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Is Online Dating Worth It?

The top question is online dating worth it? I am here to tell you it is worth it if you do it right. You need to put in the time and effort to reach out to people online. You will need to talk online for a while until you both are ready to meet. This all requires you to work for it to get dates to hopefully find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s a question that many people ask themselves when embarking on a journey into the world of internet dating. Some will think back to a time when their grandparents met the old-fashioned way of striking up a conversation while in the produce aisle at the supermarket. Those days may not be over for some, but for most, they are a relic of a different era.

Today, people don’t meet each other in the same situations they once did. We’re going to go in-depth and discover if you should turn to a dating site or perhaps go the route of your grandparents and hook up using tried and true methods.

The average person today is extremely busy

There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get all of the tasks done that you want to accomplish. Most of you are putting in at work at least eight hours per day, but it’s not unheard of to put in much more time at the office.


If you consider the time it takes to get to and from work, then it’s even more time spent doing stuff other than mingling with people. You’d think with modern technology the way it is that it would be easier to meet people. Technology, in many ways, has isolated us from others, and it has an impact on our dating lives.

Your downtime is essential to your well-being, and you might not want to waste it all squeezing oranges hoping the person of your dreams comes waltzing into the produce aisle.

You have a life outside of work, and it takes time to maintain the type of lifestyle that you’re accustomed to. Every moment away from work, you have is precious, but there are plenty of things you need to do outside of earning a living that must be done.

A few hours a month isn’t enough time to devote to finding the right person for a relationship. If all you have is a couple of hours, then your choice is to settle for someone who isn’t right for you or always to be single.

Bar scene

You probably have relatives who talk about how they met their spouse at a smoke-filled bar. They were sitting on a barstool, and the person they’ve spent a lifetime fantasizing about immediately pops up behind them.

There once was a time when you could hang out at bars and meet someone. Bars weren’t only places where people went to drink, but some also went there to dance and socialize. People still go to bars, but they tend to cater to a specific crowd these days. Some bars specialize in video games for adults or places meant to watch the big game.

Meet at church

The church was also a place where quite a few couples were introduced to each other, but fewer people every year are going to places of worship. The church is a great place to meet like-minded people who all share the same world view.

With fewer people going to church, there’s less dating potential to be had there. Still, it’s a great place to socialize and maybe find the person you’re hoping to settle down with. You could have great success finding someone to develop a long-term relationship with at church.

Why internet dating gets a bad rap

If you’re too young to remember the early days of the internet, then you probably don’t know why online dating may have a negative vibe to it. Those who think negatively about online dating tend to be older. They may only have heard stories about what happened to others who are dating someone they met online.

The early days of the internet were a wild place filled with all kinds of characters. The online dating scene was different than in the sense that there weren’t as many established websites where you could find a date. It was not all too uncommon for people to use classified ad sites like Craigslist to find a date.

There weren’t as many people online back in the day as there is now. Today, you can find someone in your area online to go out on a date with easily. In the early days of the internet, people fell in love with others who lived in another part of the country or halfway around the world.


It wasn’t unheard of for people to pick up everything and go hundreds, if not thousands of miles to date, a stranger. As you can imagine, what happened as a result of such a bizarre situation was often anything but ideal for some people. Hence, this gives internet dating a bad rap.

Better dating sites and more safety features

Money changes everything, and the world of dating is no different. Companies and wealthy people began to pay attention to online dating when they realized how much money could be made. No longer were only the fringes of society using the internet to find dates, but the average person was as well.

Hooking up with someone online was no longer thought of as taboo. People felt comfortable talking to people online, and there was no longer the fear of the other end of the screen.

More people had computers, and that meant some of them were lonely and looking for love.

Dating sites paid attention and gave these lonely people a place where they could meet up. It wouldn’t be long before specialty niche dating sites were popping up all over the place.

Dating sites for those with medical conditions arose, and so did sites for people who live in rural communities. It wouldn’t be long until there was a site for everyone, no matter what your interest is in this world.

