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What to do After the First Date with a Woman

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You’ve just completed the first date with the woman of your dreams. What to do after the first date with a woman? If the date went well then you going to have to contact her either through the dating app, dating website, or by text if you got her number. The first communication is key after a date.

There’s a little dance that every couple goes through when they’re first dating.

You might think that you have the relationship all wrapped up after a few dates, but that’s not the way you have to approach it.

If you come across as too confident or pushy, then bad things are going to happen.


Slow your roll and allow things to come to you.

It’s the only way that you’ll make sure to get her and keep the relationship growing at the same time.

Don’t call her right away

You’re feeling it. The date you had just went on was the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

It’s impossible to do anything other than think about the girl. You want to spend even more time talking to her.

Whatever you do, don’t call her that night. Allow her to gather her thoughts and to make an assessment of how the date went.

You won’t give her the ability to do that if you’re breathing down her neck. You’ll smother her, and that will be a bad thing to do from the very beginning.

She’ll think you’re the type who can’t give a woman her space, and it’ll scare her away instantly.

Texting too quickly is just as bad as calling

You might think that texting right away is okay since it’s not a phone call. By texting even, a short message, you’re way too assertive and far too aggressive.

Sure, you might text a quick thank you as a means of showing your gratitude. It’s far better to tell how much you enjoyed yourself than doing it in a text.

Tell her before the two of you part ways so that you don’t feel obligated to call or text later on.

You don’t want to come across as someone who is so hard up that you’ll go to any extreme to go out on a second date.


Restrain from contacting her so that you have an aura of confidence to yourself.

You want her to think that you are not so desperate that you’ll beg or do whatever it takes to go out on a second date.

If you are not good at texting then try this course on how to text a woman to make her want you.

How long should you wait to contact her after the first date?

There is no magic number, but you don’t want to wait for weeks. If you wait a week or two to get in contact after the first date, then it might mean to her that you didn’t think too much of the date.

By waiting too long, you risk her going out and finding another guy to go out on a date with.

Worse yet, they might hit it off, and then you’re out of the picture. If that happens, then you might have missed your one opportunity with the woman who could make you complete.

You should wait about 24 to 48 hours to get back in touch with her after your first date.

That is enough time to prove you’re not acting irrationally or are hard up. It’s a balancing act, you must do to make sure she doesn’t have any ill thoughts towards you.

Anything shorter than 24 hours, and you will come across as being desperate and any longer, and she’ll think you forgot about her.

Even when you do call her, you want to come across as sure of yourself and not someone who is stalker material. Stay calm, and don’t do anything that would make it sound like you’re pushy.

How should you contact her for a second date?

The method that you use to contact the woman depends on how well you know her. If you know she’s not going to be busy, then calling might be the best way.

Connecting with her by your voice is always a good thing, and it gives the two of you to connect on an emotional level.

We do live in an age where people work strange hours, and it’s hard to know when someone will be available for a phone call.

If you’re not sure or you keep getting her voicemail, then don’t sweat it. Quite a few people these days don’t talk on the phone, even though they carry a smartphone with them everywhere they go.

If calling doesn’t work, then try sending a text message or contact them over social media. If all of that doesn’t work, then leave a voicemail.

Don’t hound them or stalk them all over the internet.

Who knows why they might not be getting back to you, and it’s possible that she needs some time.

If the woman you want to go out on a second date with is a single mom, then she’s going to be so busy that words can’t describe it.

No matter what you do, you might not hear back from her for days or a week. So, if she is a single mom, give her some time to get back with you.

How long should you wait to go on a second date?

Okay, you just got done doing your happy dance. The girl you’ve been drooling about has agreed to go out on a second date with you.

How long should you wait before going out on your second date?

It’s impossible to answer that question without knowing all the details. Both of your schedules will have to allow for a second date to happen.

You might work day shift, and the woman could work during the night. If that’s the case, then you’ll have to settle for the first day both of you are available at the same time.

