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How to Start Dating in College

Dating once you’re in college in a lot different than it used to be. You are surrounded by all new people, and you no longer have your parents or classmates and their opinions looming over your love life. How do you start dating in college? It all starts with getting out there and start talking to everyone. You need to network and join clubs in college so you get the maximum face time with the opposite sex.

It’s that simple but you need to know how you can go to meet more men or women.

You have the freedom to be with whoever you want. However, with the pros of dating in college, come some cons too. It is just a different kind of lifestyle to start dating in college than when you were in High School.

You could find your future fiancé in college or you could find the love of your life at your first job after. Either way is fine, and you will have fun and have a great experience. Here are some tips on how to go about dating in college.

Be Open to New People


In order to start meeting people, you can’t be picky and specific. Be open, because you never know when someone could be good for you.

Talk to people who maybe you usually wouldn’t.

Also, be open to being friends with your friends’ friend because they can introduce you to so many new people even if it’s not your usual crowd. This is the time to start opening yourself up and making new memories and friends. You could miss out on meeting the love of your life because you have some perfect image in your mind of who you want.

The best kind of relationship can sometimes be one that you aren’t looking for.

So, spend less time looking and more time being yourself, making new friends, and having fun. Don’t judge people before you get to know them. You could be disregarding a friendship or relationship that could turn into something great. Be accepting of everyone, open yourself up to new people and opportunities and see what happens.

Take some time to open up to stepping out of your comfort zone as well. Go to that concert, go up to that girl or guy, take some chances. You can only regret the chances you didn’t take.

Don’t get too caught up in what everyone thinks of you, and just do things that make you happy and have fun. This is the time to realize how you are and find the people who will stick by you for the rest of your life.

So, please don’t be afraid to take chances and step out of your comfort zone in order to meet some new people.

Keep an Active Social Life

There are so many opportunities to meet people in college. Whether it is extracurriculars, parties, or any other social event, don’t take the social opportunities for granted.

This is such a great way to make new friends and meet new people. Once again you never know who you are going to meet where. Sitting in your dorm room all night every night isn’t going to get you a date.

Get your stuff done during the week and take a day on the weekend to socialize and meet new people. However, do not go out and party every single night. This just takes a toll on your body and will take away from time spent on school.


Also, if you’re looking for someone to date, you don’t usually look for someone who parties every single night.

I joined a fraternity in college because my university was so big. I had a ton of fun meeting new people. The great thing about many Fraternities and Sororities is they focus on philanthropy and are very social.

We had a social position and that brothers job was to set up social events with sororities. That is where I met one of the women that I dated for a few years in college. We both had a blast and she was so much fun to be around. If I did not join the Fraternity I would have never met her.

Join clubs and get out into the college community to find that special someone.

Take your Time

Don’t jump right into things with the first person you meet. Even if you are eager to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you should wait until you find someone who is good for you. Wait to find someone who has similar interests and you can relate to.

Jumping into things with the first people who come after you may end up badly or even hurting you in the end.

Understand What They Want

It is also important to understand what people are looking for. Some people are not looking for relationships, some people are just looking to hookup. It is important that you don’t get yourself into a situation where you’re going to get hurt.

Make sure you know what the other person is looking for and what they want for the two of you, before getting involved. It is different from high school because most times people weren’t exactly hooking up as much as they do in college. It is definitely just something you want to talk about before getting involved with someone.


It is also important to understand that everyone in college Is just trying to make it just like you. No one has a lot of money or time. With this being said, it is important to realize that you may not have a lot of money or time to spend on someone and they need to realize that, likewise you need to not have unrealistic expectations.

Don’t make someone feel bad for not taking you out on a nice date and don’t feel bad about not taking someone on a nice date. All college students are busy and should be appreciative of anyone taking time out of their day to spend with each other.

I remember telling my girlfriend we could not go to a formal party because the cost was too much. I felt bad about it because all my friends and her friends were going. I wish we had gone to it when I got older in life because it was not really that much money and everyone had a blast. You know how it is in college a little money means a lot.

