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How Do You Find the Right Person to Date?

How do you find the right person to date

Many people sit and wonder how can I find someone to have fun with or go out with. I remember back in the day when there was no internet dating. You had to actually walk up to someone and introduce yourself to get a date.

The million-dollar question is how do you find the right person to date? Finding the right person to date can be tricky but if you really want to meet someone to date you have to go looking. You have to get out there and start meeting people face to face or online.

The answer to the question is you have to look for someone to meet, connect with, and then ask on a date. Hiding in your home or apartment will not help you meet people.

Let’s look at your options in today’s world. This can be both online or offline ways in which you can meet people that hopefully turns into more then friendship.

Friend introduction or blind date


Friends can introduce you to a friend they know or maybe a blind date is one way to find someone.

This one is how I found my wife so don’t overlook it when looking at options. Your friends might have someone they want to set you up with.

You can see about meeting them in a social setting such as a group going out for fun together.

This way you can talk and get to know each other in a group of friends so if there is no connection it’s not too awkward.

Give your friends specific information on what you are looking for in a guy or women.

You can say I want someone who is funny, nice personality, darker hair, and attractive. You can get more specific but that gives you the general idea of what you need to tell your friends when setting you up.

Fun YouTube video speed blind dating

Online dating

Most dating sites have questionnaires and different forms you fill out once you enroll.

The questionnaires are to see who you may be compatible with on their website.

I am sure these algorithms are not perfect for matching you to the right person. It is a good place to start and the applications to find you the right matches get better every year.

If you decide to join an online dating website just know it may take several dates with different people to find a connection.


Many people have found their wife or husband on these dating websites so we know they work.

Tell your story

When filling out the questionnaires you need to be honest about who you are as a single person looking for companionship.

I have a feeling many people may exaggerate who they are, what they look like, or what they do to make their profile look great.

The problem is what you are going to do when you meet in person. Then the date finds out you are a lot different than the profile.

That date will not go so well because its already based on a lie.

You should not put a picture of you that is 10 years younger or a picture that is not you on the profile.

You want to meet someone compatible then be true to who you are on your profile.

Festivals or fairs

Local festivals or fairs would be a great place to meet people. When you go to social events you actually have to talk to someone.

You have to make an effort and show some interest in someone that you might be attracted to at the event.

People are scared of rejection and I get it because we have all been there. You have to try to put forth effort because dates just don’t line up at your door.

You can be creative say you see someone at a local fair ask if they would be interested at playing you in one of the carnival games your treat.

Those games are hard to win but fun to play especially against someone for fun. Get out of your shell and talk to people of the opposite sex.

Church group connect

Religion plays a big part in many people’s lives in this world. Church would be one of the most common places for people to meet and get to know each other.

If you meet someone at church that would be at least one major thing you have in common.

You have to get involved in the groups and activities your church has so you can meet other singles.

If you have been looking for someone to date and do things with find a church in your area. You need to start attending plus volunteering to help so you can meet people.

School and college

You can meet a ton of people to date at school and college. You have people in your classes, extracurricular activities, intramural sports, social events, dorm rooms, and social clubs.

The possibilities are endless when you are attending school.

If you are older and already out of school then this would not really work for you. That is unless you have to take classes for work or outside work for certifications.

Every time you go out your front door their maybe chances to meet and connect with that special someone.

Keep your eyes open do not walk through life with blinders on pay attention.

Work romance

You have to be careful when getting into a relationship with someone at work. This could turn into a disaster for your career if things go south.

You have to check the handbook for your work if you have an interest in a fellow employee and you want to pursue the coworker.

If you are interested in someone at work but they are not interested in you then move on. Do not make the other person uncomfortable or treat them badly because they did not date you.

That would be a one-way ticket to unemployment and possible harassment troubles.

Know yourself

You have places where you can interact with people to find the right person to date. Another key is to look at what type of person should you be looking for to date.

You really need to know what you like and do not like when looking for someone. If you do not know what you are looking for how will you know you found it?

We asked some questions earlier so do you want a funny, gorgeous, athletic, intelligent, musical, goofy, boring, nerdy or strong person.  

What are you looking for in the opposite sex.

Once you know that you can figure out quickly as you date if this person is really someone I can connect with forever.

If you know you like people that are rough and dangerous you may need to reset what you want in life.

There are women that like that bad boy image some men have when dating. That may work short term but if you are looking long term you need to readjust who you should be dating.

Men need to also know that looks are not everything. You need a great woman that is intelligent, fun and has a happy spirit.

The right people

You may be asking who would be the right people to date.

I would stay away from anyone in prison, drug dealers, anyone on drugs, liars, cheats, and abusers.

You need to find the right person for you while staying away from any bad relationships.

The opposite attraction ideology is where people who are opposite but have some likeness tend to be attracted to each other.

My wife and I have many differences but we have many things we agree on in our life. 

That will balance you both out as if one of you is calmer and the other one panics a little more. The calm one in the relationship probably helps keep the more uptight partner loose.

No one on this world is the perfect match because we all have our issues and problems.

A dating relationship takes energy from both sides to make it work. It may not be as hard as marriage but many of the dating dynamics of working through problems or issues together still play out.

How do you choose the right girlfriend or boyfriend?

We look at some of the ways you can find that right man or woman to date. It can be hard but you can do it with some motivation and maybe a little luck.

  • You need to choose someone you like to be around so if they annoy you then you may need to find someone else
  • You want someone with respect for themselves and others
  • Physical attraction is a big deal you should both have a physical attraction to each other. Unless your someone looking to date for money
  • If you or your partner has a good sense of humor that will make being together really fun
  • Look for someone independent and self-assured
  • Materialistic people, you may want to avoid
  • If you are not compatible do not go any further in the relationship you need to end it and move on

How do you choose the right partner for marriage?

You should really know and fell it after dating for a few years if this is the one. If you are not sure or still struggling then maybe you need to look deep and hard to see if this is the one for you.

  • Wait and do not rush into marriage which will give you time to date and get to know each other
  • You have to have some things that are similar so you can do things together
  • If you are always fighting about little things this may not be the partner you should be marrying
  • Consider religious affiliation and does it mesh with what you believe
  • You should consider cultural barriers if one of you is from a different country
  • Meet the family and this will tell you much about your partner
  • Don’t be desperate to get married so you take the first person to come along
  • If you communicate well when dating then you will carry that over into marriage. Find a good communicator


Dating is a way to see if the person you are with is a viable candidate for marriage down the road.

That is why we all date is to find that one person who you can marry, raise family, or grow old together. You definitely do not want to date someone you hate and cannot stand to be around.

You need to be yourself and place yourself in the right situations to find that one person you hit it off with. Then the dating begins.

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