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The Best Date Ideas in the World

No matter where you are located in the world there are tons of dating ideas to choose from. All you have to do is think outside the box. There is so much more to do than just a simple dinner and a movie.

There is no right or wrong way of dating and depending on what you do, your date can cost little to no expense. If you have no clue on what to do on your next date or if you’re tired of the simple date ideas, then here are twenty best date ideas in the world that you can try when you go on your next date.

The options are limitless, so grab your date and have the time of your life.

Go on a Picnic

Now you may think to go on a picnic is as typical as a dinner and a movie but that isn’t true at all. You can get very creative when going on a picnic.


If you aren’t afraid of heights you can have a cool rooftop picnic in the evening and watch the sun go down.

On a nice summer day, you can have a picnic in the park while listening to your favorite playlist on an iPod.

If you have a nice backyard, you don’t even have to leave the house, just have a picnic in your backyard.

Travel to the lake, a pond, or the beach and have a nice picnic by the water.

Picnics are the best dates because they’re so intimate. Plus, who doesn’t love being with a nice date, eating food, and enjoying life?

I know a guy who took his wife on a picnic and then proposed to her in the park. It was a really sweet set up and he hid the ring in one of the items she had to open. Not everyone is into a picnic but if it is done right it can be very cool.

Take a cooking class

Instead of going to a restaurant how about becoming your own chef? One of the best dates in the world is taking a cooking class.

This is a date where both you and your partner can learn something new together and build up your culinary art skills. You learn about new meal ideas to try at home or try out on your next dinner date. Plus, while you are learning how to cook you can eat the food too.

Food at a cooking class is always the best, it’s fresh produce and you’re the one who prepares it. If you decide to take a cooking class on your next date it will be a memorable experience.

This would not be a good date if your partner hates cooking so make sure you at least know they like cooking enough to do this.

Try a new cuisine

I’m pretty sure you’re getting hungry at this point talking about all this food. Well, the best dates in the world always include food.


Instead of going to the same restaurant try a new one. I remember trying out a cool Ethiopian restaurant, not too far from my home. My date and I sat on the floor and ate the food with our hands. It was a great experience, at that time I never had Ethiopian food before, now we go all the time.

Trying a new cuisine is a great cultured experience to have. You eat great food other than what you are used to and you learn about someone else culture.

Water dates

There are tons of water dates you can choose from. You can go to the beach together and enjoy a simple swim. You can take it up a notch by grabbing a surfboard on a cool windy day. If the jet skies are out why not cruise the waves!

Depending on where you are located or if your willing to travel, try scuba diving or snorkeling.

How about going swimming with dolphins? If your fearless swim with the sharks. If you are feeling a little frisky go skinny dipping at the lake.

If you’re the type to enjoy the water then trying out all these dates would be a blast! You and your date can even go shopping together to find a new swimsuit.

So, are you ready to dive in the deep in and enjoy the waves with your date?

Wine tasting

If you are a wine lover then a wine tasting is for you.  A wine tasting is not only a great date but a great socializing event too. You and your date get to meet new people all while trying the best wines on the market.

You both would be the coolest amongst your friends because you have learned some cultural facts about drinking wine. You get to stock up on your wine collection at home and present them when you host your next house party.  You will also be the person who presents the best gift at a housewarming, bridal shower, or birthday party. How cool is that?

If wine isn’t your thing try a brewery or whiskey tasting.

Go to a local fair

A local fair or festival is always a great date idea. It’s fun and absolutely free unless you trying out all the yummy food vendors. Usually, local fairs come once or twice a year so attending a fair is always exciting.

This date can add excitement and fun to your growing relationship. A local fair will bring out your youthful side as you both share a tasty elephant ear or funnel cake. Try riding the Ferris wheel or enjoy the skyline.

Club Hopping

Put on your dancing shoes and go club hopping. Club hopping is also known as bar hopping. This date idea maybe for the younger crowd but it’s a great way to spice things up.

You and your date will have a blast as you move from one club to the next. It’s a thrill. You have a few drinks, dance, mingle with other club goers, then go to the next venue. You’ll have a super good time. Just be safe and responsible and you’ll have the time of your life.

Art gallery/ museums

Some people may think art museums are boring but they totally aren’t. Art museums are the best dates to have, especially in the evening. An art museum is a very sexy and sultriest environment. The lights are deemed in an art gallery during the evening and sometimes there is a restaurant and bar in there too.

The mood is very romantic.

You can dress up in your favorite formal outfit and walk around the art gallery admiring all the exquisite pieces of art. An art gallery is a great way to spark an intelligent conversation and if you know anything about art you can really amaze your date with your flattering expertise.

An Opera

An Opera can be a very intense date but in a good way. If the acting and music are really good it will leave you on the edge of your seat. When you are at an Opera you have to be silent. Yet body language speaks so much louder.

You’ll be practically squeezing your date’s hand as the sound of the music intensifies with each throttling step the actors take. When it is over your energy will be increased from all the over-excitement.

This is the best date in the world because it’s a very emotional and powerful experience. You are bound to instantly connect with your date.