Don’t put a time frame on when your second date should take place. Is it too fast to go on a second date three or four days after the first date? No, it isn’t.

It also isn’t too long if you have to wait for one or maybe even two weeks for the second date.

Ideally, the second date would come soon after the first, but life doesn’t always work that way. You’ll have to fit in the second date whenever it happens.

Anything beyond two weeks is probably a sign that she is only accepting your offer for a second date out of kindness. She doesn’t have it in her to say no to a second date.

If you feel that’s the case, then let it slide and find someone else.

It’s far better that the two of you call it quits early on and don’t pursue things further since it will only lead you down the wrong path.

What should you do on your second date?

Your second date should be similar to your first date. Don’t expect to get on one knee and propose to her right away.

It’s kind of stupid to think that anything more than a second date is happening.

Don’t read more into it than what it is unless you want to set yourself up for an immense amount of grief later on. It’s a bad idea to think that a second date means that you’re in a serious relationship.

You won’t be in the relationship phase for months and trying to pretend that you are runs the risk of causing you great harm.

Your feelings will be hurt if the relationship ends after the first few days, and you’ll only have yourself to blame for it.

With all that said, make sure your second date is fun and light-hearted.

Go out to eat, go to a park, or whatever you did on the first date. Allow yourselves to get to know each other a little deeper than you did on the first date.

Talk, laugh, and enjoy the other’s company.

You are still in the learning phase, and you may discover that she’s not the woman for you.

The first date was probably a short experience without exchanging much information other than studying how the other person reacts.

You enjoyed the way they smiled or took an interest in what you had to say. You have no idea what their beliefs are or where they are in life.

It takes time to know these things, and they are far more critical than what you see on the surface.

Dating is the process we use to choose a mate

The entire reason for dating is to find someone you can spend your life with. If that isn’t the reason why you’re dating, then don’t take it so seriously.

If you aren’t looking for someone to grow old with, then take the pressure off of yourself. The second date is almost meaningless unless you want things to progress further.

If you’re young or newly single, then it might be a good idea not to take dating so seriously.

Go out on as many dates as possible and allow yourself to get to know several women.

The idea that you’re going to get out of one bad relationship and immediately enter into another is a terrible way of doing things.

It’s an excellent way to fail, but not a great way to accomplish anything worthwhile.

If you keep in perspective that dating is a means of finding someone to share all of your days with, it becomes different.

You start to see the dating process, almost like a business hiring someone. You are trying to hire someone to make your life great in every way imaginable.

Love is a strong bond that you shouldn’t create with just anyone. The person must feel the same way with you.

The second date isn’t the place where you’ll cement that bond. It will take months and years for you to grow with the person.

The second date is just another outing where the two of you try to see if the other is worth investing your time into.

Don’t get upset if there isn’t a third date

Prepare yourself for the possibility that there may never be a third date. You’ll know by the time the second date is over how likely a third date is.

If you’re not feeling it, then it’s okay. She might not be either, and you’ll be better off going your separate ways.

The world is full of far too many women to get your heart set on only one of them.

She might not be interested in you the same way, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. If that’s the case, move on and allow someone else to take her place.

It’s a huge mistake to try to force something like a relationship to work when it won’t.

Dating is difficult, and no one will ever say that it’s easy. You are entering a world where there are plenty of possibilities for hurt feelings.

The way you minimize the chance of hurt feelings is by assessing the situation honestly. Don’t rush into things, and never try to force her to be interested in you.

If you have to jump through hoops of fire for a woman to pay attention to you, then you’re better off avoiding her at all costs. No man should have to act like a circus clown in hopes of landing a second or third date.

You owe it to yourself to find the best match possible that will fill all the voids in your life. The right woman will do that, and she’s out there.

If you turn over enough rocks, go out on enough dates, and visit enough dating site profiles, you’ll discover her.

It takes both time and effort to find someone worthy of dating, but all the effort will be well worth it when you’re experiencing happiness on a level that being in love offers.

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