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Online Dating Guys to Avoid

Online Dating Guys to Avoid

Every woman out there knows some guys are disastrous in every sense of the term. They will wreak all kinds of havoc on your life and cause an unbelievable amount of chaos.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll be able to spot those guys and stay as far away from them as possible.

Not every guy who shows characteristics of those on this list are bad people, some may be works in progress.

Let someone else do the work for you since you’ve got better things to do. A guy shouldn’t come with a long list of things that need to be done to him to make him dateable.


You’re not the guy’s mom, chauffeur, or business coach, and you shouldn’t have to act like one either.

Momma’s boy

There’s nothing wrong with a man loving his mom. The way he treats his mom says a lot about how he’ll treat you.

What you don’t want is a guy who is glued to his mom all night and day. Some guys can’t seem to get away from their mom for more than a few minutes out of the day.

Is his mom riding in the backseat while the two of you go on dates?

Does she seem to spend more time with her son than you do?

If so, then you’ve got a real problem on your hands. He is not going to get away from his mom because you ask him to.

If you hook up with this guy, you’re hooking up with his mom as well.

It’s his way or the highway

Ah, these guys are always fun in the sense they are always about to explode. Some guys, for whatever reason, are so rigid that they can’t see anything from their point of you.

Do you want to go out for Italian and they want Mexican food?

If so, then you already know you’re going to a Mexican restaurant. These guys don’t bend in the slightest, and they often treat the women in their lives as if they are children.

Guys like these make all the decisions for their partner, and they leave no room for discussion. If you like someone telling you what to do at all times, then date a guy like this.


The rest of you will want to steer clear of a guy who thinks only his decisions are worthy of acting upon.

The guy who gets angry at the drop of a dime

You have to act like you’re walking on eggshells around guys like this. You can’t risk doing anything to make them mad in the slightest.

It’s surprising how easily some men fly off the handle.

They say women are cranky, but these guys are something else. They will freak out at the littlest things.

It seems in their mind everything they do is perfect, and the rest of the world is making mistakes. They always have a look on their face like an angry dog that’s ready to bite someone at any second.

Allow guys like these to enjoy their misery and always be mad.

There is no use in trying to soften them up since they won’t ever be anything other than a sour puss.

The narcissistic type

Confidence is a good thing, and it can help someone become a success in their lives. Some people take it to a frightening extreme.

They think so highly of themselves that everyone else is below them. Guys like this think every time they are at bat, they hit a home run.

The funny thing is, most of these guys are total losers who have never accomplished anything in their lives.

Narcissists live off of denial, and the view they have of themselves proves it.

Anyone who thinks they are all that tend to be someone so full of themselves they can’t see their shortcomings.

He’s always down in the dumps

Depression is real, and everyone goes through bouts of the blues. Depression is also a medical condition for those who suffer from long bouts of feeling down.

Someone who is experiencing long-lasting depression needs the help of a professional.

Sometimes depression can be treated through therapy, or the addition of medication is required.

Anyone who doesn’t take their mental health seriously has other issues in their life as well.

The sadness is the canary in the coalmine that is screaming at you to get away from the person as quickly as possible.

Constant trouble makers

Jailbirds as some may call them. Whatever you do, don’t think you’re going to rehabilitate anyone. You aren’t going to be the person who changes their life around.

It’s a waste of your time and energy to pretend that anything you do is going to make a difference.

It’s not jail that you have to worry about, it’s the actions that cause them to go there. The chance of them getting in trouble again is high, and then they’ll get sent away.

Allow someone else to bail them out the next time they get into some serious hot water.

The addict

Okay, you should’ve seen this one coming after the trouble makers. Addiction might be the reason why they’re getting into so much trouble.

Drug addicts and alcoholics are the worst type of people to date.

They tend to be liars who can’t keep their lives together. It’s still not a good idea to date the guy if he’s going through treatment.

An addict needs to be clean and sober for at least a year before they’re ready to get back into the world of dating.

If you date someone sober less than a year, you’re asking for all kinds of problems. Addiction is a disease that ruins the lives of the addict and everyone they come in contact with.

