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How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date (The Right Way)

Ask girl on a date

Do you really know how to ask a girl out on a date? You may think you do but does your success rate support that claims? Don’t despair if it doesn’t.

Dating can be hard!

In fact, it can be confusing and altogether frustrating at times. Sometimes you believe you understand what the other person is thinking and feeling, only to find out later that you completely missed the mark.

Other times, you may find yourself deep in a situation where you don’t connect. It seems difficult to get out of without hurting the other person’s feelings. The reality is that no one wants to purposely hurt each other. Yet when it comes to dating, it seems to happen more often than not.


Have you ever had the “It’s not you, it’s me” conversation? Or maybe you’ve had the infamous date that goes really well, only to be ghosted as soon as it’s over? Or perhaps you’ve been the one to do the ghosting?

So, what’s a single person to do?

Where do you go to find the right advice?

Well, with this article we hope to put some of those questions and uncertainties to rest. Read on to discover tips and tricks about how to ask a girl out on a date. You need to know what to say to her and how to know if she does indeed truly like you.

Our goal by the end of this article is to leave you feeling confident about how to ask a girl out on a date. We also want to give you a few things to help you ensure that your date is successful.

Just remember that while you can’t control what other people will do or say, you can control your reaction to them. It just takes a little practice and a positive attitude!

How to notice when a woman likes you

A good starting place before learning how to ask a girl out on a date is determining how to notice when a woman likes you. This can be a complicated process for many of us.

First of all, you’ll want to open up your mind and pay attention.

Be aware of the people around you, what they say and how they communicate with you.

Be on the lookout for changes in appearance, body language, and general communication style.

Extroverted and introverted people will react in different ways to those that they like. This means that you should first determine which personality trait best describes the woman in question. Once you know the answer, look for the following indicators.


Extroverted girls will be chattier, put their hand on your arm when talking to you, look you in the eye. They will find ways to initiate conversation and try to include you in group activities.

They could be asking you if you will be attending the company barbeque or campus party. You will see them smile and light up when you approach them. They may even make the first move when it comes to dating.

Introverted girls will show their interest in more subtle ways. They may find reasons to run into you randomly in public places.

They may seem shy and quiet, yet smile a lot. Touch their hair in repetitive ways. These are the women who you may feel like you, although as confusing as it may be-they never do anything directly to tell you so.

Despite these differences, girls who are interested in you will be focused on what you are saying, seem to genuinely enjoy your company and find reasons and ways to have common ground.

When is the right time to ask a girl out?

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how to ask a girl out on a date.

Sometimes, the right time to ask a girl out is very shortly after meeting her and other times it’s well into an established time period or other times even into a friendship.

The key is to at least give her enough time to know a little bit about you. Make sure that you have had a few conversations and have established some common ground before making your move.

When you see her smile at your words or reach out to touch you as you speak, these are all good signs that directing the conversation to ask her out might be the right choice.

You’ll want to keep it casual at first; a coffee or lunch date is a good place to start. These types of dates have a time limit attached and therefore there are limited expectations on both sides.

How to ask a girl out by text

In today’s fast-moving world of technology and digital communication, asking a girl out by text is almost a required skill. This doesn’t mean that it’s the best way.

One on one communication and discussions are best, however, sometimes timing and location will not allow for it. This is when knowing how to ask a girl out on a date by text becomes an important skill to have. You can check out text messaging training for men here.

You’ll want to first establish a pattern of conversation. Just like when you are in person, talk about the things you have in common, the things she is interested in. Her passions, her job, her studies; whatever makes her tick.

Then remember some of the things she may have told you last time you spoke or texted and ask her about them again. Make sure to be genuinely interested in her updates. Then after a little while but not too long though, make your move to get off of text and meet in real life.

A simple way to do so is like this: “It’s so great talking with you. Texting is fine but I’d much rather talk to you in person. How about we grab a coffee and continue our conversation in person.”

How do you ask a girl out for a coffee date?

This is a question that man people struggle with when trying to figure out how to ask a girl out on a date. Coffee dates are a tried and true early dating method but knowing the right time and how to ask the question can be a challenge.

Coffee dates are a great choice for first-time dates because they give you the chance to have a solid discussion within a limited time frame.

No one is expecting a five-hour-long date when asked out for coffee.

They are short, to the point and allow people to get to know each other better in order to decide if indeed they do want to pursue a longer and more elaborate date.

Think of a coffee date as a preliminary audition or interview.

You and your date should be looking for connecting factors between you and confirmation of attraction. Once these two boxes are checked for you both, then you’ll be ready to move on to the dinner date or concert date.

It’s a fact that if you can get someone to answer “yes” to three questions then the probability of them saying yes to your fourth question is pretty high. Using this method when asking a girl out for coffee works really well.

You’ll need to adapt these questions to your personal style and to the previous conversations you have had with her but try and ask her things you know she will agree with.

Then after a few questions, pop the coffee date one! Simply saying something like “It seems like we have so much common! I’d love to keep talking with you and get to know you even more. How about we have coffee together tomorrow afternoon?”

Just remember to practice your questions ahead of time so that they make sense and you feel confident in your wording.

What are the right things to say when asking a woman out on a date?

When pondering the question of how to ask a girl out on a date, it’s important that you preface your question with the right wording. You’ll want to state your intentions clearly and confidently.

Even if you don’t feel confident and keep in mind that most people don’t! Therefore, never feel like you are alone in this!

Everyone wants to be accepted and liked, it’s human nature.

The trick is to remember to let her know that you enjoy her company, feel like there is an attraction, and show her your desire to get to know her better.

You can say something like this “I feel like there’s a really interesting connection between us and I’d love to explore that further. Would you do me the honor of going on a date with me?”

Where should I take a girl on a date?

There are all different kinds of dates and each one elicits a different kind of vibe. There are the typical coffee, dinner and drinks dates. The concerts, movies, ballgames and festival dates. And even the teamwork type dates like escape rooms, canoeing or rock climbing.

However, where you go and what you do is always less important than the interactions you have together.

Mini golf, amusement parks and other activities whereby you both experience something together are also good options.

If you need more ideas then check out our post-date night ideas that are not boring, well maybe some are a little old but they work.

The goal of a successful date is to have had good conversation and a growing mutual attraction. That means that if you decide to take her to a movie where you will both be sitting in the dark and watching a screen for two hours.

You need to be sure to also take her out for a meal or drinks afterward so that you can have the chance to talk and connect.


If after following all of these instructions and guidelines you still find yourself without a date. Do not feel like you did anything wrong.

Dating can be confusing because it taps into human emotions. Attraction is subjective and often something that people can’t explain. Just know that you must continue to try.

Dating is a skill like any other, it requires practice to feel confident and be able to say the right things without too much thought.

The biggest takeaway though is this: continue to put yourself out there regardless of the fear of potential rejection and heartache. Know that there is most definitely someone for everyone out there.

It’s just a matter of finding that right person for you. You’ll know when you do too. Because with the right person, conversation flows easily.

Attraction can carry you through the very first date and onwards through the second, third or fourth.

So, be the leader among your single friends and show them how it’s done! Use the tips we have laid out for you above. Soon enough you’ll be on your way to a fabulous date!

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