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Dating Younger Men, The Good and The Bad

Do you like a guy who is younger than you, but you don’t want to go on a date with him for fear that the relationship will not prosper? Are you afraid of what people may say about your relationship with a younger man? If you are a woman who is willing to have a serious relationship with a younger man, but you are not sure if you should.

You are in the right place because here I will show you the pros and cons of dating younger men.

How to attract younger men?

It may seem surprising but attracting a young man only depends on the attitude about your age and their age. A woman with self-control, excellent self-esteem and a great dose of security will drive every young man crazy. Young men will see older women as a source of stability, maturity, and experience.

You do not have to try to look younger or look for the same clothes that teenage girls wear. Much less saturate your face with excess makeup.


You just have to highlight your best features, use the clothes that best suit your body but at the same time act and dress according to your age and you must feel like the most sensual woman in the world, this special vibe will make you stand out in a crowd of younger men.

Most importantly, if you do meet a younger man allow him to know your love for life by being positive and fun. You should be friendly, listen to him, use your femininity to subtly flirt.

Remember, although he is younger than you, he is still interested in having a woman flirt with him.

You must be 100% clear that you are showing yourself as a partner prospect for him and therefore, your tactics of seduction should be easy to interpret so that he does not have a shred of doubt about what your intentions are with him.

This way, you will avoid uncomfortable situations where the young man does not know if you are only being friendly or if you really want to be in involved a relationship with him.

Does age matter in a relationship?

Age does not matter in a relationship since there is no way to predict what the ideal age difference is for a relationship to work. There are other variables much deeper that makes it impossible to say that age is an essential factor in a relationship.

Age only plays a factor if the gap is very large like a 70-year-old dating a 30-year-old. That is just too far of an age gap and society would look down on that relationship.

For older women, age is synonymous with maturity, the older he is, the more mature the man. But, if maturity is what the woman contributes in the relationship, she will want to balance her love life with energy, therefore, a younger man will be key to adding vitality and fun to the bond.

On the other hand, there are young men who have had very strong life experiences for their age. They have been forced to grow and mature at an accelerated pace. This may make them look for a mature woman to face life with someone who can put themselves in his shoes, without judging but understanding his past.

Therefore, age is only a number within the couple’s relationship, what really matters is how they communicate, the values that each one brings to the daily life and the wish to get ahead together.

Check out the debate numbers for people on if age matters when dating. It is pretty cool to see the remarks and poll numbers.

How much of an age difference is acceptable?


Let me introduce the rule of half your age plus seven. What you should do is divide your age and then add seven. The result is the minimum age acceptable in a couple for someone your age. To calculate the maximum socially accepted, we must multiply the result by two.

Let’s calculate an example: if you are a 46-year-old woman, divided by 2, it would be 23 years, when you add 7, the lowest age you date someone is 30 years old. If we look at the opposite and the oldest age, it would be 30 multiplied by 2, which is a 60-year-old man.

This theory presents a number that is socially acceptable without being judged by the age difference within the couples. So, it is a good guide to have a better view of what limits are acceptable in a society based on age.

The pros of dating younger men

    • As they have not had as many love relationships as you, it is possible that they have not broken their hearts either, so they have a positive and open perspective towards relationships. Therefore, they have less resistance to compromise and are willing to fall in love maybe a little deeper.
    • Young men love to experience new ways to live. They are more socially willing to go out to parties, dinners, movies, walks to the park, travel and venture into all the ideas that you can think of. In other words, young men are uninhibited and daring, which is very exciting for an older woman.
    • It is possible that because he is younger, he will not have economic burdens, nor children; nor mortgages. You can make a thousand plans with such freedom.
    • Young men have less prejudice and are more relaxed. It will allow you to focus openly on your professional career without feeling judged or pressured by your partner.
    • The relationship will force you to stay in shape to look good for your younger companion. It is the perfect reason to lower those extra pounds. This is a good opportunity to do sports, buy nice clothes and raise your self-esteem.
    • It is likely that you associate youth with debauchery, but this is not always the case. Most young men when they fall in love, they usually give themselves to only one woman and only seek to make her happy regardless of their age.
    • If you are lucky enough to find the right young man, you will see that he will treat you like a queen. They tend to be dazzled and respect older women. A young man may hold your hand or open the car door, actions that will make you feel special and unique.

The cons of dating younger men

    • Maybe you have short-term goals that you want to meet, such as forming a family, growing up in your job or having children and he is not ready yet or sees it as something very far away.
    • While it is not the main thing in a relationship if you are looking for something serious you should keep in mind that a younger man may not have the financial stability that someone of your same age will have.
    • He may not understand your actions or decisions in life.
    • A younger guys apartment may not be very well-ordered, dirty clothes on one side, cans and boxes of food on the other, dishes wherever, etc. because they may not be as clean as you.
    • They are very insecure and jealous because they think that you can discard them for any other older guy. Someone that may be able to provide better economic stability.
    • Although they do not want to look less accomplished if you have a better job than theirs if you are already a professional and they are not. They will always have a feeling of inferiority, even if they do not show you outwardly.
    • It is clear that he loves you, but his friends are an important part of his life and are not willing, to let you have him all to yourself. You would have to get used to sharing your man or get ready for discussions because he does not devote enough time for you.

How do you get a younger guy to fall in love with you?

A key tip to make a young man fall in love with you is to give them space. Let him go out with friends to get a break from you.

    • Let him be the one to take the initiative to call you. Use your charms to persuade him to do it but never chase him. If you harass him with messages or calls, you will only drive him away.
    • Young men love women who are sure of themselves and who are determined. It is important for a man to take the initiative but it is always good for women to help a little.
    • Demonstrate despite the age you are still willing to have some adventure and live to the fullest. Spending quality time will be essential for him to fall in love with you.
    • A smile can be a beautiful way to draw his attention and fall madly in love with you. Have fun and smile often to attract a younger man

The best thing to make a young man fall in love with you is to be cheerful and fun. Do not be negative and moody or you will end up driving him away.

How do you flirt with a younger guy?

Healthy eating and exercise are things that cannot be missing in anyone’s life, and at the same time, it will help you a lot if you want to conquer a younger man and equal him in vitality.

For him to notice you, he must see a beautiful and healthy woman, who enjoys life passionately. Your aesthetic is also fundamental that you take care of. Do not leave home without wearing sensual clothes, makeup and perfumed but according to your age.

Never forget some good heels!

To attract a young man, you need to seduce him with your charms. You need to become seductive for him and he will become addicted to you. This will make him want you as a woman because guys are very visual.

The idea with this technique is that you get locked into their mind.

Make sure you know how to move, walk, and look at a man so they lust for you. Use all your weapons of seduction, while taking care not to be vulgar. It is also important that you tell him how you feel, what you think, and what you expect. Let him know you are open to listening to his ideas.

Let him feel special and unique, different from the others, he will love the attention he gets from you.

Young men like the woman to be interested in what they are talking about. You want to ask him questions and give him all your attention while he is talking. In addition, it is obvious that you are not the same or have lived the same experiences, but that does not have to intimidate you. Enjoy the age difference and make this be what brings emotion into the conversation.

Also, avoid talking about your ex, ailments, deficiencies, illnesses, work problems, family problems. The intention is that he can connect with you beyond everyday life. He can meet the best version of yourself and picture himself in a relationship by your side.


To pull in a younger man you have to be fun, sexy and charming. You cannot be boring, dull and unattractive. Make sure you focus on being positive when dating someone younger. Try to match the energy and the relationship should blossom.

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