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Modern Dating Rules for Today’s Singles

Not everyone is looking for a long-term relationship. If you are just getting out of a relationship or at other different stages in your life, you may be looking to have casual dates. This is completely understandable and a common thing in our society today. Just make sure that whoever you are talking to is under the same understanding as you. This may be a little different for you if you have been in long-term relationships or never really dated at all. Here are some tips on how to get the best experience out of casual dating.

Go out

More than likely you are not going to run into people you want to ask out or get involved with at the grocery store or on your walk to work.

Go out and have fun!

It doesn’t have to be going to a bar, it could be going anywhere. You are way more likely to find dates or someone you find attractive when you go out and have fun with your friend, rather than hoping that you’ll bump into someone on the street.


The best way to get to know or get involved with new people is to be outgoing and put you out there. Don’t sit around and wait for someone to show up in your life, go out and find someone. Give yourself the opportunity to be surrounded by new people and meet new people. Dating should be fun, so go out and let you have fun and make new friends.

Get their number

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Don’t be afraid to tell people what you think about them. If you like someone, ask them if they have a boyfriend/ girlfriend or a husband/wife.

Tell them that you think they are pretty or handsome.

There is no shame in telling people when you are attracted to them (as long as it is in a respectful manner), so don’t be afraid to exchange numbers with someone you meet. If you don’t get their number, you may never see them again. So, get over your nerves and just do it. It’s flattering when you are told that you are attractive, so don’t be afraid to be the person who is doing the flattering.

However, also take into consideration that you should always be respectful. Do not be pushy if someone says no and don’t try to tell someone they’re pretty or attractive in an inappropriate way. There is nothing that turns someone off more than when someone doesn’t take a hint or is being disrespectful.

Don’t get wasted and start making inappropriate comments, because others will not be interested in getting involved with you after seeing you act that way. It’s okay if someone turns you down, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you don’t know their story. This is also why it is important to ask others if they are in a relationship or married so that you don’t ask questions like this just for them to say they aren’t single.

Be yourself

The best way to get involved with someone in any way is just to be yourself and show them what you have to offer. When people try to impress others, nine times out of ten they don’t come off how they think they are going to.

Don’t try to change yourself to get someone to go out with you, it never works, and if it does, then once they know the real you, they don’t understand why you were acting like that in the first place. Also, this gives you the opportunity to have others notice you. This could help you get others to ask you out.

Don’t think that playing hard to get is a good move either.

Most people (unless they already know you), will not know how to take that and will just back off in general. If you like someone and you do want to go out with them, what is the shame in just telling them? You shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of anything.

In our society today, I feel that we have made it acceptable to just tell everyone how you feel. Embrace who you are as a person and your dating life will only go up from there.



The number one thing when casual dating is honesty. Some men and women are looking for long-term relationships. If you ask someone out and you two are honestly just looking for different things right now, tell them! It is so much better to just be honest and upfront with people than to have to admit that you were just looking for something casual in the first place. Plus, you want to go out with someone or a few people who are in the same boat as you. You don’t want them to be expecting you to do all the normal things in a relationship if that’s not what you’re looking for.

Just be upfront and everything will go so much better, no matter who you’re talking to. If you’re not really looking for the typical relationship right now and you just want other things, more than likely there are others who are exactly like you.

Tell people what you think, what you want, and what you’re looking for so that you can be happy, and they can be happy as well. You don’t want to lead anyone on or hurt anyone if you don’t have to.

Don’t kiss and tell

This aspect is so important when it comes to casual dating.

No one is going to want to be involved with someone who is always around to kiss and tell. What happens between people doesn’t always have to be everyone else’s business. Talk to your friends and family about your current life and problems, but don’t tell the rest of the world. Because what then happens is once you do that to a few people, everyone knows that you will do the same to them.

Be nice and respectful of others and their lives, and don’t tell everyone about other people’s business unless you want others to do the same to you.

You don’t want to get the reputation to others that you are involved with people for a little bit and then you kiss and tell because others will definitely not want to be involved with you when they hear that. I know for sure it is in your best interest to keep your business and your partner’s business private.

Girls can ask guys out

It is very important to understand that it’s okay for girls to ask guys out too. We as a society, have been getting over the era where only men were dominant.

If you are a girl, do not be afraid to make the first move.

As a matter of fact, some men actually like that.

On that note, if you are a man, don’t be offended if a girl makes the first move because that just means that she is a strong woman and there is nothing wrong with that.

It should not always be left up to the men, women should not be afraid to get up the nerve to make the first move either. When women always assume that men will take charge and make the first move, that puts a lot of pressure on them. As a woman, if you aren’t satisfied with the men that have attempted to talk to you, make a move on someone you like! The worst thing that could happen is getting turned down, which most people will, unfortunately, have to deal with at some point in their life.

Men and women should both equally feel that they can ask others out, show that they’re interested in others, or make the first move.


Overall, it is important to establish to others what you are looking for when getting involved with them. You never want to cause problems for others, and you want everyone to be happy with the situation they are in including yourself. You want to make sure to be respectful of others and also of yourself. This also includes being honest with others and yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to go out, have fun, and meet new people. You always have more opportunities to meet people the more that you go out and have fun.

You also want to make sure that you aren’t afraid to tell people what you think of them. Get the nerve to ask people out or ask for their numbers. You never know if you never try. And, if you never ask for their number there’s a possibility that you won’t see them again.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with respectfully telling people that you are attracted to them and you should not be embarrassed or take any shame in this. Be fun, honest, and respectful plus have a good time. Dating should be fun, so don’t stress out too much and make the most of it.

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