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Why is Online Dating not Working for Me?

Why is online dating not working for me

You may be sitting at home looking through online profiles trying to find someone you can connect with or go out to dinner. Month after month no dates so you ask yourself why are online dating websites not working for me? This is pretty straightforward if you really evaluate what you are doing. It all stems from you not having a good profile with a clear message.

There are some other things you can improve to help you find someone online.

We can take a look at some of the top reasons you are not getting any response in the online dating world.

The number one reason is your profile probably sucks

This is like the key to the treasure box. If you think your profile is no big deal you are severely mistaken.


The dating profile is very important and you must fill it out correctly making sure to add detail.

Other daters want to see your interests, what type of person you are, and the things you enjoy doing. If you put nothing in those sections no one will respond.

They know nothing about you so why would they reach out to you on email. Fill out the profile in its entirety and leave nothing blank.

You could be narrowing the search results too much

Everyone has this perfect idea of what they want in a man or woman. The key here is not to narrow too much which would leave a large segment of people out of the search.

You list 5 things you want in a person to date but some of the matches would only have 4 of those qualities.

You see how you just lost a large group of people by narrowing the qualities you are looking for in a potential date.

You need to keep your parameter a little more open when you start to get a wide variety. You can always narrow down your list from the bigger pool of people.

You do not put up a picture

It is really sad to say but your picture counts when doing a profile.

You also cannot put up a picture of when you were 18 years old and being 40 pounds less weight.

Dating online you want to find someone that appreciates you for who you are now.

Posting a picture that is not you or a younger you will not work. Once you decide to meet them, they will be mad that the picture was not the current you.  


If you cannot take a picture then have someone you know help take a great profile picture. You do not want to do anything too out there when doing the picture.

You need to put up a nice picture of what you look like today. You do not have to post a picture on your profile but you will not get many responses without one.

Attitude good or bad

People are looking to date someone because they want to have fun. They want to enjoy themselves with the company of someone nice.

Dating online you do not want to come off cocky or arrogant this will turn people away from your profile.

No one wants to date a cocky know it all. Tone down the arrogance if you think that is a weakness of yours.

You also do not want to be negative all the time.

People can easily see based on your profile if you are just negative about your life. People will run the other way when they see someone with a bad attitude.

If you just have a negative personality then you just need counseling to get your attitude adjusted. Life sucks going around in it with a bad attitude.


You actually have to write emails and respond to people in a time frame that makes sense. If someone messages you but you do not respond for 5 days then that is on you.

That person that sent you a message would like to hear back from you sooner than 5 days.

The actual messages you send may not be good. Things like,” What you doing?” just do not work very well.

You actually need to put together a coherent communication plan. Look at their profile to figure out a few things you can discuss. If they like dogs you can chime in saying that you love dogs too.

First message: Just give your name and then ask them why they had an interest in you. You can then also ask another question to help break the ice.

You can say,” I did see on your profile that you like horses so how many do you have and what are their names?” People love for you to ask questions about them so they can tell you all about what they love.

Being a good listener is the key to winning someone’s heart. You will also need to remember what you’re listening to.

Let it go

You need to sometimes just let go. If you see a profile of someone you think might be a good match you email them. If they do not respond don’t keep emailing them for the next two months.

There are so many single people why waste your time with someone not interested.

Let it go and move on this also pertains to anyone you have communicated with that all of the sudden stops messaging you.

You do not read the profiles and just rely on pictures

You go to message someone because there picture looks good. The problem is without looking through their profile it will be hard to write anything to catch their attention.

Remember in the previous paragraph we talked about how people like to talk about themselves. If you can read their profile and get a few specific questions you will be way further ahead then what most men will do.

These little extras could mean a date or sitting alone watching TV.

You really need to take the time to go through your profile to make it so it really relays who you are inside.

People will really respond to a profile that is honest and positive.


You really need to do the things we mentioned above if you want to connect with other daters.

Online dating works you just need to use the tricks above to help your profile get noticed.

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