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What is Online Dating Like for a Woman?

When it comes to online dating for a woman not knowing what it is like can make it tough to join! Each woman is different – they are seeking to find someone that identifies with them. There are usually good reasons why they are considering online dating in the first place.

A woman needs some curiosity, openness, willingness, and an inner voice that says “hey I’ll give online dating a try.”

What is online dating like for women? Dating for women can be an adventure or action-filled journey with a bunch of twists and turns. It can be a fairy tale or a romantic love story with the happy ending that everyone loves. Online dating is what you make of it so every woman needs to go in with an open mind but make sure they keep themselves safe when meeting new men.

No matter what, each woman’s experience will be different, here is a list of what online dating could be like for a woman.

It can make you nervous


Have you ever felt seriously nervous right before you had to speak in front of a crowd? Then when you start to speak you stutter over your words? It’s definitely nerve-racking? Online dating can be just like that for a woman. Well not entirely, but you still get the point. She can experience some stressful moments, like finding the right dating sites to join, finding the right profile picture, or finding the right person to date.

If it’s her first time experiencing online dating she can have one heck of a time sorting through hundreds of online dating sites, like Zoosk, OurTime, Match, Elite Singles, EHarmony, Tinder, and the list goes on.

Each woman is seeking something different so finding the right site for her can be a tedious task. Once she finds the right site she has to sort through her pictures just to find the right profile picture. The wrong picture can get her ignored, insults in her inbox, or swiped left on Tinder, and that can be a little stressful.

A woman has to be more concern about her looks than a man. Women are constantly judged off their appearance alone.

A woman can get overwhelmed by the amount of effort she puts in just to get a great photo of herself. A first time online dater can be on the edge of her seat anticipating for someone to reach out to her after she posted the winning photo to her profile.

If she’s a seasoned online dater, she’s already overcome those first-time “jitters,” it’s finding the right person that hits her nerves. She has to be cautious, selective, and open minded all at that same time. For guys, it’s easy! Guys just see an attractive profile picture, click on it, then go from there. Where’s the wreck in that?

It’s fascinating

It’s not surprising that some women simply enjoy online dating because it interests them. It’s sort of a recreational activity outside their busy work schedules.

Yeah, that may sound shallow but it’s true.

I’ve heard this before. Online dating for women can be so intriguing especially for the women who like browsing around dating sites scouting their potential mate. It’s even more interesting to read the profiles of potential candidates. It’s not stalking ok! It’s just seeing what options are out there

A woman told me once a guy “seeking women” put he likes getting pedicures every two weeks, nothing wrong with that. A little self-maintenance every once and a while doesn’t hurt anyone.

Another guy puts he likes playing video games on his downtime. Hey, what’s life without video games, that’s fun.


A different guy says he loves traveling the world and looking for a travel buddy on his next “alligator excursion.” That’s awesome! If you’re looking forward to getting your arm ripped off on an airboat in the middle of Orlando, Florida for your first date! Go for it! Show your adventurous side.

Here’s where it gets more interesting, one guy said he was looking for “duplicate intimacies.” Mmm.. so if you’re looking to get a little kinky, send a message to his inbox! The point is women are so selective they actually read profiles. They are more concerned with what the person is into rather than just looks. Getting to know someone is way more fascinating than just a hot profile picture. So be creative when you’re writing out your hobby section. You never know who’s reading it. Wink** Wink** : )

It’s a challenge

It’s not easy finding a date in the real world and it can even be a bigger challenge finding a date online. As previously stated a woman can be more prone to rejection simply because of how she looks. If she is an older woman seeking a man her age it can be a challenge.

See, I’m not trying to be biased here, but it seems older men are attracted to younger women now and days and it makes it harder for older women to find love. Well, unless she is the cougar type then she has to worry about if the young “hottie” she’s dating is looking for a mom or a lover.

Younger women seem to never find a compatible date her age that wants the same things as she does. When older men approach them they only seem to want one thing and we all know what that is.

Yeah, these are hardcore stereotypes but real life experiences.

I know a woman who was tired of coming across douche bags requesting nudes and let’s just say age doesn’t make you mature! Let’s face the truth these are some challenges women face with online dating, but there is hope.

It can be scary

We all heard of the crazy horror stories of women getting harmed by an online predator. As much as we don’t want to believe that people are seriously crazy in the world, it’s true. Women have to be more protective of themselves when online dating. They have to worry about being sexually assaulted or violated in some type of way.

No not everyone in the world is the “big bad wolf,” but there are far too many stories of women getting assaulted due to meeting a predator online. Women have to always be cautious. Safety comes first. Check out the article we wrote online dating safety tips for women.

Dating can be a thrill

Online dating can be like a roller coaster.

Have you ever heard the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun?” It’s true women really do want to have fun. Online dating can be a thrill.

Especially if the woman is a serial dater. A woman who is dating multiple people is just trying to have fun and is not looking for anything serious.

I met a young woman that enjoyed hooking up with guys on Tinder. She was a college student and wasn’t looking for a serious relationship just yet. She told me casual dates on the weekend was such a thrill. It was her way of escaping the stress of studying and writing boring research papers. It gave her a reason to get dressed up, wear her make up, and do her hair.

Women love a reason to put on their favorite dress every now and then. If the right dater comes along there’s no telling how much fun they would have. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!”

You may get disappointed

The woman who is trying to find love often experiences a dead end when it comes to online dating. She may come across someone who isn’t whom they say they are. It’s like the show “Catfish” people pretending to be someone they are not.

She may keep coming across creeps who keep telling her to send nudes or worse they keep sending her nudes. Whoa, buddy! No one wants to see your goodies just yet, save that for the second date okay?! I often wonder how many men experience women telling them to send nudes?

Women are always asked to send erotic photos of themselves. Or it seems women are far more ready to be in committed relationships. While some men are just seeking thrills and dating multiple women. Hey buddy, if you want a thrill, check out the girl I described above. Then when the woman thinks she found exactly who she is looking for he does or says something stupid or he’s married… Yeah, news flash this is a dating site for singles!

You should not let the negative aspects of online dating deter you from looking. You could have many of these things happen to you no matter if you met a guy at school, church, online or at a bar.

Dating, in general, can sometimes just be tough weeding through men to get to a good one.

Success if you keep trying

It’s not always bad for a woman dating online. Sometimes dating online can be a real success for a woman, especially if she chooses the right dating site for her. If you are looking for some great dating sites check out our recommendations on our date review section.

Women may find someone who actually wants to get to know them. Women adore when someone asks them questions and can hold a meaningful conversation.

It keeping things fascinating.

Dating online allows the woman to feel comfortable and safe before she meets someone in person. She can converse with her potential mate until she feels comfortable to meet up. If the conversation is good there’s no telling how soon she would be willing to meet up for a first date.


There are a ton of success stories for online dating. Thousands and thousands of women have gotten married after finding love online. It just takes time. As a woman, you may have to go through a few bad apples before you meet Mr. Right, but its all in the effort to find a match. Just put yourself out there. Listen to that voice in your head that’s telling you to sign up for online dating. You will not be disappointed.

Give it a try!




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