Be suspicious of snake oil salesmen

He tells you everything you want to hear. You’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. He laughs at all of your jokes, and he loves all of your friends.

He even claims to love your dog, who can’t stand him at all.

What’s this guy up to?

Is he really so smitten with you that he likes everything about you?

No, he is not so wild about you that he can’t see any of your faults. He’s saying and doing whatever it takes to be with you. What is his motive?

There are a million of them, but the most common is physical attraction. He finds you physically attractive and will do anything to be as close to you as possible.

He goes from job to job like a frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad

Some guys can’t seem to keep a job for a few months. The reasons for why they can’t stick to a job are none of your concern at all.

The guy might be brilliant and has all the potential in the world, but can’t keep it together long enough to earn more than a few paychecks.

A guy like him isn’t going from job to job because he hasn’t found the right place of employment. You’ll find out over the years that his resume is longer than your arm.

Let someone else worry about how they’ll pay the bills while he’s in between jobs and has no money to his name.

The gamer who has no time for anyone

You might play a game or two here and there if you have a little time to kill. Who doesn’t load up Angry Birds and play it when you’re at the doctor’s office or traveling?

Some guys are so into games that it controls their lives.

They head to the computer or game console the second they come home from work. You can’t get in between them and the game to save your life.

Nothing you do is going to change their gaming behavior. You will always play second fiddle to their favorite game.

These guys exist, and they aren’t only the computer nerds who’d you’d expect to sit in front of a screen all day and play games.

Many hardcore gaming addicts look like ordinary people, and they could care less about you or spending time with you.

The party animal who never grows up

These guys are different than addicts in that they might not be addicted to what they’re doing.

Some guys like to down beers and chase women on the weekends. That might be how you met the guy. If so, then you can’t expect him to change because he met you.

The guy is going to continue to drain down beers during the weekend and chase any skirt that comes their way. They are the ones having a good time while you feel like you’re on the sidelines, watching someone you care about act like a fool.

Cheaters are never winners

Did you hook up with the guy while he was cheating on his wife or girlfriend? If so, what makes you think he’s going to be any different with you?

Why would he stop cheating after hooking up with you?

He’s not going to stop cheating and thinking he will be is foolish. If you choose to date the guy, then realize that it’s not going to last.

If the relationship does last, it’ll only because you overlook his cheating.

If you’re okay with turning a blind eye to infidelity, then, by all means, hook up with this guy and invest yourself emotionally into the relationship. It’s a mistake but be aware of what you’re getting into.

Tightwads who are tighter than tight

No one is saying that your guy should spend all his money on you. We are saying that you should avoid anyone who is a tightwad.

Being frugal is smart when you work hard for your money; being a tightwad is reckless and unnecessary.

If the guy has money issues, then you’re going to have to figure out why that is. He might have a bunch of kids by different women that he has to pay child support for.

He has not a single cent to his name

This guy is different than a tightwad because his money is going out the window, and you can’t figure out why. He might have a good job, but all of his money is somehow disappearing.

Could he be a drug addict?

Might he have a gambling addiction?

There’s no way for you to know where the money is going without doing some investigating. The best thing to do is to ask why he’s always flat broke.

If the reason he gives doesn’t make sense, then you’ve got to run as fast away from him as possible. Something is getting his money, and whatever it is, it’s not you.

Every word that comes out of his mouth is about his ex

Ending a relationship is never easy, and breakups can be devastating. Your guy can’t keep talking about his ex all the time.

If he is getting in a new relationship after ending one recently, then that tells you he’s got serious problems. A person needs to heal from a breakup, and he’s trying to use you to cover up his pain.

Every day that you’re with this guy, you’re going to hear about his ex. Your ears will get tired of hearing this broken record play the same song over and over again.

All of his social media accounts are off-limits

No one is saying that you should have access to all of his social media accounts. You shouldn’t expect him to fork over his username and password to you.

If, however, his social accounts are all private and you can’t publicly see who he’s talking to, then that’s a problem.

Why is he hiding who he’s talking to online?

Does he try to hide who he’s talking to on other platforms such as email?

You know that you have a problem if he is always fearful of you coming anywhere near his phone or the electronic devices he uses to talk to others.

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