Are you into gaming? Then there’s a dating site out where you can hook up with someone who shares a similar interest in video games.

Machine learning helps us choose the right partner

It’s hard to believe that machine learning is having a foothold in dating, but it is. How does machine learning help singles connect with someone they’ll be interested in?

Machines learn by watching what people do, and dating sites make sure to follow all the actions of their users. The information you put in your profile isn’t only for those who are reading it, but it’s also for the dating site to learn about who you are. The site will pay attention to what you say in your profile and even the types of profiles that you respond to. By understanding who you find interesting, they can show you profiles that trigger a response in you.

Technology can produce better results than what we can on our own. You have a limited amount of time every day to seek out someone to date. You can’t talk to every person that you come across. You have no idea what their likes or dislikes are.

It takes a lot of time to get to know someone, and most people don’t have the leisure of waiting that long. An honest profile gives people the chance to learn about the other person, and it also allows machine learning to match people based on past behavior.

You stand a better chance of finding happiness online

Let’s say you live in a big city where there are tens of thousands of singles who are looking for people to hook up with. You can go through their profiles fairly quickly by only looking at their pictures or by using the search feature to find someone who has the same interests as you.

Are you into cooking and want to find someone who shares your passion for whipping up things in the kitchen? If so, all you must do is type it in the search box, and the site will spit out someone with the same interests.

It has never been so easy to find someone who you can spend the rest of your life with. No one is saying that you’ll type in one search, and the first person you stumble upon will be marriage material. Such thoughts aren’t realistic, and you will have to mingle a little at dating sites to find someone who is right for you.

Dating is a numbers game, and there’s not much to it other than that. You must stumble upon enough people to come across one that’s right for you.

There is no magic solution that will find you someone that is perfect right off the bat. Anyone who thinks that way has expectations that aren’t realistic when it comes to finding someone to fall in love with.

Falling in love is still a process, and anyone who falls head over heels in a matter of moments has serious issues going on with them.

Learn how to use all of the features of a dating site

It all boils down to if online dating is worth your time and energy. The answer to that question is it depends if you’re willing to learn how to use the site. If you are eager to learn all the features of the site, then yes, it’s well worth all of the trouble.

If you think that it’s as easy as typing something in Google’s search bar and selecting whoever is first, then you’re in for a rude awakening. You will find that dating sites offer all kinds of advanced search features that will help you find someone perfect for you.

Are you a smoker and won’t date someone who hates smoking?

If so, then you need to use the search feature to exclude those people who won’t date smokers.

Learning how to use the advanced search features of a dating site isn’t tricky and using them will help you increase the likelihood of finding someone who is right for you.

No one is going to jump out of the screen and plant a kiss on your lips right away. Achieving a state of happiness requires work, no matter if it is dating or in your personal life.

Hard work and dedication are a must to succeed, and those who aren’t willing to invest their time get the results they deserve. That does sound cold, but you must have a realistic view of what to expect when you’re using any method of dating.

If you go into it with a careless, lazy approach, then what you get from it will be much of the same.

Mingle, flirt, and enjoy life

Go out there and find the person who’s right for you. Use online dating as what it is and that is a tool for finding someone. It’s only a tool and thinking of it as anything other than that is a mistake. You still must go on many dates and talk to quite a few people to find the right person. The entire process can be enjoyable if you do it right.

Have yourself a good time and enjoy the process of finding someone to spend the rest of your life with. That’s the goal of dating and anything short of that, and you’re not making the most out of the medium.

If you stay true to yourself and search for someone who has the qualities you want in a person, you’ll be fine. Don’t hurry or rush the process of finding someone to spend your time without of desperation or loneliness.

The mistake many people make is that they go for the first person who responds to them that they can tolerate. There are far too many singles to make a commitment to someone who is anything less than fully compatible with you.

Enjoy the process of getting to know others and how we are all different. We’re all humans, but our outlook on life, our likes and dislikes, and life experiences make us all unique and worthy of getting to know better.

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