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How to Win a Mans Heart Back

Relationships can be tough and there are many things that can happen between a man and a woman. Winning your man back after a dramatic argument could be a very challenging task to complete. How do you go about winning your man’s heart back? There are several things you can do but it all depends on the situation for the breakup. You have to answer what went wrong that made you both separate from the relationship. Not one thing can bring him back but we have listed many things that when combined could do the trick.

When looking at what happened you could have gone overboard and said a few words that you should’ve not said, and your significant other might have done the same as well.

Especially women, they seem to become more emotional than men during arguments and they leave their calm bubble for that period of time.

Men as well, become very angry and they begin to say words that can be a bit harsh.


Although, as a result, we all come to the conclusion that when we are angry, we say things that we actually don’t mean them. We realize that what we said was a huge mistake, unfortunately, after it’s too late! So, how can you win your man back after you have said something you did not mean to say?

Did something go wrong?

Be honest with yourself and think about the things that you might have done wrong.

Do not try to distract yourself by thinking only about the wrong things your man did or might have said to you. Think deep about what ended your relationship.

Sometimes when we get into our intense arguments with our loved ones we get so distracted by their behaviors that we forget what caused the whole separation. Therefore, give yourself some time and space to think about everything.

We stop focusing on what caused the whole conflict and we only focus on what hurt us the most.

Writing down what caused the whole situation in the first place could help you remember more events that came into play throughout your argument. Or maybe talk to someone about what happened and have them give you their opinion on your behaviors or your man’s behaviors. This will help you come up with ways to solve your problem in the proper way.

For example, if you did something wrong, you would be the one that has to admit to their mistakes and apologize to him. If he overbalances your mistakes or non-mannerly behavior, then you should probably stay away and not lower your self-respect.

Change things up a bit

After looking through everything that went wrong, think about the things you can change for the better. For instance, if you did something wrong, how can you be a better person? Whether it’s apologizing to being cautious for the next time something like this happens. If your man did something wrong, maybe think about what caused him to act the way he did throughout your argument?

Also consider the wrongful things he did, even if they were unnecessary.

Sometimes, men have behaviors that are very disrespectful. By disrespectful, we mean to the point where this could be an abusive relationship rather than just a “little argument”.


Make sure you are considering your rights, yourself, and most of all, your value.

Do not allow anyone to step over your value just because of a word you said that you did not mean, or a behavior that you are not responsible for. However, changing things up could be as small as looking and feeling our best.

Do you really love him, miss him, and want him back?

After being in a relationship for a long time, our feelings towards that person begin to fade away slowly without even noticing. We focus so much on the time we have been together that we lose control of our feelings for that specific someone.

Do you really want him back or do you just want the number of years or months back?

It is completely normal to miss someone you are no longer with. We don’t notice how much we love something until we lose them or no longer have them. If you are wondering why you miss him after he has broken your heart, it’s because that is true love all the way!

Where is your confidence?

To win your man back, you have to have confidence in your own self before being confident about getting him back.

First of all, be happy and proud of your appearance.

Think of the things that you favor about yourself. Whether it’s your size, skin color, your hair, or even the way you dress.

Another thing you want to keep in mind as you are trying to get back with you man, talk to him clearly.

Dress attractively, enough with the sweatpants and the hoody. But most importantly, be more of a positive thinker. Being a positive thinker instantly gives you positive energy which is very contagious. With the positive energy, your man will want to be around you more!

Who will make the first move, you or him?

After being separated for a few days or weeks, you will realize how much you both love each other. Therefore, one of you should probably spill the beans and share how you guys feel about each other.

Whether it’s because you missed him, or he missed you, or if it’s about your argument and you want to admit to your wrongful acts. If he does not talk to you about how he feels about you, there is no problem with you telling him how you feel. It is one of the most challenging things to do, but you will feel much better once you let it out.

Remember to not beg, begging will be another factor to bring down your self-worth. Be a little flirty, silly (stay mature, immature is annoying), and fun, but don’t be serious. He will need a reminder of how beautiful, positive, and fun your personality is.

Give him time and space

After talking things out, give him some time to think about your relationship. Relationships are one of the most intense activities that we practice each and every day. They could be fun and loving, crazy, tiring, and even annoying. Sometimes, a couple could experience all of these different emotions in one day.

