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Finding a Date the Top 16 Ways

You are all alone on a Saturday night with nowhere to go and nobody to see. This might be good for one weekend but every weekend that would get lonely. It is time to get out into the digital world and the real world to find someone you can start dating. What are you waiting for because you are not getting younger? Sitting at home on the couch watching TV will not bring you any closer to meeting someone fun and cool.

Finding a date you have two options online and offline so we will review both with you today. You are going to have to put in an effort to meet people whether online or offline. Just think in a month or two you could be having fun with a date doing things that couples do instead of sitting at home being bored. It is Time to get started so let’s go.

Online ways to meet singles

Online dating has been around for a while so you may know what you are doing. You may actually still have accounts on several of the major dating sites. It is time to dust off the cobwebs and get back in the game.

You will need to sign up for at least one online dating site. There are several things you need to make your online dating profile top of the line. The better your profile, picture, and information the better your chance of getting responses back.

    • The online profile you need to make sure you fill it out completely. I know it may not be your favorite thing to do but if your profile sucks who would want to contact you.
    • Your picture needs to be current and not that of some awesome looking person you found online. If you do find someone to date online and you decide to meet in person that will not go well. Your picture and your face will not match and the date will be over before starting.
    • Safety reasons when contacting people to see who you like make sure you use the online dating sites IM and email. No reason to give out your personal cell phone or email until you know the person.

There are several online dating sites you can check out just go to our dating site page.

Online apps

There are now a bunch of apps you can use to find dates. Many people between 21 and 35 know many of the apps we have listed below. Even if you do not like using apps it is tough because everyone else uses them to find people to date.

Here are two of the most popular dating apps.


This is one of the most popular dating apps on the market today. You can set up a 500 character bio and add up to six images. If you do not put in six images at least put in one of your face. You do not need Facebook account any longer to set this up so that is a plus. You can set some preferences on who you want to meet and you are off to the races.

Tinder is pretty easy to use that is why so many people like it. They make sure no one can message you unless you have expressed an interest in them. This keeps the people you may not want to meet from sending you a bunch of messages.

Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid is also popular with many singles using it to find other singles. This is the same thing as most dating apps you have to fill out a profile and get a nice picture. They give you a questionnaire that you fill out about yourself and potential mates. This gives you a score for compatibility that will help with finding potential candidates.

There are some good and bad things with this app just like every app out there. This has a few issues such as the app has smaller pictures; the app is harder to use, scrolling is difficult and you need to pay if you want to see who likes you.

Offline finding a date

The old school way of finding a date is you have to meet people face to face. You need to get out into the public and find ways to meet different people. There are several ways to do that so let’s look at a few.


You can meet people at church so if you are religious this is a great way to find someone to go out with on a date. Local churches usually have smaller home groups where you can meet people with the same religious beliefs. Churches also do a bunch of charity work in the community which is another way to meet people.

Community festivals

I know where I live we have downtown rib festival, art festival, 4th of July fireworks downtown, music festivals and a huge fair. These are great places to walk around with friends and hopefully meet new friends. You can also work or volunteer at these festivals which would bring you into contact with hundreds of people.

School / College

Many people meet in college and high school so that is a great place to find dates if you are in school. If you are not in school any more than this one is not for you. You would not believe how many people meet at college and get married.

A grocery store or local stores


You go to these places every day so you are bound to see the same people time after time. Maybe someone has caught your eye at the store you visit. Now you just need to figure out how you can introduce yourself. It should not take much just get creative with your approach.

Bar scene

This is not for everyone but many people meet when out at the bars. A bar is a social place where you go to drink, socialize and maybe dance. You should be able to find someone at some point you can talk with to find a connection. You just have to go in looking to get to know them not just looking for a one night stand.

Dance clubs are some of the best places to meet people just because of the social aspect of dancing close to people. If you do not have any good dance move s maybe you need to stay off the dance floor. You have to be able to dance halfway decent to attract a person of the opposite sex.


Concerts are so much fun. You can meet a bunch of people at one of these concerts. You can meet even more people if you go to concerts that are multiple days. You need to be careful about going to these but it is a great place to have fun.

Just walk around and introduce yourself to everyone there. Saying hi will not hurt you but just may help you meet someone cool. It does not matter what kind of concerts just make sure you go to some local ones or concerts far away if you like traveling.

Blind date

You need to trust your friends to be able to do this one. If you have the right friends this is definitely a way to meet someone new. The best thing on a blind date is the friend that sets you up usually goes with their date so it takes some of the pressure of meeting someone new.


There are several organizations where you can volunteer to help in your community. The main goal is to help people but in the process, you may also meet a bunch of new friends. You never know who you might meet when helping others.


This seems a big way people meet in today’s world. Tons of people find love at work with co-workers. The one thing is you have to be careful with the HR policies at your workplace. It is really tricky if you fall for a person that works for you.

Make sure you understand your work policies on employee relationships. The other thing to think about is what if after dating a while it does not work out and it becomes awkward to work together. This would be a bad situation at work and one of you may have to look elsewhere for another job.

Sporting events

If you are a sporting fan and go to games all the time for your team. This is a perfect place to find someone new. Hopefully, you find someone that likes your team as much as you do.


They actually have resorts that cater to singles. You can book your trip to a singles resort to meet other singles. You probably do not want to go alone so you should bring another single friend. I would stick to a friend of the same gender. There are also cruises for singles if you like cruise ships.


I know it is crazy but many people meet at a wedding they went to for a friend or family member. Weddings are usually crazy fun with alcohol and dancing. That makes it the perfect place to meet other hopefully single people.

Gyms or fitness clubs

I know most people are focused on working out and getting in shape. The primary goal is not to find a girlfriend or boyfriend at the gym.

Yet the gym is such a social place where you are in close proximity to people working out.

You may be on the treadmill when an attractive person gets on the one next to you. What do you know a few minutes later you are chatting about life. You just never know when you might meet someone cool and fun.

Join a professional organization

You can join an organization like the United Way or Red Cross to help with events they hold around town. These organizations help the community and allow you to volunteer to help when they need it. You will get to meet many new peers.

I hope the 16 ways of finding a date helps you find one. You can do both online and offline dating techniques until you find the one. Keep at it even if it takes a while to find that special someone. You put in the maximum effort you will get maximum rewards.


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