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5 Great Romantic Date Night Ideas (Be Adventurous)

Romantic date night ideas

One of the worst things about dating can be the feeling of staleness that accompanies the “regular” date formula. The same old meet for drinks, dinner, or a Movie.

Sure, those are classics, and rightfully so people like to eat and be entertained.

If you’ve been swinging and missing at these romantic pitches recently, it may be time to take a swing at a different approach.

Here are five great romantic date night ideas to consider, along with a few tips and tricks.


Time for romantic date night ideas that are edgy and fun.

Antique treasure hunting

The next romantic date night idea is going treasure hunting for antiques.

The dating process itself is, in a way, a lot like a treasure hunt. You have a vague idea of fabulous find out there in the world.

  • You only have so much information at the start to go on
  • Rely on your intuition and intelligence to persevere through dating
  • Then crack the code
  • To eventually strike gold

That discovery process doesn’t end once you’ve both Swiped Right, met online, or pulled an old-fashioned “Are you free Friday night?”

Starting and building a relationship is a constant process of finding out more and more about one another.

Antique treasure hunting can thus be a great way of bringing that discovery process to life in a fun, creative way.

“Shopping dates” can come across as materialistic, tacky, and excessively expensive.

By contrast, antiquing typically takes on the connotation of being less about simply “buying things.”

Instead, it is about seeking out and learning more about fun, unique finds – which is precisely what you’re trying to do with your relationship.

This can be one of the best romantic date night ideas for partners who show an interest in crafting, art, or history.

Better still, going antiquing means being active.


Many failed supposedly “romantic” date nights fail because they’re too passive to allow you or your partner to interact.

If you’re looking to stir up some chemistry and talking points, this date night idea might just be pure gold.

Museums and art galleries

Another romantic date night idea is visiting museums or galleries. A key element of romance is being able to demonstrate the depth of thought and feeling.

Your date wants to hear more besides “You look hot” or a ten-minute monologue.

The best romantic dates are those that help its participants discover and dive into a deeper sense of understanding about one another.

There’s nothing more romantic than a partner who can think, feel, and care about the thoughts and feelings of his or her significant other.

Museums and art galleries are a perfect testing ground for those dating essentials.

This is because it gives opportunities for both parties to share what they think and feel in just the right way.

Your perception of a piece of art can reveal some deeper complexities to your character. Whether they’re moved by a passion for Post-Impressionism or have a longing for Leonardo’s works.

Bookstore dates

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a book-loving couple in possession of a good book must be in want of more books.

For literature lovers, it does not get any better than a stroll through the book stacks.

Literature is home to some of the most romantic characters, phrases, scenes, and sentiments in the whole of the human experience.

Whether they love to crack open a classic, take an adventure through new sci-fi and fantasy works. Bookstore dates offer a near-endless well of potential conversation starters.

At their best, bookstore dates can be like a wonderful combination of the antiquing and art museum visit.

A book store visit allows you and your book-loving partner to “read” one another while hunting for different books.

I had a date at a unique bookstore where I lived and it was fantastic. We went to different areas of the book store looking at all the unique books. We laughed and really got to know a lot about each other with the different subjects in the book store.

This was probably one of the best dates ever.

Themed movie nights

As stated, one of the most important elements in planning a romantic date night is choosing something that is interactive. As such, just watching a movie together might not cut it.

A themed movie night, on the other hand, creates a greater sense of engagement and interaction. Much more so than, say, simply resorting to “Netflix and Chill.”

Planning the movies as well as the night’s theme ahead of time shows a degree of interest and commitment.

The theming must add a degree of interactivity during the evening itself. A “bad movie night,” for example, doesn’t just mean watching a bunch of bad movies, but rather riffing those flicks with your partner.

This can be especially potent given the fact that laughing together can be a great way of connecting.

Franchise movie marathons can be another great option if you and your partner are both fans.

If you’re both huge Tolkien enthusiasts, what better way to put your romantic endurance to the test.

If you make “There and Back Again” together, they might just be “The One” (though you may want to hold off on a “ring”).

How a guy can be more romantic

So how many romantic dating excursions can you do in a year? By showing off some romantic charm yourself. You can go on a bunch of dates testing what romantically works.

These date night ideas are here to help bring out and complement your inner romantic self.

While expressing romantic thoughts and feelings comes easier to some than others. There is a wealth of different ways that you can strive to show your partner that there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Some of the best ways to use these romantic ideas are to come across as a bit more romantic yourself include:

  • Commenting on what interesting ideas your partner has about the antiques, art, books, and movies that you have just experienced together
  • Being proactive and offering your own additional comments as a follow-up to theirs, showing that you both understand their ideas and are genuinely interested in engaging with them
  • Offering to pay for a special antique or book that you happen to come across; while you want to avoid making it feel as though you’re creating an “obligation,” when done under the right circumstances, this can be quite moving
  • Keeping things loose and fun with your partner in the midst of an intense pub quiz
  • Baking themed goodies to go with your themed movie night


There you have some great romantic date night ideas that you can use for your next date.

Romance is such a tricky thing but if you just put in a little effort it will go a long way.

Above all, be true to yourself, interested in your partner, communicate those facts, and use these romantic ideas to hit a home run with that special someone.

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