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How Does Tinder Work

You show up to a restaurant, a bar, or a party with some friends and you meet up with another group of strangers or long-lost friends and you start “hitting” on those strangers. You all chat and the next thing your doing is exchanging Snapchat codes or usernames.  Another great way to meet people is by using Tinder. How does Tinder work? Through the worlds most used social media network, Facebook, you can easily connect with your crush using a new dating app known as Tinder. Not only does it work through connecting with your Facebook information, but Tinder is a trusted dating app that cares about you and your relationships.

Unlike other dating tools, Tinder does not need to ask you millions and millions and millions of questions regarding your past, or who you are as an individual, and all of those cringy, annoying questions that make you give up on finding the one before even finishing the application for the dating website.

Tinder? How? Who? Where? Why?

Tinder is a dating app for everyone regardless of your sex, as long as you are eighteen years or older.

Whether you are team iPhone or team Android, Tinder welcomes you and is excited to help you find that person of your dreams.


Through your app store, you simply just search for Tinder and press the download button.

Then, after the app has downloaded you create an account using your Facebook login information. It will then sync your Facebook information such as your photos, your name, age, as well as your friends into Tinder.

Thankfully, you can work with your Tinder account to delete any old photos that have synced or any information that you do not want on your Tinder profile.

You also get to add a short bio consisting of a few words that represent you. Tinder will then allow you to choose the type of gender you are looking for, the age group, and the amount of distance between the two of you by going into your settings in Tinder that is located on the top left corner.

This is the reason why Tinder asks to use your location, and why it is highly recommended to keep your location service always active so that you can find people who surround you to connect with. Not only can you sync your Facebook information into Tinder, but you could also sync our Instagram account as well

I am an official Tinder account holder, now what?

After creating your account with Tinder, you start swiping!

Snapchat is known for its filters, Facebook is known for posts, Twitter is known for tweeting. On the other hand, Tinder is known for swiping.

Once your account is set and you have made your choices, profiles of people start to appear along with their profile picture, their name, their age, and their mini bio. To reveal more photos and details about that specific person, gently tap once on their profile picture.

Some individuals prefer to not post more than just a profile picture. Although, if they have posted more than one photo you can swipe to the right to see them.

Once you are all done checking out their pictures, simply tap the photo once again. If you are interested in that person, you swipe your screen towards the right. You also have another option of hitting the blue or green button as one of your choices as well. The blue button straight up means that you are extremely interested. If you are super interested in meeting someone, you may also swipe their photo upwards. Although, keep in mind that you can only hit the blue button or swipe up once a day, so use it wisely.


The green button means that you are interested but not as extremely interested.

You are probably wondering, “well, what if I am not interested in this person at all, what do I do? Where do I go?”. Thankfully, Tinder has made it very simple to remove someone you are not interested in meeting by hitting the red button, which means you want to ignore that profile.

Afterward, you will get matched with someone that you liked their profile and vice versa.

Congratulations, you can now chat with your new match! As a reminder, there is also a paid option known as the boost button that will get your profile to reach the top of the queue for every Tinder user for about thirty minutes. It is very likely to earn yourself more matches by purchasing a boost.

How do I find my matches or more importantly, my messages? Help!

If you are an Instagram user, Tinder is set up very similarly to the way Instagram is set.

You can easily find your new matches and messages by locating the speech bubble that is on the top right side of your screen. By gently tapping the speech bubble, you will be relocated to a new page that consists of some magic.

Located on the top of the screen on the new window in Tinder are all of your new matches. You can simply start chatting by pressing on their bubble that contains their picture. Once you have pressed on their bubble, you will then be relocated once again to a page where you will be able to communicate with your new match privately.

On that page below, there will be a box that appears where you can begin texting. Your phones keyboard will appear, allowing you to type your message. Then, you will hit the send button and wait for your match to answer. You will be notified through your device once your match has answered your message.

Always remember to take deep breaths, don’t be stressed or shy. Relaxation and confidence in yourself as well as what will happen will get you to meet up with your special person for some coffee or perhaps, a movie night.

By swiping your bubbles of matches to the left, you will be able to find more and more matches that are waiting for you! Below your new matches are your messages that you have had in the past or the conversations that you are currently having with other folks.

Exactly, how safe is Tinder?

We have all heard of the famous TV show known as Catfish, and once we hear about dating sites or online dating, the first thing that comes to mind is Catfish.

Our minds start to wander into a far, dark area and it immediately makes us move away from online dating sites. However, Tinder’s number one priority is you and your safety. We want you to find the person of your dreams in a safe, fun, and simple way.

Therefore, connecting Tinder with your Facebook is what helps Tinder to try and keep the lifeless individuals away.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook ensures that the profiles are real and that they are not created by anyone who is there to play with you or your feelings. However, Facebook and Tinder are not always aware of the individuals who get pictures off of Google and create fake accounts.

Always be cautious when talking to anyone, even if they seem real in their photos or with the conversations that you had together. Remember that Tinder also uses your location. Meaning, when meeting up with them for the first time, or even better, the first few times, always take with you a friend or two or go for a double date to ensure your safety.

Meet up in a place that is surrounded by many people. Some places that you could have your first date is the mall, the movies, or even a coffee shop.

There is also a block button that allows you to remove anyone who has probably bothered you in any type of way including harassing you, anyone who hurts your feelings, or anybody who just keeps knocking your door that you are not interested in matching with.

Just like using any type of social media, always be careful when meeting someone new.

Tinder or Tinder Plus?

Tinder is free and fun, however, Tinder Plus is even better.

If you believe that your outside priorities will never get you the person of your dreams, then considering Tinder Plus is a big hit for you!

Tinder Plus is the same as Tinder, however, it offers you more advantages. With Tinder Plus, you can swipe up to five different people a day unlike the free tinder, which is one like per day.

You also earn a free boost every month instead of having to pay $3.89. Tinder Plus is also ad-free.

You also earn a rewind button if you accidentally remove someone that you were actually interested in.

Also, you can swipe so many people at a time during the day until you have to wait about twelve hours to swipe again.

Although with Tinder Plus, you can spend your whole day swiping left, right, and upwards You are probably wondering how much Tinder Plus is with the variety of options. Surprisingly, you can pay as low as $1.49 or up to $14.99 a month. Remember that you can also earn discounts if you commit to a six-month plan.


Hopefully, this has helped you understand what is Tinder and how to use it. You just need to sign-up to start your adventure.


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