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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly When Asking Dating Questions

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You have to ask the right questions on a date so you can get a second date. You ask the wrong questions and the date will not be answering your calls.

A large part of the dating process is learning about each other. Every person is in a different part of their life.

Those of you who are searching for more than a little bit of fun know that dating is like the hiring process in which you screen candidates to find the best possible person for the dating.

Sometimes asking questions is a way to keep the conversation flowing while other times, it’s a means of getting to know the person you’re dating. Here are some suggestions on what questions to ask and why they are important.


We review some awesome questions to ask and at mthe end we give you some questions to avoid until the relationship has flourished.

The Good Questions

22. If your house were to burn down right now, and everyone got out safely… What is the one item that you would rush in to get out?

Why is this question important? It’s interesting to see what they value the most. Does your date say they would run in and get their wallet? Maybe they would run in and get their television or their laptop computer.

It would be very telling if your date said they would get their photo album or something else of personal value.

If your date values material items more than personal artifacts from loved ones, that says quite a bit about their value system.

21. What is the best memory that you have from your childhood?

Asking about their childhood is great on many levels, and the leading reason is that you can see what their lives were like early on.

Also, it’s another question that gives you incite into how they perceive the world around them. Does your date value people more than they do objects? If so, their memories will reflect that.

20. What is your favorite TV show of all time?

Follow up question: What was your favorite episode?

How important is it that the two of you like the same TV shows? Not that important considering most people watch TV on their phone or tablet computer these days.

You’re trying to learn about their personality more than anything else with this question.

Do they come back with an answer like American Pickers, or maybe their favorite show is ALF. The difference is huge in that what they enjoy watching might transfer over to an activity in the real world.

If they like to watch Antique Road Show maybe, they like to go to flea markets, and if you do too, then you’ve got another activity that can turn into a date night.

19. Who has influenced you more than anyone else?

Family members are often the people that most say influenced them a lot. Don’t be surprised if the response is one of their parents.


The person who influenced them the most will be someone who has had the most impact on their lives.

Who is that person, and what did they do that impacted them so much? You might find that someone did something terrible to them, and it has had a terrible impact on their lives.

Tread carefully as you might not want to get into too deep waters when you’re first getting to know them.

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