Once getting into an argument and actually breaking up with your significant other from it, it could affect an individual in many different ways.

  • Losing sleep overnight
  • Stressing
  • Thinking
  • Being upset

These things are factors that affect an individual after a breakup. Once you start discussing things and thinking about your lives together, it could exhaust you and make you want to be alone to gather your feelings.

Therefore, don’t be all up on him, texting or snapping every hour, or even calling him. Checking up on him a few days after chatting works best for both sides of the relationship.

Don’t be easy…

Your man might be hard to get back, however, your man might be a little touchy. Remember that you can always deny something you are not comfortable with. Under these circumstances of trying to get your man back, it is suggested that you don’t run back at the drop of a hat. This kind of behavior will not guarantee your man to get back with you. Even if he is telling you all of these sweet words, you need to control your emotions and take things slow.

He needs to know that leaving you is not a joke and that he is someone that may become a lifelong partner. You need to be with someone who will know what you are worth, and not someone who just wants to use you.

What if nothing is working?

If you have tried everything you could think of and your man is still acting up and not willing to put effort into being with you, then it is time to walk away. You have done all you can, and he isn’t even respecting the fact or trying to be with you.

Do not ever be with someone who does not want to be with you.

You will give all of your love and energy and earn nothing in return. He will step over you and ruin your experiences with love forever. Applaud yourself for trying and forget him. You will eventually find someone who truly deserves you, someone who loves you, and someone who actually cares for you just as much as you care.

Fun without him

You need to go out and have fun without him. Go to the same places that you know your ex maybe still frequents. You want to show him that the fun is not gone from your life after breaking up. Take your girlfriends with you and have a great time together.

I am not saying find out where he goes every night or weekend and stalk him. That would be creepy but if you bump into him here and there then nothing wrong with that.

Sex is not permitted

You do not want to have sex with him to try and win him back. This will not work and it will probably make things worse. If you see him out and he wants to go back to your place just say you are tired and maybe you can talk later.

Don’t give in to the temptation because just sex is not going to bring him back for the long haul. You want to figure out why you broke up and then work to solve that issue.

Correct the reason you broke up

Maybe you are a control freak and he got tired of it so he dumped you. If that is the case then you need to change that aspect to get him back. He will not go back out if you still are a control freak.

You might have broken up because you have to do everything with him. You are not allowing him to have his own space or go out with his friends sometimes. You can’t lock someone down like that because only bad things come with that path. This is kind of similar to number ten being a control freak.

Maybe you ignored him and did not give him very much attention. If you want him back you need to pay attention to him. Do something special or set up some special thing he would like such as taking him to a baseball game or pro basketball game.

If you cheated on him that may make getting him back really tough. Not impossible but not easy so you may have to pull out all the stops to win his heart back.

You need to make him want you back

You can really work to make yourself irresistible so he will be blown away next time he sees you. You want to dress up and look like you have never looked before. Go all out to really catch his attention the next time he sees you.

If you do not dress up much or looking really sexy have one of your friends help you before going out. Make sure you know where he is at when you go out all dressed up and looking hot. You don’t want to stalk him but it never hurts to go out dressed to kill and by chance happen upon him.

If you happen to see him out be positive about your life. Tell him things are great and you are having fun doing new things. You can tell him you have been meeting a bunch of new and fun people. Ask him how he is doing and that you hope things are going well. You want to be very positive and energetic.

Maybe you should not get back together

It may not be good to get back together. You may be better off just finding another guy that best fits who you are at this point in your life.

Everyone dates around before they find someone that they can really connect with and settle down. This may not be the guy for you so don’t push yourself to get back together if it will never work.

I have never really understood when people break up and get back together 5 times a year every year for as long as they have dated. There is a point where you should remain broken up.


We hope that these suggestions can actually make a change in your relationship and get you to where you want to be. If things work out for you, great, just try to keep him this time. Look back at what you did, how you messed things up if it was your fault and try to do things differently if anything ever happens in the future between the two of you.

Don’t pressure yourself in thinking you will mess up again because before you know it, you sure will. Just remember, think positive and positive things will happen. Try to distract your thinking by telling yourself that this is a new relationship. Put more effort, more energy, and more love into it. Most importantly, always be yourself because no one loves a want to be, boring, failing individual.


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