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Tinder Icebreakers (How to Use Them)

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You may be wondering what is a Tinder icebreaker? It is how and what you need to say to break the ice with someone on Tinder. You can use them for other sites but we are just focusing on Tinder right now.

Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Try to be funny, look at their bio and come up with something creative
  • Ask a food question like do you like sprinkles on vanilla ice cream or whipped cream
  • Look to ask a question that is fun, like you going to the beach this weekend or paddle boarding in the ocean
  • Find out what they like in their profile and target that

What is Tinder and a quick brief on how it works

Tinder is a dating app for your smartphone that is world-famous for swiping. You swipe from one profile to the next, hoping that the profile you stumble upon is better than the one before it.

The ease of use of Tinder is what has made it so popular.


So many people decide who they date based on what they look like. Now you don’t need to do anything overly difficult or thought-provoking. You swipe and continue doing so until you find someone who interests you.

Swiping and Tinder have become synonymous with each other. You can’t talk about Tinder without swiping coming up in the conversation.

Online dating before apps such as Tinder was difficult in the sense that you had to go through so many files.

Before smartphones, you had to sit in front of your computer all day, scrolling through profile after profile, and it was such a tedious task.

Today, thanks to Tinder and apps like it, dating is as simple as swiping and finding someone who strikes your fancy.

Tinder icebreakers that work

What is an icebreaker? An icebreaker is a witty conversation starter that gets the two of you talking.

A problem that many online daters have is they do not know how to start the conversation. The first few words that you say will make or break your chances of having a first date.

If you do not think that the icebreaker is that important, you probably do not go out on many dates. People respond to the proper icebreaker, and it is the opening that creates the highest amount of success.

Simply put, if your icebreaker game is off, the rest of your dating experience will also be.

What types of icebreakers work? You need to pay attention to what the person says in their profile and what is going on in their pictures.

The icebreakers that work are those where you mention what you see or read. If you think some random words are going to get the job done, then you are mistaken.


The problem with copying and pasting icebreakers you see on the internet is that they are used all the time.

The guy or gal will think that you are spamming them with stuff that you found on the internet.

Other icebreakers to use:

  • Try to be witty and fun with unique questions
  • Use their name to create something witty
  • Use a GIF to shatter that ice
  • Compliment them everyone loves a compliment

Best Tinder Icebreakers and why they will work

The best icebreakers by far are those that take you a few minutes to come up with. Do you see that they like the beach or have vacation photos of themselves on the beach?

Maybe they talk about liking Mexican food or other type of cuisine.

You want to pay attention to the little details that you see in their profile. Perhaps you notice that they recently dyed their hair a new color.

Hopefully, you know where this is going in that you must pay attention to their profile. Break the ice by commenting on their new hairdo or say that you also like tacos.

You want them to know that you took the time out to check out who they are.

Why is it so crucial that your icebreaker includes some information that you discovered while looking at their profile?

You want the person to know that you are not someone trying to contact every person on Tinder. You took the time out to go over their profile and that their interests are important to you.

It is vital that you come across as someone who cares about others, and you are willing to invest your time into them. You will get far more reaction by sending a message based on what you see in their profile than some cheesy pickup like that you copied from a site.

How to use an icebreaker question on Tinder

The question you ask should be short and sweet. It can also be a comment. A sentence or two at the most is all you should send.

What happens if you write a couple of paragraphs? No one will read it. That is what will happen.

What do you do when a stranger sends you a long message? You let out a sigh and then skim through it.

Who wants to sit through an entire message from someone you do not know?

You also will be suspicious and think it is a scammer or a spammer behind the message.

Be subtle, to the point, and try to be funny. A little humor goes a long way when you are trying to break the ice. The first impression you make is important, and you have got to make sure you do your best.

A few lines that are witty, charming, and knowledgeable about the person is all it takes. Do not go overboard and write a novel.

You also need to realize that a high percentage of the people you initiate a conversation with will not respond. If you take too long crafting an icebreaker, you are only going to waste your time.

When to use icebreaker question on Tinder

The best time to use an icebreaker question on Tinder is to try to initiate a conversation. The goal is to get the person’s attention so that they want to start a conversation with you.

Saying hello or something like that does not work. Also, the same old pickup lines will get you nowhere. Everyone has heard those lines before, and they do not work. If they worked, there would be no single people on the planet.

So, with that in mind, use the icebreaker to start the conversation. Sometimes you can also use an icebreaker to keep the conversation going if you have not heard back from the person in a while.

There cannot be any overstating how important the icebreaker is when starting a conversation, but there is no full-proof method of getting someone’s attention.

The best icebreakers fail at a rate that makes people think that they themselves are the failure.

The way online dating works is, you cast as big of a net as possible and hope to reel in a few fish. Sometimes you reel in many fish, and there are other times when there is nothing in your net at all.

Those who are too eager to land anyone will end up getting someone who is not the right fit for them.

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