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What do Guys Think about Dating a Single Mom

As a single mom in the playing field, you may feel that men are looking at all the pretty, young single women, however, men actually like single moms. Although it may seem crazy to you, there are so many great things that single moms have going for them, and men see it. Here are some examples of why you should not be worried about what guys think about dating a single mom.

Single Moms are Loyal

Whatever circumstance has brought a mom into a position to be a single mother, is also one that may have broken her heart. This means that she is bound to be loyal. Also, what is more, loyal than a mother’s bond and connection to her children? You can see loyalty in a mother’s eye when she is with her child or even talking about her child for that matter. Single moms have very good traits for being great girlfriends and wives. They are not playing around, and they do not plan on playing around with someone else’s heart.

Not only are single mother’s loyal, but they are also patient, dependable and have open minds. Once you have children, you become more patient. This means that single moms will have the patience to deal with a new relationship and whatever problems the couple may run into. It is always great for a guy to know that a woman is going to have patience with him. Also, because the mom is capable of taking great care of her children, we know that she is dependable.

Men need to know that women have their back. When they see how you are as a mother, and realize that you’re capable of doing this alone, they know that you are super reliable and dependable. Having an open mind is also important to guys. It is no secret that women and men have been having differing opinions forever. After dealing with the circumstances that have led to being a single mother, most women have an open mind about new relationships, new people and everything else. They are not going to be quick to judge you. This makes them feel strongly about the relationship because they are not afraid to introduce you to family and friends or tell you their secrets. Overall, because of the events that have happened in these women’s lives, they are strong and have great personalities, especially when it comes to dating.

Strong and Successful Men are Attracted to Single Moms


Women who are single parents are not going to be into the partying scene very much anymore. They are not going to be reckless and constantly need someone to take care of them. This is why successful men are attracted to them. Strong successful men do not need someone who is careless and negligent in their lives. They have their lives put together and they want someone who has their life together too. Not to mention, single moms have already huge meanings in their life. Having a child is one of the greatest gifts in life, and these amazing moms have already brought life into the world. Guys like women who have their lives figured out like that.

Believe it or not, it is sort of a relief for a guy to meet a woman who doesn’t want them to have to do every little thing for them. Successful men are going to do whatever they can to help you, make you happy, and make your life better, but at the same time, they are going to realize that you are perfectly capable without them. Independence is attractive to them. They know that you want them, but you do not need them. Men also see single moms as confident women. Even if a woman may not feel confident, because of their parenting skills, and overall lifestyle, men see them as confident! Confidence is always key. Being a sing mom is awesome and takes a lot of work, you should be confident about yourself and your life.

Men Know Single Moms Will Not Waste Their Time

No matter what the circumstances are that lead to a mother and the father of her child parting ways, it is a hard thing to go through. She will not waste her time and energy on a man unless she thinks it might get serious. She doesn’t have time to play around or play games. Plus, she has to worry about the well-being of her child’s life as well. It is very nice for men to know that when they start going out with a single parent, they are not going to play them or break their heart. Single mothers are not going to cause hurt upon anyone if they do not have to. Men find this loving, caring, and nurturing personality to die for. They love kind souls.

Also, when there is a child involved, men know that single mothers are not going to let men into their child’s lives unless it is serious. Men respect that. They respect how much you care about your child because it shows that you have a kind heart. This shows, more or less, how you will treat them as well. As much as we act like they don’t, men do have soft hearts and appreciate others with soft hearts.

With moms who are single, men also realize that they don’t have to be cheesy and play games to win you over. You already have on or more children in your life, you don’t need more. They understand this concept and realize that they just need to be themselves to win you over. You are both past the point in your lives where you need chocolates and roses every day. Really all you need is compassion, understand, and a want to be a part of each other’s lives. This is great for the men because they do not feel the pressure of taking you on the “perfect” dates or buying you the “perfect” presents. They realize that you are more interested in having a real relationship that a stereotypical one. They also know that you care more about kindness and compassion than materialistic things.

Man of the House

We all like feeling important. When a man starts dating a single mother, he automatically becomes the man of the house because there currently isn’t one. This is great for the man’s self-esteem because he loves the feeling and belonging. It may actually bring you closer together as a couple and help strengthen your relationship. Not only will it help the relationship, but it also helps the children’s lives as well, and it makes your life a little bit easier. It is nice for the man to know ahead of time that compared to other relationships he will start out feeling so important to your family. Men like this.

Moms are Always Prepared

If you have kids, you are always the person everyone goes to. Whether they need a snack, an extra drink, some band-aids, or even some advice, you’re the person to go to. This is great for men because they feel like you always have their back. Not only are you prepared with items, but you are prepared with real-life advice to help them through life. Anytime they are going through a tough time they know that they can count on you to be their rock and get them through.

Because moms are prepared, this means that they are prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at them as well. This can be a good thing for men because they know that they will always have someone on their side and agreeing with them. They also know that they will have someone to help with whatever obstacle may be thrown into the way of their relationship. This also means that moms do not put up with crap. They don’t put up with crap from anyone including their man. Men like women with a little bit of an attitude.  This can be attractive to men because they like a girl who knows what she wants. Women can check out our article how to ask a man on a date for some great advice.


Overall it is important for women to see how many great and wonderful attributes that being a single mother has given them. No matter how you feel about yourself as a single mother, everyone else is applauding you for it and men see so much potential in you. Never think that being a parent is a bad thing when it comes to dating. If anything, it gives you more character and personality. It sets you apart from other women and shows how many good and loyal traits that you have. Single parenting can only be done by a hard worker. And if you a hard worker with parenting, you will work hard at a relationship too. Men don’t look down upon this, you are excited to have someone in their life who they can show love to again while getting treated well at the same time.

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