Attend poetry open mic night

Who doesn’t love a little wordplay? Poetry open mic night is a great way to listen to some great storytelling through creative and artistic people. If you’re a little creative yourself jump on the mic and dedicate a poem to your date. It can be romantic or super funny to lighten the mood.

Attending a poetry open mic night is by far the best date because it’s a great place to express yourself in a non-conventional way. You share creative stories with your date and vibe out to smooth jazz music when all the poets are on break.


The best date is doing something positive with someone your interested in. There’s no better date than volunteering with a community organization, whether it’s at a soup kitchen, library, community center, gardening, whatever it is it’s positive. Doing something as selfless as volunteering shows you care for others.

It’s amazing to give back and it also shows hard work and dedication. If you presented this idea as a date to your partner or person of interest they should automatically be willing to jump on board. You both build your professional skills and network with people in the process. It’s a “win-win” situation.

Mini trip/getaway

A mini trip isn’t a long vacation it’s a short trip that can be anywhere near your town or city.

You can book a nice hotel in your downtown area for the weekend.

You can travel to a nearby bed and breakfast or you can lodge at a lake house. It’s short, sweet, and a romantic getaway.

A mini trip is always exciting because it takes you away from your reality for just a moment. If you are planning a mini trip with someone then that means you are getting serious and want to take it to the next level.

So grab your bags and get away with the one you love.

Dream vacation

If you are a planning a dream vacation you’ve just surpassed the early stages of your relationship and have taken it to the next level. Much like a mini trip a dream vacation is the ultimate getaway but the difference is this is a vacation you take outside of your town or city and for longer than a weekend.

It’s time to plan an exotic cruise or an oasis out of the country. A dream vacation is a place you always wanted to go to. If you go with your significant other you’ll make beautiful memories you would never forget.

Spa date

A spa date is the best date to have after a long day of hard work. Surprise your date with all around spa treatment after they get off of work. It would be the ultimate treat. A moment of relaxation as you both talk about your day while getting a couples massage.

After the spa grabs a bite to eat and end the night with a glass a wine you purchased from the wine tasting.

Go camping

Not everyone is into camping in the middle of a forest but it can actually be a really great experience. When you are amongst nature you gain a new appreciation for it as you explore all it has to offer.

When you are on camping grounds you are officially off the grid, no cell phone, computer, or any electronics what so ever so there’s no other choice but to have quality time. When the world is completely shut out you don’t lose focus on each other and actually get to know one another.

You can do RV camping which is not as rough and tumble but will be fun. Pull up to the lake and set out the chairs by the RV to relax.

Site seeing in the city

A cool date is going into your own city and site seeing. Trust me when I tell you, you will gain a new outlook on your city as you explore it’s hidden jewels.

Some people don’t think there is a need to explore their city because they live there but you never know how great your city is until you explore. Exploring your city is even better when you have someone to explore it with.

I have taken some of the trails around our city on a bike and you get to see a bunch of different things that you may have never noticed.

Attend a concert

Attending a concert is the best date ever! There are many genres of music and artist touring the country just to perform for people like you.

Purchase some concert tickets and rock out.

A concert as a date will uplift your spirits as you dance the night away. You don’t have to worry about having a deep conversation the music will be too loud. A concert is all about having fun, so live it up a concert.

Attend a sports event

Sports events are always great. No matter what sports event you choose to attend a great game can leave you on the edge of your seat. If you both are sports fans this would be the best date in the world as you make friendly bets on your favorite team.

Plus, a little competition doesn’t hurt anyone. Just keep things in a friendly way. We all know how serious sports events can get. If your team loses treat your date to some ice cream.

Do something exotic

Doing something exotic brings a little spice to the relationship. Try going to a burlesque show and get entwined with the dramatics of the dancers. A burlesque show is a diverse act with drag, comedy, and a little exotic dancing. If you’re into this type of environment it would be a sexy adventure worth exploring.

If you’re really comfortable with exotic entertainment and your date is down for the ride try going out to strip club!

Do something off your bucket list

This date would be the best of all because it will be something directly off your bucket list. A bucket list is a sort of like a wish list of things you hope to do in your lifetime.

I always say you only live once!

Whatever it is you would like to do like jumping out of an airplane or riding an elephant then do it with the one you love, the experience would be far more worth it.

Snow skiing

You both have to like skiing but this would definitely be fun. You go out shred some snow then come into the lodge for a drink and sit by the fire.

You can make a weekend out of it by going to a lodge. Ski for the whole weekend and enjoy each others company.


Take dance lessons together at the local community center or at a dance studio. Dancing will rev up the body and throw in some salsa moves for pure sensual excitement. You go enough times you can get pretty good at dancing then you can show off your moves together at night clubs.

Karaoke bar

Yes, the karaoke bar is the place of legends. Take your date to show them how good you are at singing. If you are bad at singing even better because it will make your date laugh or run to hide.

If you are a really good singer then your date will be impressed. Either way, you both are bound to have fun. If you are to shy to sing maybe have a few drinks then try it.


There are so many things you can do with a date just use your imagination. Hopefully, the ideas we gave will spark some more ideas. See if you can do everyone on this list. Make it a fun challenge but do not let your date know about this list. The most important thing is to have fun with your date.

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