Don’t Focus on High School Lovers

Whether your ex goes to your college or another college, if you are looking for a new relationship, do not get stuck on old ones. If you start clinging to lovers of your past, you will never have the opportunity to meet someone new.

You have to give yourself the time and space to be ready for new people and relationships to enter your life. Keep up with your old friends, and do what you need to do, but don’t miss out on new opportunities because of an old flame.

If you’re meant to be together, you will end up together. So, let faith do its thing, and enjoy yourself and meet new people in the process.


It is important to be yourself and not worry about what everyone thinks of you, including who you talk to. However, word does get around, at college especially, and if you are going out or taking home someone new every night, people will know.

If you want an actual relationship don’t give people, the perspective that you just want to mess around. People like to know that you actually want them and that this isn’t just for fun.

This is Not Like the Movies

College is not what it seems like in movies, especially the dating aspect. There really are people looking for real relationships. You just have to talk to people and find out what they actually want. You have to take the chances in order to find someone.

Some people don’t want exclusive relationships and that’s okay as long as you’re both on the same page. Communication is important even If you have to pull the truth out of someone.

Stay True to Yourself

Do not try to change and be like everyone else who is getting all the attention. If someone likes you, they will like you for who you are. They will like the real you.

Changing yourself and trying to be like everyone else is going to get you anywhere. All it is going to do is make you lose yourself. Nobody wants to date someone who is a carbon copy of everyone else. Your flaws and unique traits help make up who you are. Those characteristics are what draw people to you and you should never change them for the world.

Also, you should never let someone else change you either. Whether it’s a friend or a romantic partner, be yourself and love will find you.

Meet people in a class

I met several women in my classes that I became friends with or dated. One of my good friends, she was in the same class as me and we remained friends after college.

Just be yourself and when working in groups or sitting in class introduce yourself and maybe set up some study groups. This is a great way to meet people and possibly connect.

Online dating

Maybe you are just really shy so online dating may be helpful. The dating apps are very popular and I am sure many college students at the same university use them to find someone. You can at least give it a try for a few months if you are struggling to meet a nice man or woman.

I wish they had online dating after I left college because it was hard to actually meet anyone unless you worked with them or someone set you up on a date.

You can check out the best dating apps and dating websites on our review page.

Alone is fine

Many people do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend the whole time in school. You do not have to be dating someone every single minute of your college career. If you are single then enjoy it for the time being. Focus on your studies while you keep your dating options open.

People sometimes get too uptight about not having a girlfriend or boyfriend around. Live it up while you are single and without a dating partner.

Be careful

College can be pretty wild with drinking and having fun. You need to be careful no matter if you are a man or woman because bad things can happen if you are not careful.

I remember me and Pete going out for beers one night and someone spiked our pitcher of beer with some type of drug. Women have to especially be due diligent when going out on dates with guys they do not know very well.

If you want to learn about self-defense on college campus check out this website on protecting yourself.


Overall it is just important to make sure that you are on the same page as whoever you are going out with. Be yourself and take your time getting to know people and looking for the best person for you.

College is about finding the people who you will take with you for the rest of your life. These are some of the people who are going to make you who you are. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with good people and taking your time to find the right ones. This isn’t like the movies and the perfect guy isn’t going to just knock on your door.

You have to apply yourself and want to make new friends and meet new people. You have to want to make new relationships. It’s all about having fun, learning new things, and finding who you are and who you want to surround yourself with. But being at college can be hard and managing your time and money can affect friendships and relationships, so take care of yourself and make sure those around you do the same.

Don’t spend too much time trying to impress and be like everyone else that you miss out on an opportunity and lose touch with who you truly are deep down. What is meant to be will be, but if you follow these tips and tricks you might have more luck than you might have thought. Don’t worry if you didn’t date in high school, this is your chance.

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