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Top 12 Online Dating Questions to Ask Through eMail

In today’s society, one of the biggest trends in online dating. Whether you are using a dating app like Tinder, social media, or through email, online dating has many components to it other than just having the internet to be able to communicate. For example, keeping the conversation flowing is one of the most challenging components that we encounter when dating someone online.

Online dating is nothing like talking to a friend, a family member, or even your manager. You have to actually put effort into your conversation with that special someone. As you are talking, conversations slowly slip, and things start becoming more awkward.

However, here are a couple of questions that you could ask you’re significant other while texting, messaging, or snapping to avoid awkward and boring moments.

What is your major? What school did you attend?

A really good question to begin a conversation with is asking the person what they went to school for, even if it was twenty years ago. This is the type of question that works for everyone, no matter where either of you live.


Going in deeper, you could ask them why they chose that major, or why they chose that specific school. Question after question could lead to more questions, and answer after answer could lead to more answers. For example, if they chose to go to that specific school because of their football team, you could possibly relate to favoring that football team, or you could purposely joke around with them about why you dislike that football team.

Throughout the conversation, you could possibly then go into sharing with each other your crazy college memories. If either of you did not complete your high school or college education, you could talk about what happened possibly, or what you do now for a living.

Are you close to your family?

Asking your online date how close they are to their families is a biggie! Someone may be very close to their families, and others possibly are not close at all. Knowing such an important point could help you build your relationship better.

For instance, if your date is not close to any of their family members, this could mean that the person you are dating needs a lot of support and love. Keep in mind that there are some individuals that are not close to their families because of some family issues or a family fight.

Meaning if, that person does not respect their family members for no apparent reason, do not expect them to respect you in the future. Remember that there will be individuals who highly respect and love their parents, which means they expect from you to be just as loving and caring for their families as they are.

What is your religion and are you religious?

Out of the billions and trillions of people in the world, each and every single person has a different stance on religion and what they believe in. There are many different beliefs, however, not everyone respects everyone’s religion.

Maybe discussing your beliefs and stances on religion is better before moving forward with your relationship because believe it or not, this could be the reason to end any relationship.

What did you do last weekend?

Discussing what both of you did last weekend could also be a conversation drag. Whether the answer is really long and exciting, or short and boring, you could ask them many different questions after asking them this simple, short question. For instance, if they did something fun, you could ask them if that is their favorite thing to do. If they like doing it with specific people or just anyone. For example, if they went swimming, you could talk to them about your experiences with swimming or a memory you have had with swimming.

If your online date did nothing last weekend, you could have them share what they usually like doing, or why they didn’t do anything over the weekend.

Are you a Vegetarian?

Hoping that your relationship will work out with this special person, asking them if they are vegetarian could help you out in many different ways. If you are willing to do anything for this person, it could possibly mean that you are willing to give up all the chickens and lamb chops to be with this lucky someone.

Therefore, taking slow steps to become vegetarian could be easier than just making it happen all the sudden.


If you choose to not become a vegetarian, then you could start thinking about ways to adjust your future meals together, or maybe talking that person into becoming non-vegetarian.

What gets you out of bed each and every morning?

Asking your significant other what gets them out of bed is something that could be fun to talk about. Whether it’s their dog that wakes them up or a goal that they are trying to achieve that gets them out of bed, talk about it.

For some people, it is really hard to wake up every morning and actually do something that is for their benefit. Talking to them about why you get up might motivate them to start changing for the better. Remember that relationships are all to change you for the better, so change them for the better!

What is your favorite movie?

Discussing your favorite movies that you both favor or have seen before could help you plan a date night sometime in the near future. Talking about your favorite parts in the movie, characters, or even telling your partner what the movie is about could always spark a little fun into a conversation.

Suggesting movies to each other could also lead to more conversations in the future. Remember that you could also discuss books, TV shows, and bands as well, and even better, movies that are based on books.

Who is your best friend and what is their personality like?

Another biggie, your dates best friend! Talking about their best friend could give you a taste of what your significant other is more like. It will give you a closer hint to what they look for in people, and if you two could be best friends before even becoming a couple. Also, it will prepare you on what type of people you will be meeting in the future once meeting with this special person.

Where did you grow up?

Talk about your past. We all have a past of some kind, whether it’s happy, silly, or even dark. I’m sure that both of you will have some type of wild story that will make you both giggle.

Talking about your past could be entertaining, especially if you both have moved from place to place and grew up somewhere other than where you were born. If your childhood was not so great, talking to your date about it could give them an idea of how much you have been through, and it could possibly make you feel better to get things off of yourself.

Why are you where you are today?

This is one of the strongest, and most important question anyone could ever ask anybody. If it is their job, or the dating site they are using, or even where they live, what is the reason for their stance? This could lead to stories about their past experiences, different relationships that they have been in, and maybe a few things that they wished they have done differently.

Where have you traveled?

Whether your significant other has ever traveled or not, there will be a conversation flow after this question. If they have traveled, ask them what they enjoyed most about that specific spot, or how their trip went. Behind every road trip or plane ride comes, there is always a crazy story to come along, just like the movie, Home Alone. If they have never left their birth spot, ask them where they would like to travel one day and why.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Everyone has an accomplishment that they have achieved at some point throughout their lives, even if they answer you with, “I have no accomplishments.” This is a false statement because anything as little as getting a job or helping someone out by handing them the bag of chips on the top shelf at a grocery store is an accomplishment. Many individuals do not realize that the littlest things they do throughout their day effects something or someone, and most importantly, their selves at some point during our lifetime.


In conclusion, these are all great questions to ask your online date. However, these are only a few questions out of the billion and trillion questions that there is to ask. Each question above leads to more questions throughout the conversation. Always be as honest as you can, and answer with confidence. Most importantly, always be careful and make good choices with the words you speak.

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