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Reasons You Should Try Online Dating

Today, one of the biggest trends is online dating. Many people have either tried online dating or know of someone that currently does online dating. Some individuals might think that online dating is not for them, or it’s something that doesn’t fit their personality.

However, online dating is literally for anyone and everyone. You do not need any special features, or any specific personality, or even a special type of phone. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you will find online dating either the best thing that was ever created on the face of the earth or the worst thing that was ever created. It really depends on you, and your choices.


Talking to people, face to face could be pretty terrifying for some of us. It could make us feel sick, shaky, and even creepy after talking to someone. In other words, if you are an introvert, online dating is a big deal for you.

It’s one of the best inventions out there for us introverts, because well, you know, talking to people for the first time ever, face to face, is one of the hardest things to do and it’s nearly impossible for us to ever even do it. Maybe after talking to someone for the first time through messages or apps makes it a little easier to be able to meet with them for the first time.

Busy people


We all have a thousand and one things to do every single day, and it leaves us with barely any time to do the things we love, or even better, it keeps us from rewarding ourselves. Especially those who work full-time jobs and are part-time students as well.

How many hours of sleep do these people even get a day?

Whether we’re students, employers, or even young adults, making time to actually show up somewhere that will get you a decent partner is pretty challenging.

Not everyone has time to go to a bar every Friday or Saturday night. Therefore, online dating is another huge plus for individuals that have no time on their plates. Their best tool to find someone that they could possibly be with for the rest of their lives is through online dating apps.

Sick of face to face dates

It’s pretty obvious, after talking to our online dates a few times we eventually meet up and start seeing each other. However, some individuals get sick and tired of trying to find a special someone at a bar, or at work, or even at school.

Online dating gives us something new to try, something that we mentally think and believe that it won’t work to just find someone online and fall in love with them, begin a whole new life, and just be complete forever.

Everyone has different views on online dating. But honestly, online dating works better for some people rather than face to face meet and date.

Remember, everyone is unique in their own way.

Where are the loyal men at?

Whether you are trying to find someone at a bar, club or at school, many men are not loyal because:

1) They haven’t matured completely just yet

2) They show up to bars and clubs every single weekend. This may be a very strong bias, but our minds are set that if an individual goes to a club every weekend, then they are not loyal.


The first connection we make is that, if they are big with online dating, then they may be too busy to go out and club or do whatever it is that they do that makes them non-loyal. Perhaps, many individuals who have tried online dating or know someone who is big with online dating have mentioned that most loyal men are found through online dating apps.

Long distance relationships

All of us have most likely tried dating someone within our area, close to home, and we would see them every single day. Being with them, spending time together, doing different activities together and spending the holidays together is a blast.

However, we eventually get a little tired of having them everywhere we go, every hour and every second. We miss our free space and our alone time that we never get to have any more.

You try to explain to them how fantastic, and wonderful human beings they are, and you mention taking a break or loosening things up a bit for some personal space. The next thing you know, they get all frustrated with you and they either break things off at the exact moment, or they tell you, you take a break you lose me, you don’t take a break, you keep me, pick one. And at that moment, you regret even letting them get into your life in the first place.

I am pretty sure we have all been there at one point in our lives, or we have been put in similar situations before. That is why some people go for online dating.

Daters are scattered all over the place and you choose how close or how far you want them to be. Some people believe that long-distance relationships last longer because of this issue mentioned above, and they enjoy having them around for some occasions but not every second of the day.

Pre-match, period

When meeting different people, we talk to them and get to know them better from dates. At our dates, we ask them more about their interests, their hobbies, and their personalities. Unfortunately, we don’t grasp these different facts about someone from simply seeing them around.

However, through online dating, we pick people with personalities that we look for, or for hobbies and interests that match ours. With online dating, you are matched with people that match you. And some people prefer that rather than meeting with someone, completely disliking them and their personality, and have to be put through the stress of breaking the relationship from that specific point.

Are you a criminal?

Some of us are pretty cautious about everything we do with our lives. Even with the people we date and fall in love with. With our upgraded technologies, many dating apps including, Super Fantasy, and Gatsby require the online daters to complete a background check before getting an approved profile. If any of the users have ever been convicted of anything like sex offending, identity theft, and even violence.

Some individuals, just knowing that the person they will be dating or meeting up with has never done anything crazy makes them more comfortable. If you were to meet someone anywhere offline, you can’t ask them to complete a background check for you before talking or going out for a date with them.

We all know that you would get called crazy, and things would just end at that exact point.


There are plenty and plenty of kids out there that obviously belong to someone that works somewhere during some part of their day, and they don’t have time to ask someone out or to even have them over at their place every day or every other day.

There are plenty of people out there that are single because of some reason, and it’s pretty hard for those single individuals to either get over their breakups or get with someone because of their children. Don’t forget that time comes into play and it is one of the biggest issues that parents face, is that they don’t have time.

Online dating is great for parents because it helps us not worry about time, having them around twenty-four seven, and a lot of other reasons.


Online dating is for anyone and everyone that exists on this planet. Sometimes, when we hear people say that they use online dating apps, some of us might judge them, or we might think of them a specific type of way just because of all of the bad things we hear about online dating, catfish.

However, online dating has helped billions and billions of people, and there is nothing wrong with online dating. Your safety is in your own hands, it is up to you to make the right choices and decisions. As mentioned above, there are plenty of dating apps that use background checks, and if you are that concerned about your safety, go for one of those. Remember that you do not need any kind of special feature to be an online dater.

Create a profile, whether you are an introvert, a single parent, a busy entrepreneur, or even someone who is sick of the face to face, normal dates. Have fun, be safe, and go out there and try something new. Go in with positive thoughts and I am sure you will have positive outcomes. Good luck!

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