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Best Ways to Meet Singles not Online

You are sitting alone at home wondering what is the best way to meet someone without using an online dating website? This question is an easy one and it has an old-fashioned answer. The best way to meet people is to get off the couch and get out into the world. You cannot meet anyone while sitting at home watching Titanic or Avengers Infinity War.

I think today’s society does not interact face to face as we should. We have to become more connected to people like we did back in the day. That means talking to people face to face and having real interaction with no tech devices.

We need to look at the different places you can really meet someone without using online dating sites. No one had online dating sites until just recently.

Happy hour for your work

You need to be careful with falling for someone at work. There are a ton of people every year that fall in love with someone they work with. They then proceed to get married and start a family. There is nothing wrong with an office romance just as long as there is no big blow up or you don’t have a bad break-up. The last thing you want to do is work at the same place with you both hating each other, awkward.


There are also some strict HR guidelines at a workplace that do not permit a boss to date an employee. The legal reasons and ramifications are many

Events your friends frequent

You have friends that go out to concerts, sporting events or charity events. They maybe have some work functions they are helping with that you could pitch in to help. Every time you decide to do something outside your home you have a chance of meeting someone special.

Connect with your friends to tag along on some of the activities they do. When you are out helping make sure you talk with people to gain new friends and a possible love connection. You never know where that special someone may be hiding.


You can volunteer for many things below. There are many more programs other than the ones listed below you can do. You are not only helping organizations and people who need it you are also meeting many awesome people. While helping the community you never know who you might meet.

  • Help at a community center
  • Help with a charity race
  • You can deliver gifts to kids at local hospitals
  • Organize games and activities for children in hospitals
  • Coach a youth sports team like baseball or soccer
  • Clean up a local park
  • Plant a tree for community projects
  • Participate in the cleanup of a local river, pond, or lake
  • Build a home with Habitat for Humanity
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Organize a self-defense workshop for women
  • Plant flowers in for community
  • Help install new playground equipment for a park


If you go to church you can easily meet other singles whether you do a small group or volunteer to help with committees. Many people meet at church because it is a great place to meet someone with the same religious beliefs.

Blind date

Your friends know other friends that you may not know or you have not met. If you trust your friends maybe they can hook you up with a blind date. I met my wife on a blind date and 17 years later we are still going strong.

The worst that could go wrong is that you do not connect and after the date, you do not go out again. Some people are good at setting up others, they are good matchmakers.

If you do not like blind dates just have the person your friend wants you to meet go out in a group. This way you can talk to see if there is any connection but it’s not a date.

Take a class

Where I live in the community center has fitness and instructional classes to learn new things. You could easily learn something new and meet someone new. Here are some local classes we had at our community center.

Classes you could find locally may include:

  • Drawing for leisure
  • Ceramics
  • Stone carving
  • Friday Feast
  • Photography
  • Advanced digital photography
  • Yoga
  • How to use photoshop
  • Exercise classes
  • Martial arts

Coed sports league


This is a great way to meet people especially right out of college. I was on a flag football team that was co-ed and people connected all the time in the league.

They always had outings with the teams in the league so everyone could meet and mingle. This works great for athletic people who still want to play sports and be social.

Dance classes

I was reading a guy who joined a local dance class and he happened to be the only guy. You know every woman in the class needed a partner so this guy was in high demand. Sign up for dance lessons and just maybe you will meet someone you can like. If not at least when you go to a nightclub your dancing skills will be awesome just think how many people will be impressed with your dance skills.

Dog park

If you love dogs then going to a dog park you can meet other dog lovers. This is a perfect place to strike up a conversation with someone of the opposite sex. You both can talk about dogs to break the ice. Hopefully, the dogs get along if they don’t it might kill the connection.

Women at dog park meet men

Subway or trains

The bigger cities have subways or above-ground trains. If you are on the same route all the time maybe you can connect with people you see every day on the trains. You just need to find a way to break the ice. Maybe you can say,” I see you every day on the subway do you work in the financial district.” You never know until you try life is too short so make things happen.


I remember when I had a gym membership it was easy to meet people there. I know you are there to work out but it does not hurt to be a little social. If the guy or woman on the treadmill catches your eye just get on the treadmill next to them to see if you can strike up a conversation.

You do not want to waste their time or delay their work out so just say hi and throw in some small conversation when you can.


You may have seen the movie Wedding Crashers. I would not do that when it comes to meeting people at weddings but it is a great place to meet people. You have free alcohol with dancing so that mixture usually produces connections between singles attending.

Grocery stores

This might surprise you but almost everyone has to go to the grocery store. While you are shopping see if you can strike up a conversation with someone that looks like you would like to meet. Maybe they are in the vegetable area of the store go up and ask a question like, “Do you know how to tell if an avocado is ripe.”  Even if you know the answer ask anyways that is an easy way to meet someone.


There you go 13 ways you can meet someone other than online. These are all pretty easy just keep alert when out and about. Get the nerve up to approach someone you find interesting or attractive. Strike up a conversation asking questions about them. You do these things you should have no problem finding someone to go out to do things with around town.




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