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What to Do After the First Date with a Guy

Dating can be so much fun. There are so many firsts involved with new guys such as first dates, first kisses, etc. However, many women ask what exactly they should do after the first date with a guy? This can sometimes be the awkward part where you either wait for them to contact you or be bold and contact them yourselves. You may still be unsure of exactly where this is going or how they feel about you, and it still is all very new. If they do not call after 48 hours then you call them. Things are different today than 20 years ago and many women make the first move in today’s world.

You want to make a good impression and sometimes worrying can take over your judgment and confuse you. As we all know, most women tend to worry about these types of things more so than most men.

You may not know the guy very well yet and it is hard to figure out all your emotions and the next steps. This all can be very confusing and overwhelming, but no worries you should allow yourself to let the emotions and worries go and enjoy dating and all the firsts that come along with it.

Here are some tips on what to do after a first date.

Affirm your interest


So many people spend so much time and effort worrying about the “right” things to do after a first date. It is important to realize that the steps that need to be taken after a first date are going to be different with every single couple and individual.

What is important is to show the guy that you are actually interested in him. As much as we want to believe that they can, guys cannot read our minds. It is very important to make sure that he knows your interest and intent.

This can be as simple as texting him the night after or the morning after thanking him and telling you hi that you enjoyed yourself and would love to do it again. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or have a date and time of the next time you can see him, just a little message to express that you had fun and are interested.

Think of some fun new date ideas and propose them. Small talk can get boring and it important to keep it fun and interesting especially at the beginning.

Don’t text about your work drama, text about going wine tasting or going to see the new movie you’re dying to see. There is no need to worry about contacting him “too” soon. It is completely up to you and solely to affirm your interest in this specific guy.

Never be afraid to express your feelings. Relationships of any sort can never grow without communication.


Do not be afraid to be the one to initiate whether it is the first time or after a break in the conversation. This will show him that you are interested and that you are a go-getter. You do not need to text or call him every hour of every day, but if you have gone a few days without talking, do not be afraid to initiate a conversation.

If you fear to initiate conversation enough to wait for a text, he may be having the same reaction and the chance is gone. You should text him after a few days without talking, he will be completely affirmed on the fact that you like him if he was having any doubt. If he thought you were not into him, he may have been afraid to reach back out to you.

We have a tendency to go along with the stereotype in society today that it is the men’s job to do everything first and initiate new things. However, if we wait around for them to always do things first, we may lose out on opportunities.

Cut the men some slack and do not be afraid to initiate conversation.

Make sure the feeling is mutual

After talking and initiating, it is important to make sure that you are both on the same page. If you aren’t that is okay and there are plenty of fish in the sea.


However, it is super important to make sure that if you want to have a second date, they do too. It is vital to do this in a way that doesn’t come off pushy and kind of annoying. Don’t bombard them and text them constantly, just catch up and attempt to feel out if they are interested in you as well.

You don’t want to come across as pushy, you just want to double-check that you are both on the same page. You don’t want to waste your time on someone who doesn’t want to pursue dating further, you want to focus on a guy who wants the same thing as you.

Don’t play with his mind

If you just like to know that this guy likes you and you don’t really want to go on with it, don’t play games with him and play with his mind.

There is no point in playing games with anyone.

You should want to find someone you are really interested in. There is no shame in letting someone know that you aren’t interested in furthering the relationship. You would rather be honest and upfront with the guy than play games and break his heart. Treat them as of how you would want to be treated if it were the other way around.

Don’t overthink

Women are really good at overthinking. It is very easy to overthink things when you are worried about first impressions and new relationships.

However, if you focus too much on all the little details, you will make things harder than they need to be.

Focus on yourself and working towards a second date instead of worrying yourself to death. I realize that this is a lot easier said than done, but sometimes we overthink things and come up with ideas that aren’t even true to how the guy is feeling. It just causes a lot of stress when you could be having fun and enjoying dating and all the new things and firsts that come along with it.

Don’t be afraid of rejection

It is important to not fear rejection. Everyone has to deal with it at some point and there are plenty more opportunities to meet new people.

It is okay if a guy tells you that he is not into after a first date. It is not anything personal against you, he just doesn’t think you guys are a good match.

Honestly, it is better for him to tell you right off the bat than to lead you on just to tell you that they aren’t interested. It is important to be aware that not every date is going to go perfect and that not everyone is going to like everything about you. That is how life goes and that is okay!

Embrace yourself and embrace the joy of dating and finding the right one. There is a world full of guys out there, you just have to find the right one. Don’t get down on yourself, just enjoy new experiences and meeting new people.

You don’t have to be exclusive after one date

It is important to understand that just because you went on one date with someone does not mean that you now have to be exclusive. You can still keep up with other guys. If this potential relationship ends up not going anywhere after this or just isn’t the one, you don’t want to lose contact with your other potential matches.

This may be harder for some than others, but just know that you don’t have to feel obligated to isolate after one date. Dating is all about finding the right guy for you. In the end, make sure that you are doing whatever is best for you and whatever makes you the happiest. Stay true to yourself and enjoy the fun of dating.


Overall there are many different steps you can take after a first date. No one has all the right answers, but at least we have some tips and tricks of some good ways to go about it. There are so many different things you can say and do. In the end, you should always do what seems right and make sure that he has an interest in you. You don’t want to go overboard and scare him away, but you have every right to initiate conversation and check to make sure that you are both on the same page on whether you want a second date or not.

Don’t let fear and worries overcome you and affect how this relationship moves forward. Focus on you and what is important, and if this does not end up where you had hoped it would, that is okay. There is plenty of fish in the sea and there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Dating should be fun, so don’t lose sight of that.

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