a wealthy guy.


Rich guys work a lot


We’re talking a lot. You might have a difficult time going out on dates if your boyfriend is stinking rich.

Don’t be surprised if he spends more time at the office than he does at home.

You will always feel like you’re playing second fiddle to his work life. There isn’t much you can do about it since the reason he has so much money is that all he does is work.

You can’t get rich without work unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Some wealthy men are searching for trophy wives

The guy has everything, money, toys, and anything he wants. The one thing he doesn’t have is an attractive woman on his arm.

You could end up being the one.

Where can you meet rich men?

Upscale nightclubs and bars

We’re not talking about those bars that have loud country music piping through the place with pitchers of PBR being tossed around the joint.

No, these are nightclubs were rich guys drop at least several hundred dollars per night.

They buy bottles of champagne and maybe only drink a glass or two at the most.

The guys who go to these nightclubs aren’t afraid to spread their wealth around if it means getting the attention of a beautiful woman.

Country clubs are a good start

Golf and money seem to go hand in hand. We’re not talking about public golf courses that allow any guy to play on as long as he has a few bucks.

No, those places are no better than fast-food restaurants when it comes to finding someone with a hefty bank account.

Do a little research and see where the rich guys in your area go to play golf. If you can, find a way to hang out at the clubhouse and make sure you are noticeable.

Dress up to grab their attention so that every guy in the clubhouse has an interest in you.

Exclusive dating sites for millionaires

Yes, there is such a thing as dating sites for millionaires. You need to do your homework before joining one.

Here are a few:

You might have some limited success with a normal dating site, but make sure that you screen the guys well before contacting them.

You can’t always tell how much money a guy has by his pictures or what his job is.

It will take a bit of sleuthing to uncover his true wealth, but the effort is well worth it if you want to find a man who can treat you to the good things in life.

How do you date a millionaire man?

By far the most important thing to a millionaire is that you’re confident in who you are. They want to date someone that doesn’t doubt themselves.

You need to stand firm, tall and square your shoulders with every step.

A rich guy is someone who is driven, and you have to play the part. If you’re the type who is full of self-doubt, then you’re never going to land a rich guy.

Any rich guy who built his wealth from the ground up is someone confident in their abilities.

No rich guy is going to date a woman who is a wilting flower who crumples at the sight of anything challenging.

How do you deal with dating a rich man?

There are several hurdles that you’ve got to get over when dating a rich man. The biggest hurdle is fighting for his time.

You will feel at times like it’s a losing battle to get any of his precious time.

It’s a constant struggle for the wealthy to battle between their professional and personal lives.

Usually, their professional lives win out, and they spend little time with people. The precious moments they do get to spend with loved ones are far too few.

Be prepared to feel like you’re not as important

The early days of your relationship are going to be difficult because you’ll always feel as if something is missing. At first, you’ll wonder why he spends so little time with you.

Does he have another girlfriend?

Has he lost interest?

Both of those questions and so many more will race through your mind when you’re home all alone.

You will think that it’s something with you, and that’s when the trouble begins. It’ll take you a little time to realize that none of this has anything to do with you at all.

The reason behind him not spending time with you is because he is so busy at work.

Your new wealthy boyfriend puts work above everything else, and that’s why his personal life suffers.

How can you tell if a guy is rich?

Let’s cut to the chase and say the reason why you’re dating the guy is because of his money. There’s nothing at all wrong with that as long as you’re honest about it.

The problem you’ll face is, not all men are honest about their wealth. 

You will find some guys claiming to be rich, but they are anything but.

You need to constantly be on the lookout for guys who say that they have a fat stack of cash but have less money than you do.

There are plenty of guys online and in the real world who want to portray something they aren’t. You need to stay away from those guys, but knowing who they are can be quite tricky.

Here are a few tips on how to tell if a guy isn’t rich

He wears cheap clothes

Rich people are often thrifty, but they don’t go around wearing clothes with holes in them. If your so-called rich boyfriend looks like he’s homeless, then ditch him.

Sure, he might be so cheap that he won’t buy himself new clothes, but that’s an awful sign.

If he won’t splurge and buy himself some decent threads, then he’s not going to open up his wallet for you ever.

His car is a heap of junk

Do you ever wonder how his vehicle stays on the road? Rich guys drive nice cars, and it should be new.

Sometimes wealthy guys don’t want to let on how much money they have, and that’s understandable to some degree.

Your boy toy might not want to drive around in a Porsche, but that doesn’t mean he should be driving a Yugo.

You have to pay your stuff on dates

Does he ask you to pick up your tab at a restaurant? If so, it has to make you wonder why.

If he takes you out to eat at a fast-food restaurant and suggests that you order off the dollar menu, something is up. At the very least, the guy should be willing to spend money on you.

If he isn’t, then it’s a good sign that he doesn’t have the money to spend.

He doesn’t let you know where he lives

If you’ve only been dating for a few weeks, then it’s understandable why he might be cautious about telling you where he lives.

If you’ve been dating for a few months, and you don’t know where he lives, something is fishy.

The chances are pretty high that he lives in an area where the people aren’t rich.

Rich people live in nice places, and when they don’t, then there’s something going on. The one thing most wealthy people don’t skimp on is where they live.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you want

Some people will think of you as a gold digger or someone seeking a sugar daddy when you try to date someone wealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth, and deep down inside you know it.

There is nothing at all wrong with you wanting to hook up with someone who takes their finances seriously.

You might be someone who is well on their way to building your wealth, and want to date a man who takes money as seriously as you do.

You have a particular lifestyle in mind, and there is no good reason why you have to settle for anything but that lifestyle.


The bottom line is, don’t settle for anything other than what you want. If you want a wealthy man, then you must make yourself appealing to him.

Look your best, take care of yourself, and offer him something that all the other women don’t.

If you do those three things, then you stand a much better chance of landing a wealthy guy. You always have to remember that these men are driven, and they expect you to be the same.

If you slack off in your personal life or your appearance, then the relationship is going to go downhill fast.

Stay on your toes and take the relationship seriously.

Do your best to be a fantastic girlfriend, and any wealthy man worth his salt should be more than willing to help you turn your financial dreams into reality.

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